Fluoride Makes Me Vomit Part 2

This is a sequel to my previous post about why I stopped using fluoride even though my dentist thinks it’s absolutely essential.


After my last bad experience with the fluoride toothpaste making me vomit. My dentist assured me that it wasn’t the fluoride that was making me sick but instead it was the foaming agent that they added to the more recent toothpaste. So she gave me some without the foaming agent and I tried using the tiniest amount but got the same result as before where I barfed into the sink.

So I’m back to using the stuff that doesn’t make me sick at all. Here is the link where you can buy it or look at the information.


Here are two documentaries I’ve watched about how fluoride is actually a poison that used to be sold as a poison for killing rats and insects.

What I think is worst of all is that fluoride is added to the tap water in the US while it’s banned in several other countries.


Because of this, and the fact that tap water tastes terrible(who knows what all is in it), we’ve been drinking the pure water from this company for at least 5 or 6 years.


There is only so much a person can do when we are being systematically poisoned by the government and medical professionals. I know a lot of people will refuse to even listen or read information about this fluoride issue because they’ll dismiss it as some “conspiracy theory”. However, this is just a lame excuse people use to remain ignorant. It’s always hard to know what to believe with all the controversy about any topic, but I believe that this theory is actually true. Not only because it makes me absolutely vomit but also because I already know how evil humans are. We should never have so much faith in governments and corporations of people because they are people just like anybody else including the people in your life who abuse you. They can do terrible things and to a certain extent we have to be extremely careful about anything no matter how high in the stupid hierarchy they are.

Fluoride Makes Me Vomit

For years I have had a certain problem where anything that goes in my mouth gets swallowed. I just can’t keep it from going down the throat. For many years I did not use traditional toothpaste because it made me vomit. However after my mom found some fluoride free toothpaste at Sprouts. I was using it and it didn’t make me sick or vomit like the toothpaste containing fluoride.

But yesterday I was lectured by my dentist for 20 minutes about how I “need” fluoride and how it’s just some conspiracy theory that fluoride is poison. So I used the crest toothpaste that she gave me and it made me sick and vomit.

And of course it does! After all there is a warning on the tube to contact a poison control center immediately if swallowed. Considering how many times I’ve swallowed it when I tried to use it, the only reason I’m not dead must be because I vomit as soon as it goes down my throat. If the container itself indicates that it’s poisonous, then why would anyone, even a dentist, recommend it?

I know I’m gonna get yelled at by my dentist but I’m gonna have to switch back to the fluoride free toothpaste that doesn’t make me vomit. After all, vomit is not good for teeth either.

I know my dentist means well but I believe she’s been deceived on this particular issue.

Is there such a thing as “evil people”?

The Prime Directive

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This does not stop people from making such evaluations routinely. And it is so ingrained in the way we talk that it’s easy to make statements of that nature. However, it’s important to remember that such statements are generalizations or metaphors, not literal truth. If we say “the nazis were bad people,” we’re basically…

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