Ignoring The Climate Change Debate

I’ve had climate change on my mind in the past few weeks and I have some thoughts about it that I want to share because I came to an interesting conclusion. Perhaps it would make an interesting podcast topic as well.

People deny climate change either because they don’t understand it or because they really know better but they have other motivations such as financial gain from the coal, oil, meat, or dairy industries.

But even if one tries to deny climate change, nothing personally for me changes. Even if I was somehow convinced that climate change was a hoax invented by the Chinese (LOL@Trump), I don’t see that it changes the fact that we need to move away from fossil fuels for other reasons.

First, what happens when the coal or oil runs out in a certain country? Obviously it means that the country will do anything, including killing people in wars, to get that resource from another country.

Second, we should all be Vegan in the first place and not rely on Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Fish, Honey, etc. Even if these did not destroy the environment or cause global warming, the animals are still tortured and killed in the process of these businesses.

Third, it’s most likely not even going to be the global warming that kills us but the famine that will result from the extinction of the bees due to the honey industry and the pesticides people use. Or maybe we’ll all die even sooner due to the deforestation that continually happens because the meat and dairy industries keep needing more land to breed cattle so that they can sell them to the ever increasing human population. Once we run out of oxygen we all suffocate anyway!

So basically my position is that I don’t think the human race will survive anyhow given how stubborn people are. They will literally do anything to defend their “right” to eat animal products or use non renewable energy sources.

And because of this I’m no longer finding it worth the effort to convince people that climate change is happening. I’ve realized that most of them just don’t care and their behavior will not change no matter how much evidence they are shown.