Why are we here?

There is an interesting blog post at: http://liveactionnews.org/if-heaven-is-for-real-do-unborn-babies-go-there/

One of the comments caught my attention.

“The reason i am active in the pro-life movement, as active as I am, is that I DON’T believe in heaven. IF I felt that the aborted just go directly to paradise, I would still be against abortion, but I wouldn’t actually be trying to stop it. I would figure that there were worse evils to fight than something that just sends babies to heaven. When you believe in heaven, no matter how you cut it, abortion is not that bad.

But as an atheist, I know that there is no Heaven, no afterlife. The babies are just gone. Just gone. No second chances. Their lives are over, they have lost the only life they will ever have. That horrible tragedy is why I am active in the pro-life movement” – Sarah Terzo

This belief does make a difference. The worst part is that it makes it reasonable to kill anyone of any age if you believe they are destined for a happy paradise after death. Sarah has pointed out the reason that I became as upset about abortion as I am. This is a big difference between those who believe in an afterlife and those like me and Sarah who don’t. What do you think? Does killing someone to make them happier make sense to you?

It makes sense, but only if one is convinced beyond ALL doubt that an afterlife exists and that it is completely happy. I am convinced that the concept doesn’t make any sense. If there was a god who could make a place full of bliss with no pain: Why are we here?

Author: chandlerklebs

I have unusual thoughts on almost every subject. I am as Pro-Life as I can possibly be. I am strongly opposed to violence of any type. That includes rape, war, and (obviously) abortion. Everything I think, speak, and write must be filtered by the effect it could have on the lives of others. If I am in any way promoting violence accidentally, please let me know.

20 thoughts on “Why are we here?”

    1. Thanks for the link. I am not even sure what a spirit is since no one has been able to show me one. What a Holy Spirit is would be even harder to figure out. I am not sure how to blaspheme it or why I would.

  1. I notice you are only concerned with the new little life…. many women who have abortions suffer mentally for the rest of their lives from a sense of loss – strange they do not seem the same way if it is their appendix or whatever…. oh, and while I agree that to cut off a life is bad, I feel the reasons it is a bad idea are much more complex…. and if there is no purpose to life – i.e., nowhere to go after you die, does it matter whether you live or not? Who knows?

    1. I don’t understand what you mean about purpose in life. All movies and books have an end but does that mean they have no purpose?

      Do you consider yourself a pro-choice christian? I saw your reply to one of my comments where you said god was all powerful. Could this not mean that god could easily end the need for all abortions?

      1. I imagine the purpose of books and movies is to inform or amuse… I can scarcely fit my living into either of those categories…. I am not sure what a ‘pro-choice christian’ is? One thing you seem to miss out is that God has accorded us the gift, as created human beings, of free will. Yes, God could ‘sort’ everything, but mankind would not then be capable of choice in ANYTHING. Would you prefer that?

    2. What you don’t understand is that we don’t have free will. Our choices are entirely determined by our genetics and what we are taught by others or experiences. We have a will that is not free to change unless something causes that change.

      1. Now we are getting into rarified areas… Why would anyone WANT to change their will if they did not know anything other? But to prove that, you would need to exist alone in a separate situation where you are not impacted by anyone or anything…. life is not like that. It is easy to say you are not free to change ….. free will is about CHOICES. That is the whole point of it. It gives us the right to choose between 2 things…. obviously, if there were not 2 things to choose between, there could be no choice…. but since there are usually lots of options – not just 2 – it is all abstract and not relevant to life as we live it… and, no, I will not subscribe to the THEORY that all is determined by genetics – that has been disproved too many times… what we are taught by others – well, I am sure we pick up a lot by observation rather than by direct education… and yes, sometimes experience causes us to change our choices – maybe better if we did it oftener!! To say we have not free will because we need a catalyst to cause us to put that free will into practice, is a faulty premise….What I know is that I am free to do anything I choose to do – good or bad. If I were pre-programmed, as you are suggesting, then I could not be free to choose in that way… 🙂 and, oh, yes, there are LOTS of things I DO not do, which I COULD do, but CHOOSE not to!! 🙂

      2. You just proved my point. When you said: “Why would anyone WANT to change their will if they did not know anything other?”

        That is exactly what I am saying. If you don’t know there is another way, how can you choose it? This is relevant to abortion, veganism, religion, and every other thing in life. Our will to do something depends on our knowledge that it can be done as well as a motive for doing it.

      3. Are you suggesting it is possible to live in a society with the media input we have and not be aware of the choices in most areas? I think you are living in a different reality to the rest of us….

      4. Since I don’t watch TV, I can’t be aware of all that most people are seeing. What I do know is that people are completely deluded in many ways. Most of my time online has been spent debating about abortion. We live in a world where some people think life begins at birth. This is only one I don’t have much faith in humanity these days. I have seen reality and it is not pretty.

      5. I must confess I don’t watch much TV myself, but I am in contact with other people and aware of what they are thinking, discussing and being made aware of… to be honest, I have no faith in humanity as such – without God we are all selfish, self-centred and wilful… so what’s new!! The only way to change the world is one person at a time, and my experience is that when a person meets Jesus Christ, and experiences His love and power, they start to change… If you struggled to change for all those years, perhaps you never actually were introduced to the real Jesus? Ever? 🙂 x

      6. I don’t even believe there was a Jesus like the one that is described in the bible. I have not seen anyone with the magical power to heal people and bring them back to life. Certainly if this Jesus existed, one can only wonder why people are the way they are.

      7. But I have seen people healed in the Name of Jesus – by His power today…. I am not sure if many or any of HIs followers have the faith or the power to bring the dead back to life as He did, but I DO know many people are being healed – mentally, emotionally and physically!!
        People are the way they are because they choose not to turn to Jesus and let Him show them how to become the people they could be… the world is a very bad and sad place, but because God gave humankind free will, He will not stop them outright. Often He works behind the scenes to make things better, especially if His followers, like me, pray a lot and try a lot to be the light this dark world needs. As a representative of the Jesus, I say, stop expecting humankind to drag itself up by its bootlaces… it will not happen. Join the band of followers who are making a difference – maybe only in small areas, in different ways, but it IS happening. I can give you examples.. 🙂 Now< I must go, and I must stop. It has been interesting talking with you. I will continue to pray for you. At the moment, over the next weeks, I will have little time for internet, so I say au revoir, meaning, until the next time . God bless you x

      8. There you go again with that free will stuff. You don’t even know what free will means. You think that your act of praying will make god do something but at the same time you think that god can’t do anything because of free will. If it depends on faith, then there is certainly nothing at all I can do.

      9. Wherever did you get the impression that I do not know what free will means?? Are you suggesting you have a better grasp of this than I do? We can go along the route of semantics if you so choose – you can exercise your free will!! 🙂 God does not HAVE to do anything I ASK of HIm – but He quite often CHOOSES to, for He loves me, and I am His child. And the next bit you got completely wrong. God Can do anything, and everything, including frying you to nothing, if He so chooses…. but He has CHOSEN to limit Himself in His interaction with humankind. He has chosen to allow us to choose whether or not to be part of HIs family. If you have so far chosen not to be, I don’t see you are in any position to pontificate about someone you don’t even know personally. All you are going on is second-hand tales, a lot of them inaccurate anyway!!

      10. If I were to take what you say as true, then the reason I don’t know god or believe he exists is because he chooses not to have anything to do with me. This of course could only mean that he wants nothing to do with me or with others who have searched for god and come to the conclusion he doesn’t exist.

        I have been studying the free will topic for a long time. The idea of choosing without a cause sounds quite crazy and this is why I am a hard determinist.

      11. And I agree that not all is determined by genetics, but a lot of it is. For example, a duck has dna that give it wings and therefore it can fly. Being human, I cannot fly like a bird or breath underwater like a fish. Those are a few examples of things that at physically impossible.

      12. Don’t see the relevance, sorry… I can give lots of examples where people are conditioned by place or circumstances, or heredity, who, when they reach a particular point in their lives, notice what is happening around them, realise they CAN be different, and choose to do so…. but you say that is not choice…. I am sorry. I have made too many ‘hard’ choices in my life to be persuaded such thing does not exist…. someone somewhere is causing you a lot of unnecessary grief!! 🙂 and if it is yourself, then I will continue to pray that you will choose to open yourself to a different truth, in the same way as you chose once to give up the truth you knew… 🙂 x

      13. If it had been the truth, I would not have given it up. The truth is that my grief comes from the evil in this world and all the senseless killing.

        Yes, people CAN be different, but it is only when they WANT to be different. That is why I try to give people a reason to change. I was given many reasons to change what I was doing. Eventually it led me to being an atheist who speaks out against abortion and how the christians are actively promoting it. I know it well after spending 25 years trying to be a good christian.

      14. From reading you say that christians are promoting abortion, then I think your idea of a christian and my experience of a christian are not in the same ball-park…. I think you have some erroneous ideas of what being a christian really means – it is less to do with your behaviour and more to do with with your relationship with a Person…. perhaps you need to go back to the drawing-board 🙂 I will pray for you that the eyes of your mind will be opened… 🙂 x

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