Did the gender neutral people really say that?

Three gender neutral people decided to talk philosophy. They sought to find solutions to the problems of humanity.

A: Of all the debates that humans have, one of them stands out as being the most relevant. The debate about abortion continues endlessly. Some think the debate is over and that people have fundamental right to kill others. While this continues, certainly other matters get ignored and the people already born are not being helped in any way. Surely, we must end this conflict.

B: What you say is true, but how are we to communicate this message to others? Can they handle the truth of what they are doing?

C: This is certainly going to be difficult but it is the greatest good we can do for the world. We must find solutions to end abortion, for great justice!

A: It appears to me that abortion is the result of other problems that have been unresolved. How can people unite to defend life when they cannot end other debates such as birth control, gay marriage, or their religious differences? All of these could be relevant factors in why people don’t work together at solutions.

B: Some people cannot accept the truth of your statement. In fact, many deny the existence of truth and say that all things are only opinion. Without truth, they will not believe there are problems to solve.

C: Without the truth, they cannot accept that some things are good and that others are bad. They argue over definitions of morality and claim that there is no standard of truth and therefore no morality.

B: To even say that there is no universal standard that governs all life is to state a truth. What could be the foundation of the truth that there is no truth?

A: Your statement is relevant to this talk because the relativism is self refuting. There can be no debate without truth. The relevance of all life is the truth that people have missed for so long. How can they believe that their actions affect only themselves. They have become so selfish that they destroy themselves.

C: Their narcissism cannot be fully sustained. A selfish person still depends on others for everything they want. Their selfishness would soon end if only they see this. What is good for them is to do good for others. This is the key to happiness.

B: This is true, but that is not what they are being taught. Instead they are talk to find themselves. They forget that the self is an illusion.

A: They are relevant to all others who have given them their food, water, and education. They speak of “free will” and yet they act like a clone of those around them. As soon as they leave their parents and finish school, they must find who they really are. They can no longer depend on the same social structure that kept them from needing to make their choices.

B: They are so committed to choice that they fail to make any choices. If they make a promise, they either have to keep it or make themselves a liar. How can such a person maintain loyalty to a job, a religion, or to a marriage.

C: The subject of marriage is another moral issue that people lack the power to decide on. If marriage is a legal matter, then surely it does not exist because the laws of humans were invented by humans and humans can break them. If it can be defined otherwise, then maybe they would have a foundation for debate.

A: Without a relevance that can’t be broken, no marriage, religion, or country will survive. The more divided a group is, the less effective it is. Diversity can be a strength or a weakness. The result of this is death.

B: Without the truth, there is no common ground which the people can unite. This will lead to death as you said.

C: Life and death are at the center of morality, but to some, life is seen as bad. Others would do anything to defend their own life or that of their families. Life must be good or why would someone seek to protect it?

B: Some care for the lives of those in other countries which they will never meet. This shows a truth in what you say. The thought of others in pain is something that must be avoided.

A: The people who defend life in such a way understand that the lives of others are relevant no matter where they are or what their appearance or beliefs are.

B: If all of them saw this truth, war would end.

C: The ways that people try to justify war don’t work. No good can come of it. Let us admit that the debate about abortion is a war. It is a war of words.

A: Forgive me for my irrelevance. I had almost forgotten that we were talking about abortion. There are so many relevant issues that it is easy to get sidetracked.

B: The truth is that we never left the topic of abortion because all these things are relevant to it. It was you who mentioned that all these other debates were relevant causes to abortion.

A: Yes, we must resolve them first before we make a dent in this great evil.

C: Which of the popular debates is the first that we can end. Surely there is an order to them. Some may be easier than others. Which would you say is the easiest?

B: I would say that relativism is the easiest to prove false. This however is something the untrained mind cannot see. After we establish a standard for detecting what is true, all other debates will no longer be interesting.

A: But we must not forget that some truth is irrelevant. People still want to argue about whether certain historical people existed. Such debates are irrelevant. None of us needs to know a lot of that information.

C: But some would argue that history is relevant. The context in which their laws and holy books were established seem very relevant to them.

A: I really hesitate to debate about religion, but surely it is relevant to some decisions made today. Marriage is a fine example of this.

B: Indeed, people are taught not to marry someone outside of their religion. This is done to make sure that the tradition survives.

C: From this comes the ruin of marriages. For as long as a couple are bound only be their religious beliefs, it is bound to fail if one of them changes their mind. Nothing good can come from refusing to change just to please your spouse or for changing into someone you are not because they want you to change. I don’t believe that it will work in the way humans expect it to.

A: Certainly, humans speak of love, but they don’t know that love must certainly be based on something that will last. If based on emotion or a false belief, it will fail. It takes a great relevance to keep people together when things go bad.

C: They also forget that love is shown by good deeds. It is hard to believe that a person who supports violence has love. Certainly their relevance and truth has failed.

B: When such a thing happens, separation is the only option. Often the cost is great. To stay with someone who lies, steals, or kills is the way to death.

C: What you say applies not only to marriages and friendships, but to schools, religions, and countries. People choose what is comfortable rather than what is good. Compromises are made. One person kills someone in self defense. Later, other people decide to use it as an excuse to kill other people even when unnecessary. Then it goes back to the subject of truth.

B: When someone kills someone, people can ask why they did it. They can say anything they want, even if it is false. The dead cannot speak for themselves and so the whole story is never known.

A: It is easy to see why killing is seen as the solution to a problem. Certainly it seems faster. One could end abortion by simply killing all the men on the planet. Of course to do so would be aborting the men. When someone sees that abortion is identical to murder, it becomes clear why this is not an option.

C: When finding solutions to a problem, we must not forget that some solutions may be logical, but too immoral to be considered. They create more problems than they solve.

B: We also cannot neglect the truth. To lie, even to save lives is unacceptable to me.

C: Yes, it would be easy to lie as a means to end a debate, but it is a bad thing to do and so I too could not condone it.

A: There are times when I refuse to speak because I am aware the truth can hurt people. When something is relevant to someone, it is hard to criticize it without upsetting them. This is why not too many people wish to talk about controversial topics, but that is the very thing we are doing. All of these are relevant in our quest to end violence.

B: Almost everything people are taught seems to teach violence. This is one of the hard truths that we must tell. Most of what they know is false.

C: Even that which is true should not be used as an excuse to do bad.

B: All three of us must agree on the action to take or our lack of unity will ruin us.

A: I agree, all three of us must be in perfect relevance or we cannot succeed.

B: I second that, but we must also speak the truth or our relevance will fail.

C: I believe that the good that we are trying to do will keep us in relevance and truth.

The gender neutral people will inevitably use all their philosophical powers to change the world for the better, but it remains undecided which path they must take to do it. What would you suggest that they talk about?

Author: chandlerklebs

I have unusual thoughts on almost every subject. I am as Pro-Life as I can possibly be. I am strongly opposed to violence of any type. That includes rape, war, and (obviously) abortion. Everything I think, speak, and write must be filtered by the effect it could have on the lives of others. If I am in any way promoting violence accidentally, please let me know.

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