Why physical appearance is irrelevant

People’s bodies are all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Somehow people just instantly treat someone better or worse because they don’t like their appearance. There is no reason that people need to do this. Just ask a blind person. I am sure they would agree. Yet somehow people feel the need to know certain physical details before someone is even born. They find out someone is going to have a baby. The first thing people ask is “Is it a boy or a girl?”. If I was a parent and someone asked me this, I would be a little concerned over their unexplained interest in the genitals of my baby. But even as life goes on, they find new issues to make out of someone’s body. People are treated differently if they are fat or skinny, tall or short, young or old, male or female, etc. I fail to see how this is relevant to the character of the person, their talents, or how well they will perform at a job.

The trouble with judging based on appearances is not only that it is rude but also that people waste a lot of time and money trying to look a certain way to please other people. It never works since people have almost no control over how they look. Even if they did, who is qualified to set the standard of what someone should look like? Not once have I heard a good reason why I should care about the way someone else looks. Until this can be explained to me, it will remain irrelevant.

Why communication is relevant

As I write on my blog and speak in my youtube videos, I am becoming more aware of how important it is to communicate well with people. As an autistic, communication with humans has never been my strong point. The thing that holds me back is that I do not like to accept the idea that a word can have more than one meaning. This is entirely different from arithmetic. The definition of a number cannot change. You cannot turn twelve into a synonym of seven and expect anything to make sense. Without the stability of mathematics, computers and the internet would not exist at all. The fact that English is the only human language that I can read and write in is a terrible limitation. However, because of the fact that it is the dominant language where I live, I am forced to write so that other people will understand exactly who I am, where I am coming from, and that there is a better way to live. I think it is important that I keep my individual books, blog posts, and videos relevant to the topic they are meant to communicate. Honestly, it is hard work. If there is anything that I would consider pure evil, it is someone intentionally communicating something that they know to be false.

People communicate not only by what they say but also by what they do not say. The very fact that I receive so little feedback on what I write often leads me to wonder why. I have no idea what someone thinks when they stay silent but I also remember the fear that kept me silent for twenty-five years.

Why age is irrelevant

The interesting thing about age is that people make a big deal about it when they often have no idea how old someone is. You cannot simply know how old someone is just by looking at them. Many things play a part in how old someone looks. Their diet, exercise, and goals can often change how long they will live. No one should assume that age has any relevance to any other part of life.

I have never understood why laws are made based on the age of a person. For example, the law that as soon as someone is twenty-one years old, they are allowed to buy alcohol. Of course, alcohol laws are irrelevant to me since I don’t buy or drink alcohol. The fact that other people get killed by people who drink alcohol and then drive a car is very relevant but to the person killed or to their friends and relatives, the age of the drunk driver is irrelevant.

Another thing I have never understood is the concept of someone being “middle-aged”. Just how does someone decide where the middle is? Imagine that a person is killed at the age of ten by some tragedy. Would we refer to them as being middle-aged when they are five years old? Such a thing is irrelevant because nobody knows the future!

Please understand that by no means am I saying that we should ignore age completely and let toddlers smoke, drink, drive a car, get married, or vote in elections. What I am saying is that getting older does not automatically increase knowledge, wisdom, or responsibility. What I am saying is that there is no magical age which automatically qualifies someone to do something. I know that for me, my eighteenth birthday did not make me an “adult”. I have learned a lot since then and I can say that I am no longer the same person I was back then. Age restrictions may be a benefit but a lot of the time the things that have age restrictions placed on them are things that no one of any age should participate in.

That is why for me, I developed a system to keep my actions relevant. I imagine my life as if I had a child. If there is something that I would not want them to see, hear, or do, then I should also have nothing to do with it. It would be hypocritical for me to watch a movie and yet forbid a child to watch it with me.

Why sacrifice is irrelevant

Throughout the old testament in the bible, people continually killed animals as a burnt offering or sacrifice. No explanation is given about why it was necessary. In the new testament, Jesus is crucified. Many people claim that Jesus was the final sacrifice and yet they never can explain what the sacrifice is supposed to accomplish. Jesus wasn’t a criminal so why was he executed as a criminal? What did he do to deserve this? What did all those animals do to deserve being killed? Many people say that the sacrifices needed to be made to pay the price for “sins”. I need someone to explain what the connection is, and why they can can accept the torture of the innocent.

Why gun control laws are irrelevant

People have forgotten that there are infinite ways people can kill each other. Guns certainly make the process faster but it still takes less time to strangle somebody than it does to go out and buy a gun. Whether you kill, using a gun, knife, rope, car, plane, or hydrogen bomb, the end result of people being dead is the same. Therefore, the weapons used as well as any laws which made them illegal to use are irrelevant.

Why copyright laws are irrelevant

While I think that authors should have a right to control how what they create is used, I also know that it is impossible in this time where so many people have a computer and internet access. It is entirely possible for someone to take any book and type the entire thing into their computer and email it to whoever they want. Most of the time this would never happen because people are too lazy to go to the trouble of doing it. Still, it is possible and so I never bother to put a copyright notice on any of my blog posts, books, or videos. I hope people are nice enough to ask me for permission before they copy something of mine, but since I don’t have the money to sue them, they will get away with whatever they do with or without my approval.

Why superstition is irrelevant

I have heard that it is bad luck if a black cat crosses my path. I am not exactly sure what “bad luck” is but it is irrelevant. First of all, it is none of my business to tell a cat where it can walk or what fur color it must have. Aside from that, how am I supposed to know where a cat may have walked before got there and took that path?

Another superstition is that if a day is the thirteenth day in a month and it happens to be a friday, then somehow the day is cursed or causes bad luck. The ideas of naming days or having the days numbered on a calendar are human inventions. I don’t care about them any more than the black cats do.

If someone were to avoid something because they knew that it would harm them, then it would be a rational fear based on knowledge. Superstition is based on ignorant fear. To avoid stepping on cracks on a sidewalk to avoid breaking your mother’s back makes no sense. What connection is there between someone’s back and a sidewalk? Knowledge of the irrelevance of things can a person free.

Why the past is relevant

The past is relevant because there is much to learn from it. Not everything is relevant of course. It is not important to know exactly who killed who in a war for example. The relevant part to know is why the war was started. I didn’t used to care about history because I couldn’t go back and change it. Now I try to learn from it. Sadly, there are many things in history that are irrelevant to us now. Cultures and languages change a lot. Some things are best forgotten, but there is some truth to be found in any book no matter how old.

Why knowing the future is irrelevant

The future has not happened yet and is unknown to most people. The very idea that someone can claim to predict the future is ridiculous. Knowing the future would require knowing the thoughts and actions of every form of life that played a part in causing that future. There are people who make the assumption that God knows the future. The problem with this view is that it basically leaves us as well as God powerless to do anything to create a better future. I think that it is much more productive to work at creating the sort of future where people learn to avoid the mistakes that they and others have made in the past. I think that the biggest mistake I made in my past was to make decisions based on what I thought would happen in the future.

I cannot predict the future of anything but I can make a good guess based on previous experience. I know that things will change. This is something I know. I have often wished that things did not need to change, but without change, life is not possible.

Back when I was five years old, if someone had told me that I would work in a grocery store, write books, communicate with all sorts of people through the internet, I would not have believed them. From this I learned that I have no idea where I will be twenty years from now. I try not to make assumptions, about the future anymore.