Why some of the bible is irrelevant

My problems with the bible do not stem only from the contradictions and atrocities. There are a few things that are just plain irrelevant! First of all, the bible is not one book but a whole group of books. To claim to know the authors of all these books or that all of them are relevant to each other is ignorance. To explain clearly what I mean, I just want to give some basic examples.

Matthew 1:1-17 describes the “genealogy of Jesus Christ”. It goes from Abraham to Joseph, the husband of Mary. The trouble is that the “Holy Spirit” is the father of Jesus and Joseph is not. The genealogy as given is irrelevant.

Song of Songs seems entirely irrelevant to everything else included in the bible. I made the mistake of reading it and assuming that I would learn something about God. What I found instead was about animals, fruit, and the belly, breasts, and neck of some woman who has been dead thousands of years before I was born. I am not interested.

Genesis 38:8-10 briefly tells that the LORD put Onan to death for not impregnating his dead brothers wife. It is rather irrelevant to me because I have no plans to do sex with my brother’s wife whether he is dead or alive. If that makes me evil then forgive me.

The problem is not determining whether these events are true or false. It is the fact that I cannot use them in my life. That makes them irrelevant.


Author: chandlerklebs

I have unusual thoughts on almost every subject. I am as Pro-Life as I can possibly be. I am strongly opposed to violence of any type. That includes rape, war, and (obviously) abortion. Everything I think, speak, and write must be filtered by the effect it could have on the lives of others. If I am in any way promoting violence accidentally, please let me know.

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