Why faith is relevant

Some people say that they have faith when they do not understand something. They think that if something is mysterious that it must be true. In other words, by their definition of faith, the less it makes sense, the more belief, confidence, or trust they have in it. However, what they do not know is that belief, confidence, and trust are synonyms of faith!

A person cannot have faith in something that is mysterious! How can you trust in something that is completely unpredictable. This is why I have no faith in people who cannot define what they have faith in.

When a person is honest, I can trust them. I can believe that they will keep their promises. This is confidence. This is faith.

However, there can be a time when I know that someone intends to keep their promises, but that sometimes things happen that are out of their control. No matter what promise someone makes, they can never know for sure that something will not happen that stops them.

All I can do is promise to be honest about what I write as long as I live. I can do this but I cannot promise anyone that I will live for a certain length of time.


Why virginity is irrelevant

Since I have a reputation for being the “Confused Virgin”, I know that some may ask not only about why I am confused but also why I am a virgin. No one should need to ask this question because my lack of sex life is none of their business and is irrelevant to whether they should do sex or not.

But I have been asked before if I am a virgin and why. My answer is very simple, I don’t have the time to do anything sexual. I am much too busy writing about other topics which are more relevant than sex. The idea of my first book was to write about my sexual confusion so that people will no longer need to ask me about it.

I am neither for nor against any people of any sexual orientation or practice. I know that what other people do is irrelevant to my life.

Right now, I am a virgin. My current plan is to stay that way. Not because I consider sex to be immoral, but I am busy enough with my job and my writing. I do not have time to be a parent on top of this.

At the same time, I am against “Abstinence-only sex education“. I would rather help make the world a better place so that the children who are born are not exposed to the same things which ruined parts of my life. I think that fighting abortion, pornography, and religion is the best way for me to do that.

Why confusion is irrelevant

Are you confused about anything? Are you confused about what it means to be confused? I would like to clear up any confusion that my readers may have about my confusion. Whenever I am confused about a word, I search a dictionary. What I have found is that “confusion” has many different definitions. This caused me even more confusion. Then I realized what confusion really meant! It means that I do not know something!

When I say that I am confused, I mean that “I don’t know.”, I do not understand.”, “I need more information.”, or “I can’t see the difference between this and that.”.

I am a little bit confused about whether confusion is relevant or irrelevant. Something can obviously be relevant in one way but irrelevant in another way.

I put confusion in the category of irrelevant because it has nothing to do with the majority of things in my life. My confusion does not stop me from writing. It also does not stop me from being honest about my confusion.

Confusion is a result of misunderstanding, miscommunication, or misinterpretation. Confusion can be caused by something, but in my personal life, confusion has no effect on my favorite foods, colors, or irreligious beliefs.

Why going to a church is irrelevant

There is no clear definition of what a “church” is supposed to be. Usually, it refers to a building which is used once or twice a week. For every other place that I could think of going, there is a reason. For example, if I want to buy food, I would go somewhere that sells it. If I want to read books, I would go to a library or a bookstore. If I want to pet a sheep, I would go to a petting zoo. All of these things make perfect sense.

But in the case of church, someone has to first know what church is for. Suppose someone decides that they want to know what a church is about. Which church do they choose to visit? How do they make this choice when they know nothing about any of them?

I have attended a variety of protestant Christian churches. There came a time when I knew that I had no reason for going. I either had no idea what they meant by their teachings or I disagreed with them. To keep going and pretending that I believed in the same things as them would have been dishonest.

I know that I will never completely agree with anyone else about everything. I see no reason why I should try to be a clone of someone else or why I should turn them into a clone of me. I see church as nothing more than a box that people try to fit into. When they do not fit into it, they wonder what is wrong with them. I used to feel that way and I do not want to feel it ever again.