Chandler Replies to Chapter 3 of his own book

Back in May 2013, I wrote my first book: Confessions of a Confused Virgin. I first published it as a kindle ebook. Later in November, I published it as a paperback through createspace. Much has changed since then. That book has become one of my greatest regrets because so much I said in there is just plain false or irrelevant.

I feel like I must clarify some things so that people don’t get the wrong idea about what I believe now. If you read my first book, you are getting a clear image of what Chandler Klebs was like in 2013. That guy does not even slightly resemble the 2015 Chandler.

Below I will quote parts of Chapter 3 and respond to them in the same style as I often reply to blog posts written by other people.

“Chapter 3: Is sex right or wrong?”\


“Even though we have some good evidence that sex was God’s idea, there are many people who don’t believe in God, and even some who are fine with God but still think sex is a bad idea.”

Sex is a bad idea regardless of whether god exists or whether he created sex.

“For example, there was a group called the Shakers. They followed the teachings of Ann Lee. She didn’t like sex and taught others to avoid it. As a result the group died out because they didn’t have kids. This shows an important point though. Religion, just like everything else about the human race, is only kept alive because people produce kids and then teach them to believe and act the same as them.”

I can’t help but think that the Shakers had the right idea that sex was evil and something to be avoided. Where I disagree with them is that I don’t have the religious concerns about sin. The reason sex is wrong is because of the pain it causes. I’ll explain more about that later on. For now there are more things to quote and reply to.

“Imagine if what happened to the Shakers happened globally to all humans. If, right now, we could get everyone to agree to stop sexing, then no one would be born and then all of humanity would die out in about 120 years. Imagine it: the end of hunger, poverty, war, etc. At least for the humans. The animals would probably still go on living without the humans polluting their homes. The idea of the end of human life on earth is such a nice thought, but it’s unlikely to happen, especially after I just told people God wants them to do sex.”

Back when I wrote this, it was clear that my desire was to see the human population reduced to zero. This was because of my observation that humans are the most dangerous of the animals on the planet. I was concerned about pollution and the other ways humans hurt animals. Later on, this would result in me going vegetarian and later vegan as I learned just how much suffering was required if humans continue to buy meat, dairy, and eggs. In any case, this problem would have been solved by now if the humans simply stopped reproducing. If no humans exist, they can’t harm anyone. It’s brilliant, but sadly not likely to happen. People are addicted to sex. For most of them, it has nothing to do with their belief in a god. More importantly, why would a god care who is having sex?

“But there is a new thing that goes on in some Christian groups. People have “kissed dating goodbye” and the women are being taught that Jesus is their boyfriend or husband. The few Christian men that remain are being taught not to “lust” for the women. Could it be that Christians have come up with new teachings which go against, not only the Bible they claim to believe, but also against their own biology and brain? Many men, like myself, have lost hope at finding a Christian wife because we don’t want to try to compete with Jesus if these women think that he is their personal romantic partner.”

You probably think I am making this up, but I am speaking of things that are actually taught in some churches. I have heard women being told that Jesus is their boyfriend or husband. Jesus is that one guy who will never let them down. There is something deeply creepy about this. How can Jesus, even if he existed, possibly be the romantic dude for tons of women?

“I believe with all my heart that something is wrong with modern Christianity and that any positive feelings that were ever involved in sex, dating, or marriage have, somehow, been lost. I know this because I have been in churches who actually teach this stuff. These are not the only reasons I was forced to leave behind traditional religion, but it’s enough of a reason by itself. I’ve been burned badly by false religion and I hope to help others avoid it.”

I still agree with this. Clearly there is something wrong with modern Christianity. Now I look at it a bit differently though since I don’t even believe that there was a time in Christianity when things were good. It seems like all the other religions of the world. Concepts of “sin”, punishment, and an angry god who creates stupid humans and then gets angry at them for doing what he created them to do.

“When I say false religion, I mean that the things people believe are false. I’m not saying that there is one “right” religion but that all systems of belief have their strengths and weaknesses and contain some things that are true and others that are false.”

The followers of each religion claim to have the “truth”. Either one of them is right or all of them are wrong. When I am looking for truth, I no longer turn to religion because all their claims about gods, creation, souls, or an afterlife are untestable claims that I can’t verify.

The truth is important, but it is not the only thing that must be considered. How we treat others while we seek the truth is also important. I wasn’t scared away from Christianity because I stopped believing in god. Rather, I stopped believing in god because I could see that the actions of the Christians I knew revealed that they didn’t really believe the things they claimed to believe.

Recently, there has been a big war in America over the issues of homosexuality and gay marriage. The Christians are unable to agree with each other on this issue. They are split into the pro-gay, and anti-gay categories.

Abortion is a similar issue where the Christians can’t agree. You have the anti-abortion Christians, and there are the pro-abortion Christians.

I believe their disagreements on these subjects reveal that they are NOT believing the same things. They are NOT using the same standards of truth or morality. It was this hypocrisy that led me to stop trusting them.

One thing is clear though, the issues that humans fight about are always seemingly tied to sexuality and reproduction. This is true for the religious and irreligious.

3 Scenarios

Scenario 1

Event 1: A man has sex with a woman.
Event 2: She gets pregnant.
Event 3: She dies in childbirth.

Conclusion: Sex is homicide.

Scenario 2

Event 1: A man has sex with a woman.
Event 2: She gets pregnant.
Event 3: She goes for an abortion.

Conclusion: Sex is homicide.

Scenario 3

Event 1: A man has sex with a woman.
Event 2: She gets pregnant.
Event 3: She and the baby die during childbirth.

Conclusion: Sex is double homicide.

A graphic demonstration of the incompatibility between science and religion

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Chris sent me this graphic, which has apparently just been shared over 800,000 times on Facebook:


Now imagine the word “Christian” replaced by “scientist”. Such a person would be ridiculed as being close-minded and impervious to reason. Is refusal to examine counterevidence really something to be proud of?

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