Why the Hell do Christians have Sex?

Have you ever wondered how someone can have sex while believing they make create children who will burn in hellfire forever? That was one of the big things that made me question Christianity. The Christians can’t even agree among themselves about which people are going to heaven or hell and for what reason.

I watched movie named Hellbound:


I found that not everybody who calls themselves a Christian believes in a literal hell where people burn forever. Some believe that everybody goes to heaven(universalism) or that unbelievers stop existing(annihilationism).

In any case, this should make Christians think twice before reproducing. If you know your children will go to hell, then why make them in the first place? If they go to some magical bliss place called heaven, then abortion or infanticide is the most merciful thing that can be done. If they stop existing, then you need to reconsider what the point is of the Christian religion. If this life is all there is then why not just adopt those who are here and give them the happiest life possible?

My guess is that most of them don’t think about the implications of their afterlife beliefs while they are busy being hormonal and sexual. The fact that I analyze this shows that I probably am asexual. I’m concerned entirely with the well-being of children rather that touching the bodies of other adults. I don’t even like shaking hands.

So, I’m that Confused Virgin.

Awhile back. I wrote a book called Confessions of a Confused Virgin. It’s still available on amazon if anyone is interested.


Anyhow it’s been two years since I wrote that and I’m still Confused and still a Virgin. My views have changed significantly though since I wrote it and so I’m exploring my lack of sexuality and explaining it. Not sure if anyone cares but at least I benefit from thinking about this.

Here is a quote from the preface of my book:

“As a young, single, Christian virgin in my twenties, I started to think about girls, dating, sex, marriage, pregnancy, and babies. However, I tried to hide my thoughts and feelings for fear that people would call me a dirty, sinful pervert. I started to hate myself more and more for thinking about these things. They were not something that many Christians want to talk about. I prayed constantly, begging God to remove these sexual thoughts from me and then when he never did, I became angry at God and wanted to kill myself. Even if I killed myself, I was afraid of going to either hell or afraid that I would go to heaven and be near the God I hated.”

It was no accident that I was thinking about such things. After all that was all that was talked about at the churches I used to be part of. I honestly wonder if I would have even known there was such a think as sex if Christians could have shut up about it. It led me to a time of questioning Christianity and eventually questioning my sexuality or lack thereof. I slowly became less religious at the same time as becoming less interested in sex. How much of my hatred of sex is biological and how much is environmental? I shall meditate on this.

Big news for the podcast and the world!

anti-choice determinist

I told my mother about episode 81 of our podcast. She requested to speak on our show because she is highly interested in this topic and has a big history of people fat shaming her. Then plan is to have her listen to our episode we’ve already done and join us for an episode.

Also, along with emailing the group, I will also be reposting our podcast news on my blog. I also wrote something else that I believe George will find really funny.


I am going to be recruiting new guests and cohosts for our podcast. I also replied to a tweet by Lee Lemon who describes herself as “Former Fat Shit turned Shitlord Marine & NASM personal trainer”.

Here is a link to the tweet I replied to.

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How to disprove ANY free weight argument in 2 easy steps

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Free Weight is the idea that an person has full control over how much they weigh. I will use the following definition and follow it with a refutation.

Free Weight: “The ability to have, of ones own accord, chosen to weigh otherwise than they did.

How to disprove ANY free weight argument in 2 easy steps

1. Ask the free weight believer to give an example of weight they consider to be freely gained.

2. Ask the free weight believer to say whether or not that weight gain was caused.

Congratulations; you’ve won!

If the free weight believer says the weight gain was caused, the causal regression makes free weight impossible.

If the free weight believer says the weight gain was uncaused, that would mean the weight gain was random. Random weight gain is not what we mean when we say a person chose to gain weight.

You can easily…

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Major Abortion Provider Outraged When Told To Make A Choice, Claims Oppression

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I am copying and linking back to a note Roni Cairns wrote on Facebook. It was too funny not to share.


“Just this last week, millions were outraged nationwide when it was revealed that a major abortion provider might be profiting off of the sale of human organs.

Abortion Selection Services (ASS) was allegedly caught in an undercover sting admitting that human fetal organs could be bought for the right price.

Anne Idey-Ott, CEO of ASS claims she was just as outraged by the video, though for different reasons than most might be.

While Idey-Ott explained that this exchange of money for human fetal organs was completely normal and “no big deal”, she also explained that she was shocked and outraged that anyone would be upset about it.

Idey-Ott’s outrage didn’t end there.

“It’s crazy,” she said to ROFL News, “These people are demanding that I tell them whether…

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Impersonal Opinion 6

I haven’t been doing as much writing recently and so I hope my followers have not become bored with my blog. For the moment, here is a video of our recent Impersonal Opinion podcast.

We talk with our guest Roni about paradoxes! We talked about many paradoxes and also definitions of words. Roni begins with a Google definition.

paradox: “a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.”

Then she gives the example of the liar’s paradox.

“This statement is false.”

We talk about many different paradoxes but we also spent a significant amount on the Free Will topic which is usually what we cover in our other podcast. Either way I hope you enjoyed our Impersonal Opinion conversation about paradoxes!


In case you are interested in our main podcast, here are some links.

official podcast site: https://freewillscienceandreligion.wordpress.com/

links to subscribe to:

Back to video games

Long before I became concerned with the problems of the world, I was heavily into video games. I grew up with NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, N64, and game boy.

Times have changed greatly. Now I have practically infinite free computer games. I’ve been playing some of the fan made My Little Pony games. This is a great distraction from problems that I can’t do anything about.

When Humanistic Ideals Collide with the Myth of Anthropocentrism

The Free-Thinking Human

The pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Protagorus famously said “Of all things the measure is Man,” which is usually paraphrased as ‘Man is the measure of all things’. Despite it’s poetic value, Protagorus’ statement represents what is essentially the pinnacle of human arrogance. This paradigm of thought is reflected in religious beliefs about humanity’s eternal destiny, superiority over wildlife and the earth, and the supposed importance of individual purity and morality. But it  was also a cornerstone of enlightenment ideals, which still strongly influence secular thought.

Yesterday I met an atheist in my town through a Unitarian Universalist event. He is a fascinating British man who gave me some great ideas to chew on. One of which is a provocative philosophical concept called inhumanism, which at first blush sounds horrifying until the meaning is explained. As a self-identified progressive Humanist, this idea appeared to contrast strongly with certain tenets of my…

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