How can prostitution ever be good

I recently found out that some people on Facebook seem to think that there is nothing wrong with prostitution or pornography. Because of this, I posted the following:

“After seeing a comment on one of my Facebook posts, I have been thinking carefully about part of what was said.

The part that shocked me was: “I also don’t have a problem with Prostitution or Pornography as long as it’s done by consenting adults & no Children are involved or come into contact with it.”

There are several things wrong with this reasoning. First of all, there are extreme problems with pornography and prostitution that most people are not seeing.

First of all, pornography is really an attempt to sell the human body for money. This seems to be no different that slaughtering a cow and selling the meat. Whether a person consents to such an action has very little to do with the harm that results in this belief. For example: A person may consent to giving a thief money if the thief is pointing a gun at them, but it is not something they would ordinarily do. Therefore such immoral actions are an enemy to both life and choice.

What I said above also applies to prostitution as well. The risks that would come with having sex with strangers are the same no matter how much money is paid. Aside from that, such a thing also can result in pregnancy. Therefore, it seems quite possible that children will come into contact with prostitution!

However, it seems that anyone who pays or accepts money for prostitution or pornography would most likely not see anything wrong with aborting any children conceived. If the standard of morality is money, then anything goes.

And this is why I could not let such a comment go unchallenged. It is wrong in so many ways. I hope that others learn not to accept such pro-death thinking.”

The comments I got were rather interesting. One person is arguing that prostitution should be legal.

She says: “I see that, with informed consent of all parties, sex is a service. It’s something you can give and receive and the exchange of currency can be a part of that.

With legalized prostitution, prostitutes are independent businesspeople. The industry is regulated, with health standards. Sex workers would be licensed, and have to have monthly tests. No longer would the industry be limited to people exploited by a pimp.

As for pornography, I see nothing wrong with consensually viewing other people having sex. We do all sorts of things to evoke emotions from other people. We dance, we create art, we make music. We give massages, we create candles to delight our senses. Why is sexual excitement so different?”

There were other comments by other people which I highly agreed with such as:

“In fact, prostitution and pornography seem to be pro-life issues because two of the main industries that want abortion legal are the prostitution and pornography industries.”

This is why I tend to think that prostitution and pornography need to end because they actually promote abortion. Of course they are also wrong for other reasons. The person who best explained this was Clinton Wilcox in his comment:

“Here’s the problem, though. Treating sex as if it’s simply a commodity instead of a procreative act is exactly how pro-choice people view sex — sex is a pleasurable act and pregnancy is an unintended consequence of having sex. We can’t reasonably divorce sex from its procreative function. I understand you’ve had bad experience with it, but we can’t allow our bad experiences to cloud our better judgement.

Legalizing prostitution may increase safety and well-being, but not being prostitutes would also increase their safety. This is a similar argument to wanting to legalize abortion to make it “safer.” It’s debatable whether or not making abortion legal will make it safer, but it’s not debatable that what would be even safer would be *not* having the abortion. Just like it’s debatable whether or not making it legal would make it safer, but not being a prostitute at all would be the safest thing of all.

The question is, is prostitution a moral, amoral, or immoral act. If there’s nothing wrong with prostitution or pornography, then there would be no problem in making it legal. If it’s immoral, is it the kind of immoral act that we should make illegal (since not everything that is immoral, like adultery, is illegal). I think that sex is the kind of act that is so personal and intimate that it should not be exploited, nor should it be sold for public consumption. When a man has sex with a woman, they become “one flesh” as the saying goes; this is why we’re only supposed to be with one sexual partner in our life.”

I happen to think that sex must be more than just a “commodity” or “service”. Being pro-life, I could never approve of anything that corrupts sex, the very thing that creates new life. This is why I find this to be extremely relevant to everything else I write about.

Author: chandlerklebs

I have unusual thoughts on almost every subject. I am as Pro-Life as I can possibly be. I am strongly opposed to violence of any type. That includes rape, war, and (obviously) abortion. Everything I think, speak, and write must be filtered by the effect it could have on the lives of others. If I am in any way promoting violence accidentally, please let me know.

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