The Illusion of Celibate Choice

I have spent much time writing about and talking about the Illusion of Free Will, also known as “choice” by the majority of the world. Most people have accepted by now that no one chooses their sexual orientation. However, I would like to challenge the claim that celibacy is a choice.

Suppose someone takes a religious vow of celibacy. I would argue that this is something they were caused to do not by genetics, but caused by environment. If you are a Christian of some sort that has been taught that sex is some kind of evil sin of the flesh, you will be motivated to avoid it. This is true regardless of if you are heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, bisexual, or whatever else there is.

Suppose there are two people. The asexual is the person who has no desire for sex. The celibate sexual is the person who has some desire but then has other reasons or desires that are more important.

If both people end up being virgins for life, then what is the difference between them? I’m only concerned with what actually does happen. People either will have sex or they will not. I’m not sure if the distinction between them has any relevance.

However I’m totally open to the opinions of others who disagree. Is there a valid difference between asexuality and celibacy or is it all an illusion?

The Invisible Hand of God: Evangelical Economics

The Free-Thinking Human

It is no secret that evangelical Christianity has played a significant role in uniting poor and middle class white Americans with big business to form what is called the religious right here in the states. The rise of Nixon in the seventies and Reagan in the eighties brought the newly formed doctrines of neoliberalism into alliance with a newly engaged voting bloc: theologically motivated social conservatives led by the likes of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and James Dobson. Likewise supply-side economists such as Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek gave the movement legitimacy, and helped neo-classical economic theory displace Keynesianism for the time being. This turn of events created an extremely powerful political coalition, which still dominates U.S. politics today.

Without the alliance with evangelicalism, it would have been significantly harder to sell lower and middle class voters on the merits of neoliberalism. Free trade is code for ‘flexibility for…

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What is the cause of this gayness?

Everything I was ever told about sexuality while growing up was shattered as soon as I realized that there was such a thing as homosexuality and same sex marriage.

Everything was based on the assumption that “God” designed sex for one man and one woman. Christians taught that sex should be exclusively for marriage. But what was marriage anyway? It looked silly to me.

More importantly, why did God make these other people attracted to people of the same gender? The secular answer I heard was that it was genetic. They were born that way. The religious answer was that they “chose” to be gay.

Which raises an interesting question: How does a person “choose” to be gay? Is there some experiment that I can perform to test this theory?

Before I could try my experiments, I had to figure our what my sexual orientation was. I assumed everyone had one and that they either felt that way about men or about women. But I was in for a surprise when I heard people identifying as bisexual or pansexual. So many new words! Just what am I?

Discovery of the term Asexuality

In my quest to learn what was going on with other people as well as myself, I did whatever any other modern American does: Go to YouTube!

I can’t remember the exact first time I must have heard the term Asexuality, but this video by Laci Green was memorable.

Her guest, David Jay, said something of interest. He said that asexuality is different than celibacy. Supposedly celibacy is a “choice”. That would later be of interest. In any case, I then knew about .

Most importantly, I knew the correct term. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. If an atheist lacks a belief in god, then an asexual lacks the sexual attraction that the majority of people have. I really was beginning to like words which started with A.

If only there was some way to turn the whole world asexual. That would be one of my wishes if there were a genie to grant them.

A Secular System of Sexuality

It’s well known that nearly every religion has a very strict code defining who can have sex with who. This was something I never needed to worry about though since I was not having sex with anyone.

As my religious beliefs faded away, I was looking for a new system to live by. I wanted a moral code that made sense and I always stood by the idea that by necessity, there must be objective morality. It can’t be simply a subjective opinion, or otherwise it would just be an illusion.

I made a list of the things I considered to be bad, wrong, or evil. My list included killing, lying, stealing, raping and generally causing pain to someone. I could see the logic in causing a small amount of pain in order to prevent greater pain. For example pulling on the leash of a dog to keep it from running into the street and being hit by a car. I established reasons for why I believed each of these things were wrong. In general they all cause some sort of pain whether psychical or emotional.

However, other people had a different idea of morality. I soon learned that I no longer felt the same way about the many things that Christians labeled as a sin.

Gay marriage turned into a huge debate. I found it quite interesting that people had an issue with it. I wondered why people wanted to marry someone of the same gender but I had no argument against it. I also wondered why other people were getting angry at marriage being “redefined”.

It looked to me as if the fighting over the homosexuality and gay marriage debate was a distraction from bigger problems. I was actually more concerned with another issue entirely.

My concern was finding out that not only had abortion been legal in America since 1973, but that the federal government was actually funding it.

A dangerous question popped into my head: Why are the babies being conceived in the first place if they are only going to be intentionally killed?

And then I realized, those heterosexuals can’t stop sexing. They’re like addicted or something. My thought was: “Maybe it would be better if everyone was gay.”

The most important thing I noticed is that a secular person is able to look at at sexual orientations in terms of what causes them or perhaps more importantly, the effects on society as a whole. The bad news was that the majority of people were heterosexual. Anything seemed better than a system which caused massive reproduction of children who were inevitably going to suffer in this life which was full of sex but absent of love.