Chessboard Unicorn

Some people may have noticed that I recently changed my profile picture on Facebook to a new image I created in inkscape. It looks like this:


This is a special image which I created using the clip feature of Inkscape. There are actually three objects in this. The background is a chessboard, then on top of it is a chessboard flipped the other way. Then a unicorn is clipped onto the top layer chessboard so that you see the “cut-out” version of the unicorn of opposite colors.

I consider it one of my best works of art because it uses the chessboard and the unicorn.

The chessboard, which is also called a checkerboard is special not just because of the board games played on it. It’s also a perfect tessellation of squares. It also represents balance because there are exactly 32 black squares and 32 white squares. Black and white are my favorite colors and I love patterns that use only these colors.

The unicorn is my favorite of the mythical animals because it’s basically a horse except for the horn coming out of it’s forehead. The unicorn also tends to represent various things depending on who you ask. It’s generally considered a peaceful animal of moral purity or goodness.

By combining these two images into one, I find that it represents nearly everything that I am about.