Free Will, Science and Religion Podcast 3-22-2015

anti-choice determinist

Chandler, George, Jamie, Felicia, David, and Will talk about responsibility, the criminal justice system and how the truth of our unfree will fits into all of this. We also talk about the common fears and myths surrounding the topic that keeps people from accepting the most basic truth of human will.

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Atheism is not the correct answer

A few years ago, I started calling myself atheist because I knew I no longer believed in god and I thought the title was descriptive enough for people to know what I meant by it. The problem however was that the real issue I have is not whether people believe in an invisible man in the sky who created them.

No, the problem goes much deeper. It is injustice defended by religious belief. The killing of living things is considered justified when god commands it. Animal sacrifice is a common practice in many religions. Also, many human wars are still fought today because people hate those who follow a different religion. It is the killing and the pain that is the real problem I wish to rid the world of.

So even if I actually believed there was a god who was behind the suffering that has happened, it would not really make a difference to me. If I am against violence such as killing cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, humans, or penguins, then it matters not a bit to me if there was a god who caused it or not. The point is that I wish to stop people from hurting others. So even if god showed up and told me to slaughter a pig or donate to planned parenthood and fund killing the unborn, I wouldn’t do it. And if I am punished for this disobedience, then so be it. After all, even my disobedience was god’s will if god created me for the purpose of disobeying him.

So I need to stop wasting time explaining why the omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe doesn’t exist. More important is that people understand that by being a pro-life vegan, I stand opposed to anyone who causes unnecessary suffering.

And that means ANYone.

Free Will, Science and Religion Podcast 3-19-2015

anti-choice determinist

Trick Slattery, George Ortega, and Jamie Soden talk about the hedonic imperative or pleasure principle. We seek pleasure and avoid pain. This is just one of many reasons we don’t have a free will. People keep doing what feels good(pleasure) and try to avoid what feels bad(pain). Upon this is our basis for morality.

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Free Will, Science and Religion Podcast 3-17-2015

anti-choice determinist

This is the premier episode. George Ortega, Trick Slattery, and Chandler Klebs talk define some terms and talk about why free will is impossible and how they explain it in their books they published. There are many things from both science and religion that conflict with the belief in free will. It was this idea that inspired us to start this podcast.

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Keeping busy.

anti-choice determinist

I don’t blog nearly as much as I had originally planned. So it only makes sense to write a blog post about what keeps me so busy and why I am not as active at blogging as in the past.

In recent months, I have heavily been involved with the Free Will topic. I have been reading an awesome book by James B. Miles called: “The Free Will Delusion: How We Settled for the Illusion of Morality“. So far I am in chapter two which is the longest chapter I have seen in any of the books refuting Free Will that I have read so far.

I also am a cohost on the Free Will, Science, and Religion podcast. This is the most massive social interaction I have ever been part of because I am talking to tons of people of different backgrounds. This has caused me to…

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