Why democracy is irrelevant

Democracy is the idea that decisions can be made by people voting. The majority opinion is what wins. The problem with this system is that there is no stability. There is no standard at all if it is based on what people think. It is possible for anything to change.

Politicians are voted in because they can say whatever is likely to win them the votes of the citizens. After the election, they can easily break all the promises they never intended to keep. This is exactly the same as what men do to talk women into marrying them. It is dishonesty no matter how I look at it.

Besides, the majority opinion may not reflect the views of the majority. For example, if people who vote about whether cars should be legal, I can guess that the majority of people would vote yes because they have to drive their cars to wherever they need to be to vote. Their opinion may be the majority, but it certainly does not apply to people like me who don’t drive cars. I don’t think that pedestrians would vote.

Democracy also makes no sense in the matter of abortion because those who are killed are the babies, who are unable to vote. This is similar to the way that nonhuman animals are unable to vote in laws concerning whether they should be burnt as sacrifices to the God of the jews. I can guess that if those who are dead had a chance to communicate what it was like to be killed by abortion, war, or poverty, they would help the living see how their choices affect others.

Democracy is even worse when the majority decides what is or is not “taught” to children in schools. Obviously, this results in the majority opinion staying the same if children are led to believe that something is relevant, true, or good because the majority says so.

This is explains very clearly how my opinions do not match those of others. Being home-schooled allowed me to think in a way that others were not allowed to. Not all parents will teach their children what is true, but I still think that parents should have more say in a child’s education than people who will never meet the children they are making decisions for.

The world is a mess no matter how I look at it. Democracy can certainly have advantage over a system where one person makes decisions for everyone else, but democracy has too many obvious flaws that attract people who want to control other people.

There is no such thing as a perfect political system simply because there people are not perfect. If people could choose of their own will to just be nice, there would be no need for government. I don’t think I will see it happen in my lifetime, but I certainly like the idea.

Why memory is relevant

I do believe that there is a limit to what people can remember. Since my brain is a physical object that stores all information, I think that it is likely that all memories I have will be lost forever after I die. Because of this, it is even more relevant to write down as much as I can about my thoughts while I have the chance.

I often look back at things I wrote from a long time ago and see how much I have changed since then. Most of the time I simply forgot that I even wrote them. This same thing applies to the videos I recorded or even when I see old movies that I have watched many times before. Why do I not remember all these kissing scenes in these movies? I think that I forget things that are not relevant to the way I want to live my life.

Much of what defines a person is their memory. If someone loses their memory, they may still be considered alive physically, but they will not be able to do all the same things they did before. A memory loss would put them back into the same situation they were in before they were born.

My writing is mostly to help me remember things I have learned, but it may also help others learn those same things faster than I did. Human knowledge has only increased because of those who took the time to write. Those who did not write are either forgotten or are remembered by the writings of others.

Attributes of life

attributes of life

The picture above is one that I made in inkscape. I don’t do my art much anymore these days now that I mostly use words to get my message out to the world. I made this picture because it combines a simple geometric design with some of my favorite words. I call it the attributes of life because it defines how I see my own life.

What attributes would you use to define what your life is about?

Why purpose is relevant

A purpose is the point, goal, destination, or end that someone desires. When someone has a purpose for doing something, there is very little that can stop them. Some purposes are easier to reach because they require less time, work, or money.

Some purposes can be started and finished by one person. If a person very strongly believes that their purpose is to sing, they can try all they like, as long as they have a voice. Aside from death or an accident that leaves them mute, they will continue singing.

But what if a person decides that their purpose is to make money by singing. In this case, they have changed the goal of their singing. They may have set themselves up for failure if their voice is not one that people will pay to listen to. The truth of the matter is that when your purpose depends on other people doing what you want, it will most likely fail.

In no way do I base my actions on what I think is possible. Without knowing the future, I cannot even know whether my actions will lead to the purpose I want. I can still make good guesses about what will or will not achieve the purpose.

If I want peace, then war is out of the question. War only breeds more war. If I want to relieve pain, then I must eliminate any behaviors of mine that are causing pain. This requires people to tell me if I have done something that hurt them.
As I think about the purpose of my life, I know that there are many things that I can and cannot do. My purpose is directly RELEVANT to everything that I think, feel, or do. If my purpose is to be relevant to the world and all who live in it, it automatically requires me to open myself up to anything and everyone who has the power to hurt me.

I do believe that “The end justifies the means.”, but to me it is wrong to lie, kill, or steal. This is because the “end” that I want is to live in a world without lies, killing, or stealing.

Since my main purpose in life is ending pain, it is quite rational to fight against anything that causes physical or emotional pain. I find that nothing causes more pain than abortion.

It is not without reason that I constantly compare almost everything to abortion. Everything I read or hear is filtered through that subject. Abortion is the ultimate immoral act that has ever happened. It affects me directly.

The US government taxes me against my will, then lies to women and tells them that abortion is “safe”, and finally, people are being paid to kill babies. This makes abortion a combination of stealing, lying, and killing.

I will not debate with people over irrelevant things such as when life begins or if that life is “human”. Just because you can find a way to rationalize the killing of innocent living things does not mean you will ever find a way to justify the lies and theft.

Now that I have explained my purpose of ending abortion, it may be easier for people to understand everything else that I have written. All information that comes my way is filtered through my three beliefs of relevance, truth, and goodness.

A selfish person has not yet learned to be relevant to other people. A dishonest person has not learned to speak what is true. A person who does not not back up their words with action, has not learned to do good.

I want to do so much more than just write about what is relevant, true, and good. How much I can do is directly relevant to the time, money, and how many people are working for the same things that I am.

If I succeed in ending worldwide abortion, my next goal is to end the suffering of all animals. I strongly believe that humans are just one type of animal. The only reason my activism starts with humans is because they happen to be the species which is causing the most pain to all animals, humans included.

As an honest person, I must admit that my philosophy is directly relevant to what I want to do. If a belief I have is not helping me do good, then I say it is irrelevant. If another person believes something that is helping them do good, then I think they should continue what they are doing, even if I think their beliefs are false or irrelevant to me.

Why forgiveness is relevant

According to my WordWeb dictionary, the first definition given is “Stop blaming or grant forgiveness”. Since I already wrote about why blame is irrelevant, I can now fully understand forgiveness.

To forgive someone simply means to not blame them. It simply does not help to blame someone and it does not solve problems. It changes the subject and the problem goes unnoticed. When I say that I forgive someone, I mean that I have decided to stop being so irrelevant!

Forgiveness in no way will stop pain. Forgiving someone who played a part in hurting me does not heal me. This is true in the same way that forgiving a murderer will not resurrect those they have killed. There is nothing magical about forgiveness.

I am sure that there are some hurts that I will suffer from for the rest of my life. This is directly relevant to why I have the power to speak against the very same things that hurt me.

I forgive all those who have hurt me in my life, but I will not let them continue doing the same things to other people. I will do what I can to end all forms of violence. Some abuse is physical, some is sexual, and some may even be spiritual. If it hurts someone in whatever way, it must be stopped.

Why action is relevant

I have heard that “Actions speak louder than words.”. This happens to be an expression I agree with. Much of the time it should be possible to see what someone is about by both words and actions.

Talk is cheap. It is easy for anyone who is dishonest to say that they are a writer for example. If they do, it would look bad if they had nothing written when someone asks them what they write.

If they say that they are a guitarist, I can expect them to be willing to play the guitar and show me what they do. Same goes for any type of musician no matter how they produce their music.

It is not that a person is defined only by what they do, but I think that doing something is what makes people relevant to others as well as themselves. When someone calls themself a writer, musician, artist, doctor, christian, firefighter, police officer, lawyer, or scientist, I should see some type of evidence to match it.

Very often, people label themselves by a certain thing that they do. When I call myself pro-life, it means that I will try to do something to protect and improve all life the best I can. I don’t want to just say I believe something without doing something. To simply speak without doing something would be dishonest. The problem I will always have is that my ideas are endless but my time and money are limited. I do what I can and that is all that anyone can do.