Why racism is irrelevant

I think that most people already know that I am not racist. It should be obvious in my actions and writing. Since I believe that physical appearance is irrelevant, it follows automatically that I don’t care at all about the national origin, skin color, gender, or species of someone.

In talking specifically about the racism issue, my question is: “What is a race?”. I thought that a race was a contest to see who runs the fastest. Even in that context, I am still not racist since I believe that speed is irrelevant.

If I ever again write about racism, I do not think that I could say it better than my favorite bible verse:

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female:for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” – Galatians 3:28 King James Version

If you don’t understand why I like that verse, then read what I have translated into Chandler Klebs English.

“Racism, slavery, and sexism are irrelevant.” – Galatians 3:28 Chandler’s Irrelevant Version

You can achieve the benefits of Christianity without believing in mythology

“Who knows, maybe there really is some force out there in the universe that fits some definition of the word “God,” and if that being exists and went through 14 billion years worth of trouble to give you life then surely you are loved. Feel free to embrace that belief, but don’t assume you have to believe in mythology to believe you’re loved.” – The Wise Sloth

You can achieve the benefits of Christianity without believing in mythology.

Why good is relevant

Is it a good idea for people to call something good? Can any good come from using a word that lacks a good definition? I have failed to understand a culture where people listen to good music, eat good food, watch a good movie, read a good book or play a good game?

I don’t feel very good about using the word good. I will admit that I still fall into the habit of using the word good when I like something. Sometimes I find something that is just so good that I can’t think of another word to describe it.

I consider honesty to be good. This is part of what confuses me about the meaning of good. A good liar is someone who lies to hide the fact that they are up to no good. I think it is good to tell the truth, but sometimes the truth does no good for someone who can’t use it.

Good can apply equally to relevance and irrelevance. It can be good to know what is relevant to me, but it can also be good to know that what I consider relevant may be irrelevant to someone else.

Still, I would have to say that good is relevant because there are so many things that can be described as good. Do you think I did a good job explaining why I think it is sometimes bad to use the word “good”?

Why strangeness is relevant

If something is strange, it is weird, odd, uncommon, unusual, different, abnormal, mysterious or irregular. The funny thing about strangeness is that it implies something that is different than whatever is considered common or normal.

I could definitely be called strange by many people. This is because I am not like other people and never will be. I would not want to be exactly like “normal” people. The only thing that the majority of people have in “common” is that they are silent. To be silent is to pretend that you have nothing to say. If someone starts having thoughts that are truly their own, they keep them to themselves because they don’t want to be called strange.

I have no problem with being called strange by friend or foe alike. It means that they know that I am not like them. It is a great compliment. If I decided to be like other people, then I would lose my identity, individuality, independence, or irrelevance. If other people decided to try being like me, I would actually be quite upset. The world needs only one Chandler Isaac Klebs.

What those who call me strange do not understand is that they are as strange to me as I am to them. To myself, I am normal. I can consider myself the majority. All one of us agree that it is strange for people to try to be normal.

Why bathrooms are relevant

There are few things worse than having diarrhea and yet not being able to use a toilet because someone else that you live with is sitting on the only toilet in the apartment. If there was any way I could have a bathroom that only I would use, I imagine I would spend most of my life in the bathroom.

When I am reading a book, or watching a movie, the last thing that I want is to interrupt what I am doing. Whenever I have time and I am alone in the apartment, I will take a book I am reading or at least my ipod with me to the bathroom. I can easily stay on the toilet for two hours straight.

Someday, if I ever have my own apartment, I will probably just set up a place to put my laptop so that I can write. When I am inspired and know what topic you want to write about, I get angry that I need to use the bathroom. By the time I am back to the computer, I have forgotten what it was that I was trying to say. Those who live alone in their own house or apartment have very little to complain about.

I know that not only are bathrooms relevant to me, but that they are essential for all humans. No matter what your race, gender, age, or religion is, I know that you urinate and defecate. In this way, I know that all people are not as different as some of them would like to imagine.

Christians want me to fail…REALLY???

Another post that is so good I had to share it.

Culture Monk

polar plunge 7

By Kenneth Justice

Kenneth, none of them have been supportive this entire time; they totally ignore me now that I’m clean. Yet when I was f**king up; when I was doing heavy drugs and drunk all the time they were always wanting to talk to me; both to my face and behind my back” he said

~ For the last couple years I’ve been meeting regularly with a 20-something young man at coffee who wanted to turn his life around. At fifteen he got caught up in drugs and alcohol and after a short stint in the U.S. Coastguard (which only seemed to perpetuate the chemical dependency problem) he finally realized his life was going nowhere a few years ago.

Having heard of me through mutual acquaintances he started visiting me at one of my coffee hangouts to talk about life….he simply needed a friend ‘to be there…

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