The desire of the determinist

Stop! It hurts. It feels bad. What must I do to stop the pain? Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? Why do you reject me? Why do you lie to me? Why do you cut me? Why do you poison me? Why do you burn me?

Choice? That is your answer? What is choice? Whatever it is, I do do not want it. I know what I want. I want to stop the pain. That is my desire. The desire of the determinist.

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Review: Exploring the Illusion of Free Will

This book will cause a change in your life. Which change it causes is determined by all of your past experiences which control your actions in such an obvious way that you too may overcome the illusion of free will!

The relevance of free will and its implications about morality are what caused me to search the internet for information about free will. I did not read this book of my own free will, and neither can you because we don’t have a free will!

Also check out George’s website:

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Why determinism is relevant

I used to believe that determinism was irrelevant and that it was the same thing as fatalism. Now I understand that the basis of all philosophy and science is the law of cause and effect.

A philosopher asks questions and thinks about why things happen and how they work. Once they have a theory about how something works, then they can turn scientific and try experiments to test it.

However, any question asking “why” assumes that there is a “cause” for something. Everyone acts as though they believe determinism is true because it is so obvious.

For example, why did I write this post? Because I wrote another post about determinism being irrelevant. New information caused me to see I was wrongly confusing determinism with fatalism.

Now I see that determinism is compatible with my theory of relevance which is what most of my posts are about. Specifically, a cause and effect are always relevant to each other.

As the person who wrote this post, I am the cause of others reading it. After they read it, this may cause them to understand what I am saying and maybe comment. The desire for communication is what causes all blogs, social media, and books to exist. The evidence that we crave relevance is irrefutable.

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Why fatalism is irrelevant

I made a mistake when I wrote my post about determinism. I used to think that determinism was the same as fatalism. There is a difference.

Determinism is nothing more than the law of cause and effect. A determinist will know that their actions will cause other things to happen and will act according to what they believe will happen if they do something or refuse to do it.

Fatalism is very different because it means that what happens is irrelevant to what we do. For example, a fatalist might believe that they are fated to die at a certain time and that their actions or the actions of others make no difference in causing their death. If someone is fated to die on their 21st birthday. Then they CANNOT die before then nor can they make effort to live longer by healthy eating, exercise, or anything else.

To believe in fate is to deny cause and effect. Knowing this explains to me that it is not compatible with determinism. Whatever caused the fate would itself need a cause and therefore we are faced with the infinite past which we cannot fully know.

If fatalism were true, then you would be reading this post about fatalism even if I didn’t write it! Fatalism denies the very idea of relevance because it says there is no connection, relation, or link between events that happen in the universe. I don’t think anyone can honestly believe that.

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My Dream Man (Revised)

My Dream Man (Revised).

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The Logic of Religious Beliefs and Sidewalk Preachers

What has been your experience with sidewalk preachers? Have you ever responded to them? Are any of them effective? Have you ever questioned your own belief system? Do you think such questions help or hurt religious belief?

via The Logic of Religious Beliefs and Sidewalk Preachers.

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video: Chandler explains vegetarianism and veganism

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