177. Chandler Klebs on Free Will, Determinism, and Abortion

anti-choice determinist

This is episode 177 of George’s show: Exploring the Illusion of Free Will. This is the first time I have gotten to hear George talk about the abortion issue specifically. I am glad that he sees a connection like I do.

I think George is right about women blaming themselves for abortion due to free will belief. This probably has a lot to do with the denial and ways that they try to justify or rationalize it. That is the same answer I came to when he asked me if there was a denial of abortion similar to the denial of climate change.

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anti-choice determinist 4

anti-choice determinist

Here is the link to the fourth episode of my anti-choice determinist video series.


You can access audio conversions of this video and I haven’t even been able to upload yet from the audio podcast here.


I also have some of them on a new youtube playlist.

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Our unfree will moral failure

anti-choice determinist

There is a little bit of confusion that needs to be cleared up. Understanding that humans do not have a free will does not mean that they are a puppet of a god. This would only be true if a god both existed and had a free will.

The problem is that all choices that could be made by anything, whether natural or supernatural, must have a cause. This means that the concept of a free will is logically incoherent. To make a free choice is to choose without a reason.

Any choice made with no reason could also not be a moral or immoral choice because it means that a moral standard is irrelevant to that choice.

So all this talk about people freely choosing to be good or bad is the ultimate in nonsense. If you believe in a moral code of any sort, then all your decisions…

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