Does Truth Matter?

Does Truth Matter?

As a person who thinks about everything, I am often isolated and left to think on my own. I suppose a side effect of this is that I am quite ignorant of what it is other people are thinking about(if they are indeed thinking at all). I do not want to make any strong statements right now because I KNOW I am confused. However, I find it quite helpful to share my thoughts about things on my blog and videos. Not because I am trying to convince people to believe, think, or behave the same way I do, but because I am actually interested in other people. This is something entirely new to me because I have mostly been a selfish jerk.

I cannot exactly explain why I suddenly have an interest in reading or listening to other people talk, but I do have one theory. In my thoughts about death and the afterlife, I had been seriously considering what future I could choose for myself if I had the power to choose. After much thought, I realized that I had no desire to live forever. I would much prefer non-existence over any type of heaven or hell that I’ve ever heard described. The main reason being that since I am not exactly a social creature, the idea of being around other people FOREVER scares me to no end. I just don’t think I have the capacity for eternal life. It’s not that I reject the possibility of an afterlife but I don’t think it’s what works for me.

Not that I actually get a choice as far as I know, but it is fun to think about. Just imagining that I would cease to exist somehow makes life easier to deal with. I can be a lot more patient with people as long as I know that my interaction with them is temporary. A temporary life is a lot like a video game. You can get enjoyment out of a single video game for many years, but eventually there comes a time when you have tried just about everything and would gladly pass it on to someone else who can experience it for the first time. I am perfectly fine with knowing a game or movie has an end. I have no evidence to back up a belief in this form of death where one actually stays dead. It’s just a nice thought which I learned about by reading what atheists have to say on the subject.

But more importantly, my current belief I have is that the truth is highly unlikely to change. For example, if God exists, then he wouldn’t stop existing just because I stopped believing he existed. It’s kind of like the way that some people who have known me my whole life are now ignoring me as if I didn’t exist, but I am still here.

While I am searching for the truth about the questions I have, I try not to be overly concerned about it because obviously, in time the truth will be revealed. Why it can’t happen now is totally beyond my understanding. Maybe, at this time, I cannot accept the truth, but the day may come when that changes.

However, I am not saying that it doesn’t matter at all what people believe. Obviously, when people believe a lie, they do things which are a complete waste of time or money. For example, if they think that buying flowers and placing them on the grave of a dead person will actually make a difference to that person, then they have completely thrown away money that may be used to prevent the death of another.

So I am convinced that learning the truth is better for the world as a whole even if it offers no comfort to the individual who is looking for it. I am impressed with people who do not limit what they listen to or read.

Author: chandlerklebs

I have unusual thoughts on almost every subject. I am as Pro-Life as I can possibly be. I am strongly opposed to violence of any type. That includes rape, war, and (obviously) abortion. Everything I think, speak, and write must be filtered by the effect it could have on the lives of others. If I am in any way promoting violence accidentally, please let me know.

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