I haven’t written anything interesting lately, so naturally I make a facebook status asking what I should write about.

Nicholas Warren said
“Chandler, I am interested to hear your opinion on llamas. Tell me what you think of llamas.”

I don’t know much about llamas other than that Emperor Kuzco was transformed into one in “The Emperor’s New Groove”. I also saw one at the renaissance festival
In cases such as this, I read wikipedia.


Here are a few facts from the wiki page.

An adult llama can be up to 6 feet tall and weigh 450 pounds.

They grow wool similar to a sheep.

The females get pregnant very easily because they ovulate whenever they mate.

I don’t know much to say about this except that I like big animals and think they would make a great pet if you want a sheep the size of a camel. Since they eat grass, they can mow your lawn. Also, it might be possible to ride them.

Chandler Defines Art

Chandler Defines Art

Certain questions are often asked such as “what is art?”, “when does art become art?”.
Everyone has their own idea of what art is. I’ll make my statement this time.

To me, words don’t usually have a meaning unless they have an antonym. For example, if there were no such thing as darkness, what would we call light(or the other way around)?

So, to make sense of art, I propose that the opposite of it is “business”. What I mean is that what we call business is actually the enemy of art. Let me explain.

If you are a person who likes cats. You might like everything related to cats. You might have cats living with you. You
probably want to take pictures of your cats and post them on facebook(a lot of people do that). If you can draw(or at least hope you can if you’re too poor to have a digital camera or iphone), then you probably will draw pictures of cats you have seen or maybe cats that don’t exist but you wish they did(like Nyan Cat). You can produce any cat related thing you want, for no other reason than because you want to.

However, what if you’re a person who is paid to create the pictures and videos to advertise cat food. You may like what you do, but in that situation, you would be paid only if someone approves of your work. It may be art in the beginning but when the purpose is to please your employer by convincing other people that they must buy a specific brand of cat food, then you’re not doing it because you like it, but because you need to money to pay bills, feed yourself, your family, and quite possibly, your cats.

Not that there is anything wrong with business, but I think that art is meant to show what a person is really thinking and feeling, apart from any outside influence.

Of course, it’s always possible a person can sell art, whether it be pictures, music, books, or whatever, without losing the meaning of it. The key is to be honest and speak what you believe is true, not what other people want you to say.

Right now that’s the best way I can explain art. If any of my friends write their ideas about what art is, I’ll want to read it.

As for me, it’s time for me to go to bed soon so that I can work my job at HyVee. I can bet that the customers will be buying cat food as usual.