Philosophy of a Perplexed Pro-lifer

Philosophy of a Perplexed Pro-lifer: Where do babies come from and where are they going?

If I am ever asked “Where do babies come from?”, I can honestly say that I don’t know. I know that there is something men and women do which starts pregnancy. Pregnancy is what we call it when a baby is growing inside a woman. I would suggest that those who are curious ask someone who knows much more about this than I do.

Humans have answers to what creates babies not but they disagree on where the first babies came from. Right now my guess is that the first babies were made in China and then delivered by a stork.

I have my own questions about the origin of life that science does not have the answers for. If a man and woman are both required to produce babies, then I can only guess that at least one man and one woman suddenly appeared at some point. How this happened is something that I cannot fully know. Even if I had a time machine, I do not know exactly how many thousands or billions of years back in time I would need to travel to witness the creation or evolution of this world. I don’t have the time to watch it all either.

I still think the origin of life is a good conversation starter and I am not against those who want to try to find out more about it. The origin of life may be relevant to learning about what is wrong with people today.

Humanity today has some serious problems that must be talked about. People are often discouraged when they ask questions that make other people uncomfortable. Why are people so afraid of questions?

Children ask questions more than anyone else. If you have children or are planning to, you need to be prepared for questions such as “Where do babies come from?”, “Why is that lady so fat?”, “Why did Jesus die?”, and “What does the fox say?”

I like babies and children more than most people. I find it hard to understand those who don’t. Since I was a baby at some point, it seems to me that I am not much different. How can I make sense of it when people find all kinds of reasons to kill babies?

When humans kill unborn babies they call it abortion. I have no idea why killing a baby before birth is somehow different from killing them after birth. I do not think the word “abortion” should even exist, but since it is the word that people use, I will be using it as I explain my opposition to it.

The problem of abortion is relevant to everything and everyone. I will explain why. As soon as it becomes okay to kill an unborn baby, it becomes okay to kill a born baby. After that it becomes okay to kill a toddler, then an older child, then a teenager, then an adult. What is there left?

I have heard people say that people will never agree on the abortion issue because it depends on their personal beliefs.
What does this mean? Does it mean that morality is defined by popular opinion? I disagree to this reasoning because I know that popular opinion would be very different if any of the aborted babies were here today to tell us how they felt while they experienced a painful death without explanation.

If it is your view that you should be allowed to kill whoever is annoying to you, then I will plainly say that I do NOT respect your belief. I not only disagree but I say that you should not force your homicidal belief on me.

You may ask me: “Why is who I decide to kill any of your business?”. To put it simply, if you intentionally kill someone, anyone. You have just killed one of my brothers or sisters. If you start with murdering people, I ask that you start by killing me so that I will not have to live and witness you killing others.

After what I have seen and heard, I am convinced that all life is relevant, related, connected or linked in some way.

I do not mean that the connection is always of the same type or of the same strength. I simply mean that life is a complex fragile thing that should not be messed with.

When a person dies, it means that all the things that they could have done in their life will not happen. Others may have similar goals and talents, but I have seen that no two people are completely alike in every way. There is no reason that they need to be.

A great change happened in my life after I realized that I am an individual. My thoughts, feelings and choices are mine. They are irrelevant to the opinions of others. I will never agree with other people about everything, but I do not need to. I can still relate to them as long as they do not resist me.

I now have the power to be relevant or irrelevant to the things and people that I choose. The choices that a person makes is what changes their relevance. Because everyone has different connections, I can say that everyone is irreplaceable.

I want others to experience the same kind of happiness that I experience in my life now. Most of what I write here is closely related to the subject of abortion, but my pro-life philosophy is not only about protecting unborn children. I want to talk about what life means to those who are already born.

I am different than other men. To me, life is not about money, sex, or football. I want to do things that no one has done before. I do not want to be distracted by anything that is irrelevant to my current goal. My first goal is to end abortion. Not just in the USA, but worldwide.

I know that anybody reading this will wonder how I got such a crazy idea. They will tell me why I cannot and should not force my views on other people. My response to them is to ask why they should force their view on me?

I have watched and listened to debates about abortion. I know that pro-choice people are really pro-death. I know that they will never win an argument against a pro-life advocate. What they do is insult the pro-life person or their religious beliefs.

This will not work on me because I have no religious beliefs. I am not part of any religion nor do I wish to be. I see religion as something that promotes abortion.

Religion is when a person intentionally lies to someone in order to control their thoughts and behaviors. Therefore, to me I see abortionists as very religious. They do not give the babies any choice in anything. This is why there is nothing pro-choice about those who want abortion to continue.

Another thing about me is that I do not care about the legality of abortion. I don’t want to outlaw it, I want it to end. There is a huge difference. My plan is to find out all the motivations behind why people are killing their babies. By making efforts to stop the causes, the effect will slowly vanish. I know that it will take time, but I think that it can happen.

To end abortion, people must unite. This means that all pro-lifers must work together. If they can ignore religion, race, and gender, a new movement unlike any seen in history can start.

Abortion is not a women’s issue. It is a men’s issue. The reason is simple. Without men there is no sperm. Without sperm there is no conception. Without conception there are no babies. Because of this simple biological fact, only men have the power to end abortion. Men who are not prepared for the responsibility of raising children should not produce them.

I want men to know that they should not be excluded from the discussion about abortion. If anything, they may have the extra force needed to eliminate abortion simply by refusing to be a part of the causes of it.

If I were a woman saying this, some men would say “Shut up woman and submit to the authority of men!”. This doesn’t work on me because I am a man and I do not believe that men have authority over women.

I think that the primary reason that men have dominated women is because of religion. Anyone who has spent much time in an area dominated by Christianity or Islam knows that women are not treated as equal to men.

Most of the problems I have with religion are written in my books and blog. You can read them whenever you want. For now, all you need to know is that religion leads to sexism, racism, war, and abortion too.

I reject politics in the same way as I do religion. Politics is all about making laws that tell people what they can or cannot do. Some things we should not want to do even if they are legal.
People do not need to instantly change their religion or political views to start changing for the better. They simply need to think and talk about the things that affect everyone. Two examples are sex and death.

Since sex causes children, the attitudes that people have about sex automatically influence how people see babies. If people see sex as something bad, then they will also see the babies as bad. Even worse, they see women as bad and then start blaming them when they get pregnant as if they did it by themselves. Changing the way that people think about sex is a good start. That was the idea behind my first book: “Confessions of a Confused Virgin”.

I am sure that people will ask me how I became the pro-life advocate that I am today. The truth is, I always was, I just had to admit it. I never liked violence or killing, but I felt powerless to stop it.

I was hoping that someone with much more power and knowledge would have stopped it by now, but the more I learned about history, the more I saw that there was no one to stop violence, war, rape, and abortion.

When faced with the reality that no one was able or willing to do something about it, I started writing on my blog and using the internet to get answers to my questions.

When people debate about abortion, people fight about when life begins. I do not see how the origin lof life is relevant to the value of life. I was always more concerned with what happens when it ends.

After a baby is killed intentionally or dies accidentally, where does it go? This has been my question for a long time. It is also a highly mysterious topic that people are afraid to talk about. If we do not try to understand death, how can we understand life?

My obsession for finding the meaning of death automatically led me to those who believe they have answers to death. Usually these people are part of a religion of some type. I have not found any religion yet which has enough evidence to suggest that people exist at all once their body is destroyed.

For you to fully understand my history, it is required that you know my story of deconversion from Christianity.

I once thought of myself as a Christian, but I never experienced any positive change. I asked Jesus to come in my heart when I was around five years old, but I didn’t understand who Jesus or God were. As I grew up, I attended a variety of churches wherever my mother went. I don’t remember much of what the pastors were preaching because I was attempting to read the bible. I remember being upset at the tragic events that happened in almost every book of the bible. I was horrified whenever someone died, no matter whether they were human, sheep, goat, cow, or any other animal.

Many would say that Jesus is what Christianity is about. If the Jesus described in the bible were here today, I have many questions I would like to ask him. I do not understand many things in the bible or what I have heard Christians say.

Not one person has given me an explanation for why Jesus died that makes any sense. I would like to ask Jesus himself. He alone is the only one who could have the answer. I have many very specific questions that I would like to ask Jesus, but until he shows up, I have only my eyes, ears, and brain to work with.

I may not be able to interview Jesus, but I can already guess what he would have to say about abortion. After reading Matthew 25:34-46, I can imagine that he could have just as easily said “I was a baby and you aborted me.”

To me, animal sacrifice, the crucifixion of Jesus, war, and abortion are all the same thing. Innocent blood has been shed for no reason that I can see. I know that murder is wrong. I did not need anyone to tell me this. I just know it.

To me, it was my pro-life views that led me away from Christianity. I will never understand why people say that the bible is God’s love letter to humanity. Have they read it? I tried to start a bible study once, but no one was interested. My current opinion is that most books in the bible were written by sexist bloodthirsty men.

My deconversion from Christianity was a long process. I already have written much about my conflict with Christian beliefs in my book: “Irrelevant”. I am not looking to join a new religion or to start one.

Now I am looking for the best way to end abortion. I am glad to know that I am not alone. I have already seen much on the internet that shows me other people are out there that I can join with even if I do not agree with everything they say or do.

After leaving Christianity, I was confused about what to call myself. I thought that I needed to decide whether to call myself agnostic, atheist, deist, or all of those combined.

Finally, I decided it was useless to label myself with just one term. There are many labels which can be used to describe me. Most of the time I will go by my birth name: Chandler Isaac Klebs. I dislike labels but I will use them if it is relevant to helping someone understand me.

I sometimes call myself a pro-life atheist. I feel this is accurate because I do not believe any definition of a god or deity that makes sense. It also has no influence on how I feel about the death of innocent babies.

Giving up a belief in the God of the bible did not change how I feel about abortion any more than it changed my habit of eating mashed potatos or drinking pepsi.

Since I am no longer restricted by religion. I have spent much time learning about religion. I care not about what the beliefs are but more about the honesty of the people whether they are part of a religion or not.

I have been very inspired by Christopher Hitchens because he did not have any problem admitting that he was pro-life even though he spent most of his time challenging religious beliefs that he considered harmful to humanity.

At the same time, I feel just as inspired by religious people who fight abortion, sexism, and racism. One such person is Lila Rose. In her case, her faith in God gives her the strength to continue exposing the lies of abortionists and the harm that abortion does to women.

I am not sure whether or not it does any good to debate those who support abortion. I also don’t know that changing laws makes all that much of a difference. That will not stop me from signing any pro-life petitions people send my way or writing about any subject that is relevant to me.

Even after abortion ends, there will always be other battles to fight. After humans stop killing the unborn, I also want to promote peace in the lives of those who have been born and are alive today. I want to end all wars.

Sometimes people discourage me when I post pro-life stuff online. I cannot think of a reason why they want to tell me that I cannot make a difference. I see that I have nothing to lose by trying.

I may not know the future, but I do know what people are like. I know the questions that they are likely to ask. I will spend a major part of my life explaining my philosophies of relevance, truth, and goodness.

People may ask me what I believe in. If I do not believe in a god or an afterlife, then what is it that I do believe? The answer can all be explained in one word: honesty.

To be honest means that I tell what I believe to be the truth, even when I know that people will not like it. I may be punished for disagreeing with others, but I know that there are plenty of people who will agree with what I am about to say. The only problem is, most of those people are dead.

I believe that the key to life is becoming like a child. Children know almost nothing. They are energetic, curious, honest, creative, and hilarious, It is no secret that I like babies and young children. I see nothing wrong with them and have no idea why others have something against them.

A baby can tell you when something is right or wrong. They can laugh and cry as a natural response to anything that happens. At this stage, everyone is the same. Everything else is something that they must learn from some source.

Adults don’t know the relevance of their actions when children are watching. Whatever they see their parents, siblings, or friends do, they automatically start copying it. The first words they speak are just sounds that they have learned to produce, but they have no understanding of it. Over time, they slowly start understanding the connections between the words they speak and the reactions that they get from other people when they say them.

This can take years. Even now, I am still learning the meaning of words. Most of my writing is about defining words and what they mean to me.

I am convinced that the way to create positive change is to teach our children by example instead of words. Words are sometimes needed, but actions do speak louder than words.

Since I believe that it is the children who will decide the future of the world, it means that I don’t worry so much about trying to debate with adults about why abortion is wrong or if it should be legal.

I think that most people know the difference between right and wrong. I think there is a standard of morality. I do not think that morality is something taught, it is something natural that we have unless we are filled with false information which leads us to believe we should do things that we don’t really want to do.

When a pro-life advocate asks a pro-choice advocate if abortion is right or wrong, I watch what happens. They do not answer with a “yes” or “no”. Instead they change the subject to something else and bring up things like the economy or rape.

I think there are three correct responses to most questions of morality. The answer can be “yes”, “no”, or “I don’t know”. After those responses, a person can still give more explanation of their answer, but when they refuse to answer the question, It looks like that they have something to hide.

I have decided that it is best to learn how to communicate with people instead of pretending that problems go away on their own. Humans got themselves into this mess and by working together, we can get out of it.

Working together does not require pretending to agree. It just requires us to focus on our similarities instead of the differences.

Some people have very strong feelings about abortion, but they are afraid to even hint at what they think on an issue that is often seen as religious or political. The idea that you need to be religious or political to not want babies killed is a myth.

What I have noticed is that almost everyone is pro-life when it comes to their own life. People are worried constantly about anything that could end their life. If people were as concerned about the lives of others as they were their own life, then they would be automatically following the Golden Rule without even thinking about it.

We must completely forget ideas about one person being better than another. Men are not better than women, light skin is not better than dark skin, rich people are not better than poor people, your country is not better than another country, and your religion is not better than another religion. These biases are something that you were told. You were not born with these thoughts.

At the moment, I am looking for my own ways to get more involved in supporting any pro-life groups that are non-exclusive. What I mean is that the pro-life groups should be working together rather than competing to see who is most effective at debating the morality of murder. We all know that abortion is murder. The challenge is to get people to admit it.

Having decided that ending abortion is one of my main missions in my life, I have some thoughts about possible solutions which will reduce or eliminate all motivation for abortion.

I share links on the internet which are directly relevant to what is happening about abortion. I have already been doing on my blog and Facebook for some time and most likely will continue. I also like to tell people about books I have read that gave me useful information about protecting life or about improving life for those who are here, I like to write short blog posts about the author. This enables other people to find their work. Even those who have not written books often have free material on the internet. The power of blogs, podcasts, and youtube is relevant beyond imagination.

With the power of the internet, there is no lack of information available. People need to know that they have options besides killing. There are some solutions that can reduce the problem if people are willing to consider them.

If someone says a baby is “unwanted”, then the solution could be to find someone who wants them!Adoption is the perfect alternative to abortion. I think that people who desire to raise children should consider adopting them. Also, people should not seek to only adopt babies but also older children who have already gone long enough without parents. Better late than never.

If people want children, there is no need to produce them when there are plenty of children already around without parents. Adoption is more reliable than reproduction. At least people have a way of knowing what they are getting themselves into.

Abstinence is still the best way to prevent pregnancy. I am not anti-sex and I do not think that abstinence only sex education is effective. For me personally, it works because I have lost all interest in producing children until I can stop the rest of the world from killing theirs. For the sexier people, there must be condoms or something like that which prevents sperm from reaching the egg. Even so, people must know that sexual abstinence is cheaper than other forms of birth control and more effective.

I see marriage as a purely legal matter that has no meaning as soon as someone moves to a different geographic location with different laws. Because of this I do not think there is such a thing as an illegitimate child. People act as if the child is somehow less of a person if their parents are not married. If you have a young child who is able to talk, ask them if they are legitimate. They will have no idea what you are talking about.

There are those who identify themselves as pro-choice. Some say that though they personally would not choose an abortion, they think people should be free to choose abortion. I am glad that they would not choose abortion and I respect them for this, but I do see a problem with this reasoning.

Imagine if a man said that he believes that men raping women is wrong and would not do it himself, but wants to make sure that other men have the right to rape. What would you think of that?

Or suppose that someone said, I don’t steal personally because I believe it is wrong, but I want other people to have the choice to steal from whoever they want. Stealing is sometimes necessary but I want to keep it safe, legal, and rare.

When you take one harmful act and then apply it to another harmful act, it becomes clear that all life is doomed without some limits to some choices.

Some choices people make do not harm anyone. If what someone is doing is not causing pain or death, then I am pro-choice about that subject. For example, I believe that people should be able to wear any color or brand of underwear that they choose. I would feel violated if someone insisted that I wear only the underwear that they choose for me, or tell me that I do not have the right to wear any underwear. This may sound unlikely, but this is no worse than killing someone before they have the chance to know what underwear is.

People often try to say that abortion is right in the case of rape. What they are basically saying is that the child must die because it is somehow to blame for something that happened before it existed. No one ever considered that the man who did the rape is the one who did wrong. Killing a child does not unrape a woman because two wrongs do not make a right.

As I find more information, I will update my philosophy as needed. I also want any part of it to be freely available. If even one of my paragraphs helps someone to decide against aborting their child or to start their own activism, then I have done my job.

Whether you like or dislike my philosophy, I would very much like to hear from you. There are many ways to contact me but my email address is the best way for those who want to talk about it in private.

There are plenty of links I can give which will redirect you to other pro-life people and organizations. I am sure that most, if not all pro-lifers can unite because we all believe that killing babies is not nice!


Author: chandlerklebs

I have unusual thoughts on almost every subject. I am as Pro-Life as I can possibly be. I am strongly opposed to violence of any type. That includes rape, war, and (obviously) abortion. Everything I think, speak, and write must be filtered by the effect it could have on the lives of others. If I am in any way promoting violence accidentally, please let me know.

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