Non-caused Events and Free Will – Infographic

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An event without a cause. Also known as an acausal event or “truly” random event.


We don’t know for sure. Some quantum interpretations suggest they do, others suggest they don’t.


If one came about, it would have no spatial or temporal determinacy. This means it could happen at any location and at any time, or never happen at all. Even assessing a probability of where or when such an event will happen would be problematic.
Due to the above, we cannot say that a non-caused event happens to an existing object, as that object cannot cause (lead to) whether or not a non-caused event happens. The non-caused event would need to happen first, and only then interact with the existing object.
In regards to physics…

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I have seen some really awful things that are done to animals in factory farms and was already convinced that going vegan is the only way I know of to stop supporting this system of torture done to the animals. As it turns out though, I hadn’t even seen the worst of what is out there. This movie shows just how cruel humans can be. You can’t watch this and remain unchanged by this if you have any level of empathy at all.

You might wonder, why do I watch this when it is so awful? Because I want to know the truth. This information will change who I talk to and nearly every action. If you are the type who watches my videos on youtube or reads my blog, you must understand that everything I do, including refuting free will, is all part of my larger desire to end suffering. This isn’t some sort of hobby which I enjoy.

Haters gonna hate.

anti-choice determinist

The following is a comment I got on a thread in a Facebook group.

“It shows that you are possibly quite out of touch with reality. My little pony is a show for children, so a bit creepy that a grown man would like it. Also, I guess in pony land, things like overpopulation and rape don’t exist, so there’s no way all those rape babies could be born as carnists and drain all our planet’s resources and murder every animal like I previously mentioned in my above post. To me, being pro-life instead of pro-choice is not only sexist but also speciesist as well.”

I am not sure what is meant by all this but this is just one of many mean comments I got for daring to mention abortion and its relevance to veganism.

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Free Will, Science and Religion Podcast 4-11-2015

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Recorded: 4-11-2015
Voices in this episode: Chandler Klebs, Michael Laster, Nick Vale

Disclaimer: The views expressed in each episode do not necessarily reflect the views of all hosts. This podcast is a discussion with people who hold many different ideas and beliefs, all sharing one important understanding about our lack of free will.

Logo: Trick Slattery
Audio Download:

About 16 of us have just created a podcast called Free Will, Science
and Religion, and we’d like you to join us as a host. Involvement
requirements are minimum – 2 half-hour audio casts per month, with or
without cohosts.

John Searle, the 13th ranked post-1900 philosopher, says that our
world overcoming the free will illusion “would be a bigger revolution
in our thinking than Einstein, or Copernicus, or Newton, or Galileo,
or Darwin — it would alter our whole conception of our relation with
the universe.”

That’s how big we…

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Merriam Webster Definitions

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Merriam Webster Definitions


philosophy : the belief that all events are caused by things that happened before them and that people have no real ability to make choices or control what happens

1 a : a theory or doctrine that acts of the will, occurrences in nature, or social or psychological phenomena are causally determined by preceding events or natural laws
b : a belief in predestination
2 : the quality or state of being determined



a :a theory that the will is free and that deliberate choice and actions are not determined by or predictable from antecedent causes
b :a theory that holds that not every event has a cause

2 :the quality or state of being indeterminate; especially :unpredictability


Free Will

: the ability to choose how to act
: the ability to make choices that are not controlled by fate or…

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