Why Scott Klusendorf is relevant

I bought a book titled: “Pro-Life 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to making Your Case Persuasively. It was written by Scott Klusendorf. I like the way that Scott can use philosophy and science to explain what is wrong with the thinking of pro-choicers. This means that I don’t have to figure out how to do it all by myself. In fact, I doubt that I could do it better than Scott.

But I don’t agree with everything in the book. For one, I am not a Christian making my case to a secular audience. Rather, I am a pro-life atheist trying to explain to the pro-choice Christians why I am disgusted at their irrelevance when it comes to the subject of abortion. Sadly, some people call themselves Christians while accepting the philosophy of relativism.

I also am tired of pro-lifers making a big deal out of whether or not the unborn babies are human or not. Even if you convince me that they are a pig, sheep, dog, cat, or donkey, I still don’t approve of killing them.

My pro-life activism is different from the majority, but I still need to “make my case persuasively”. I may spend the rest of my life trying to explain what is wrong with legalized murder, but I think that it is one of the most relevant things I can do.

I will continue to learn more about how Scott Klusendorf became one of the most relevant pro-life activists I have seen.

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Why pro-choice Christians are irrelevant

For a long time, the majority of those who claim to be Christian have also called themselves pro-life, but recently, more of them identify as pro-choice. What has happened? Is being pro-life or pro-choice the correct position for Christians?

What standard are Christians going by? Some say they are going by the bible, then they are picking the verses they like and ignoring other verses that disagree with them. Basically, they are pro-choice about their bible, which means they can pick verses which support a pro-life position about abortion, but that they can also find verses to support a pro-death position just as easily.

Many Christians have heard “Thou shalt not kill.” because it is mentioned in the bible six times.

Exodus 20:13
Deuteronomy 5:17
Matthew 5:21
Matthew 19:18
Romans 13:9
James 2:11

Sometimes it may say either “kill” or “murder” depending on your translation, but they are the same thing. Anyone who kills someone intentionally has either not read or has completely ignored the commandment not to kill. The problem with the bible is that it tells us that even God kills people when he feels like it. When people kill someone, they only need to say that God told them to do it.

When thinking about the murder in the bible, I think first of all the animal sacrifices. If you aren’t aware of the animal sacrifices, start reading Leviticus. I think the idea of animal sacrifices explains why sheep, goats, and cattle don’t like Judaism or Christianity.

But people ignored all that because they believe that humans are the superior creation of a God that has given all humans permission to kill other animals when they want to. Since I see other animals as being equal to humans, I disagree.

But to those who think that human life is special and should not be killed, what do they do with the biblical God who kills humans when he feels like it? What about the flood of Genesis 6? What about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19? What about the plagues God sent on Egypt in Exodus 9?

Even if you say that God had to punish people for being evil, wicked or sinful, you have to explain the death of the innocent too. There is no way that every single animal deserved to die. Aside from that, without a solid moral standard, there is no way for anyone, not even God, to decide who is evil enough to be killed.

Now that I have learned enough to understand that the bible is not a standard of morality, I see how Christianity has accepted relativism. To most of the Christians, it doesn’t matter what you say, what you believe, or who you kill. Whatever happens must have been God’s will.

I don’t claim to believe the bible, but the “Thou shalt not kill.” commandment is one that I happen to agree with. If people had obeyed that rule, Jesus never would have been killed.

When people say that the crucifixion of Jesus, or the sacrifice of animals were good things, then I know that they are not pro-life. The reason I fear them is not because they call themselves Christian, but because if they heard the voice of God telling them to kill Chandler Isaac Klebs, they would do it without hesitation.

The flip side is, people who spend their time and money doing what they can to protect life are not part of Christianity. I want to support pro-lifers no matter what religion they claim to be part of. It is the actions of these people that shows what they really believe.

I want to inspire people to think before they say things like “Abortion is a gift from God.” or “Abortion is God’s will.”. I see this as a problem for theists and atheists alike. If there is a God, then he, she, or it must show up and respond to these claims.

The world has become very confused about basic things such as life and death. If you don’t believe me, just try listening to abortion debates. Also here are some links to show what is happening.





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Why Easter is irrelevant

I have been unable to make sense of the holiday known as Easter. Some think it is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Other people think it is the time to buy chocolate eggs and rabbits. I have nothing against eggs, rabbits, chocolate, or resurrection, but I don’t see the relevance of them to a special day.

Is it possible that the day known as Easter is nothing more than an excuse people give themselves to eat candy or go to church? When I want to do something, I do it. When I don’t want to do something, I don’t do it. I don’t need a special day once a year to do something.

If you want to hide a bunch of eggs in the grass and search for them, you can do this on any day in a location that has both grass and eggs. If you want to eat rabbits made of chocolate, you can buy them at Hy-Vee. If you came out of your grave three days after being crucified, I would like to know how you did it.

No harm comes from celebrating Easter, but I don’t see how doing rituals once a year helps anyone. I prefer to eat eggs rather than hunt for them. I would like to know what it means to other people. Is there a link between eggs, rabbits, and Jesus?

Easter appears to be a celebration of life. I don’t need a special day of the year to appreciate the relevance of life. I am pro-life every day of the year.

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Why creationism is irrelevant

Most of the time, creationism refers to the belief in the creation stories in the book of Genesis. I don’t have a problem with people believing this if they want to, but I will explain why I do not.

Chapter 1 of Genesis describes God creating things by just speaking. It does not explain who God is talking to. Also, I don’t think that this God is involved today in the world. I can’t prove or disprove whether God exists but I can be sure that God has not given me answers to the questions I have. I do not expect humans to give me the answers because I would expect God to be able to speak to me directly and answer all the questions I have. Until this happens I have no foundation for believing anything other that what I can see, hear, feel, taste, or smell.

I can say nothing about creationism except explain that I don’t believe the biblical creation myth. I don’t know if the earth was created or why someone would want to create it or the life on it.

But the main problem I have with the book of Genesis is that it is full of things that are irrelevant and false. For example, God told Adam that the day he ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he would die. This is not true according to the story. Adam and Eve both ate from it. Later on we find out that Adam lived 930 years and that Eve lived to be at least 130 years old to give birth to Seth. Adam didn’t “begat” Seth by himself.

Here are quotes from the King James Version of the book of Genesis to show the contradiction about death.

“And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” – Genesis 2:16-17

“And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.” – Genesis 3:4-7

“And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years:and he died.” – Genesis 5:5

The only way that all these verses can be considered true is to admit that God was wrong and the Serpent was right. Aside from that, no knowledge of good or evil came from eating the fruit. All they learned was that they were naked. Nakedness is irrelevant to good or evil.

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Why evolutionism is irrelevant

I have nothing personally against evolution. I think that the theory of evolution may explain some things. I know that the Chihuahua and Great Dane are both types of dogs. I have read that they are descendants of the Grey Wolf. I am fine with this and I think there is a chance that it is true. I also see that there are amazing examples of extreme physical change in living things. For example, the way tadpoles slowly become adult frogs. Even I have evolved from tiny baby, fetus, or clump of cells into an adult primate.

I am not very interested in knowing everything about how each animal evolved. I know that I don’t have billions of years to witness it all and I think that most of it is irrelevant. I do not think that everything about my mind or emotions comes from my ancestors. I think that the majority of who I am and what I do comes from the experiences I have every day.

While I think that genetic evolution is true, I do not think that it in any way is relevant to morality, religion, or my own life. I can’t take the credit or the blame for what genes I got. I had no control over what sexual things my ancestors did before I was conceived. I just have to make use of what I have.

I also don’t think that evolution explains the origin of life. I don’t even need to believe that life had an origin. Maybe life has been evolving over an unlimited time. I don’t think that people should make assumptions about things in the past that can’t be tested. I think some things are unknowable.

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Why relativism is irrelevant

The word “relative” means the same thing as “relevant”. This in itself is not a problem, but the term “relativism” is the name of a moral philosophy. It means that what is good or bad is “relative” to the opinions of the people involved in a situation.

Someone may believe that lying is bad, but then say that it is good to lie if it saves the life of someone. It is hard to come up with an example of how telling a lie would be good. Even if someone can come up with a situation like that, I know that I could not lie to protect myself or another person. If I am aware that telling the truth in response to a question could have a bad result, I can stay silent.

But relativism also implies that there is no standard of truth or morality. If morality is just a matter of opinion, then I only need to say that my opinion is that there is an absolute morality that has always existed. Someone could tell me that I am wrong, but then it is their word against mine. If two people say completely opposite things. One of them is true and the other false. Pretending that something is true and false at the same time is a contradiction. A person can only do this if they are confused, dishonest, or have not yet noticed the conflict.

Just because something is true does not mean it is good. It may be true that an act is bad. There may be an action that is good but that no one has had the courage to do.

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Why the Trinity is irrelevant

A trinity is any group of three things that are relevant to each other. This applies to a triangle, a three leaf clover, or a pizza cut into three pieces. Synonyms of trinity include trio, triad, and triplet. You can guess that if a word starts with “tri”, it has something to do with the number three.

Most of the time that someone talks about a trinity, they are referring to the “Holy Trinity”. In Christianity, the three parts of God are referred to as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is one of the teachings of Christianity that I never saw the relevance of. God could have three parts, but it is also possible that there is a fourth part of God that is named Bob. It is not possible to prove or disprove this theory but anyone is free to believe or disbelieve in Bob as they choose.

In case anyone asks why they have never heard of Bob, my guess is that Bob is an introvert who is not interested in showing himself to the rest of the universe. I am 99% sure that I created Bob in my own image, but since I can never be absolutely sure of this, I will not waste my time debating with anybody about the existence of Bob.

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