The myth of “consensual prostitution” and “consensual pornography.”

The Prime Directive

One argument by the pornstitution crowd is that sex trafficking is not consensual, while prostitution or pornography are. Here is one definition proposed by the “sex worker” lobby: “a person who consensually exchanges their own sexual labor or sexual performance for compensation.”

This, however, completely obscures one important issue: does a monetary exchange generate consent? As it so happens, the main proponents of “sex work” have already answered that question. By and large, they believe that the fact that someone gets paid to do something does not generate consent, and can often be explained by a lack of opportunities or a lack of education. They reject the premises of free market capitalism, including the sacrosanct authority of property owners over their employees.

In fact, they believe that monetary exchange does not, in and of itself, generate consent in any area of life except for “sex work.” In that area, they…

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April Article for Rediscover Mental Health

This is an article about me that my mom wrote which will be published in the April newsletter of Rediscover.

“It surprised me when Chandler wanted to be interviewed for a spotlight because he used to be very shy, but that was before he got his first job at HyVee four years ago. Now he does podcasts and writes books in which he shares a lot about his desire for non-violence in the world.
If Chandler could do anything he wanted, he would be a” Robinson Crusoe” on a desert island, enjoying the solitude and free fruit. He would really like watermelon to be there because that is his favorite food. If not an island, he would like to fly to his own planet, avoiding the scary people he meets on this one.
However, Chandler does really care about other people and even though he likes to spend time alone, playing video games or riding his bike he also can dance pretty wildly at parties and feels good about being a friend to those who turn to him when they need support.
Chandler’s favorite colors are black and white. This makes zebras especially enjoyable for him. They are part of his favorite group of animals: the “equines” (horse family). This group of animals are peaceful herbivores like him!
Chandler values honesty and likes people who always tell the truth. He wants to make a permanent better difference in the world.”” – Judena Klebs

“You send yourself to Hell!”

The Prime Directive

There is a thing that Christian apologists commonly say which, from the atheist standpoint, really doesn’t make any sense. It taunts us, like a puzzle, especially since the Christians who say it rarely even bother to explain what they mean, or perhaps they don’t actually know what they mean at all. That saying is “you send yourself to Hell!”

This is an absurd statement because, for one thing, no one knows where Hell is. So how can anyone send anything there? Not only that, but we clearly don’t have the power to send ourselves anywhere we do know about, let alone to an unknown place. Humans do not have teleportation powers. So why do Christians say such a bizarre thing?

Keep in mind how crucially important it is for people to keep the moral high ground, because of the manichean worldview: “we” are the “good guys” who only do…

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