Makeup is not just an obligation put on women, it’s also a way to stratify women.

The Prime Directive

okay I need to start talking about this because i haven’t seen any discussion of it and it’s bothering me a lot. Even as makeup is used as a tool to make women spend their money, time and energy focusing on their appearance and creating an image of what men find attractive (even if they don’t realize it because it’s encouraged and promoted to them as a normal and even self caring thing to do), i think there’s more complex issues created by the worldwide use of it, and I don’t think all of it was properly talked about.

Firstly, there are women who can’t afford makeup, who are forced to spend all they have on groceries and survival. And just like that, makeup becomes a sign of status. This might seem like a minor issue but it’s because women who are suffering from it are invisible and don’t get…

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Truth vs. Happiness of Children

This is a very serious topic which I’m hoping to cover in a future hangout with my vegan pals like Poffo and Guyus. A situation happened where I was playing Minecraft with one of my mom’s piano students. He was playing on his iPad and I on my computer. While we’re building things in Minecraft he starts talking about his dog. Somewhere in the conversation he made a statement that “everybody loves dogs”. Because I was playing the game and because I speak to him the way I do anyone else, I simply corrected him by telling him: “Not everyone, in China they boil them alive and eat them.”. He freaked out a little bit at the time but I didn’t say any more about it. However, my mom thinks I should not have said it to him because he’s a child and is not ready to be traumatized by the truth of the world.

Now of course I’m going to try not to bring up such things when he comes over to play video games with me, but only because I don’t want bad results to come from it. I don’t want any trouble with my mom or his parents if he mentions something I’ve said to them.

At the same time, there wasn’t anything false about what I said either. Perhaps the timing was bad but at the same time I personally don’t believe that there is anything wrong with pointing out that it simply is not true that everybody loves dogs. Many kill them and/or abuse them in other ways. I have talked with Jamie about this as well and of course he finds it terrible but at the same time I can speak to him as an adult and not worry about what his parents think.

So my mom may have a point in that I can’t just talk to kids the same way as I do adults. But still this makes me deeply uncomfortable because in my mind I see it as a sort of discrimination if I am to carefully calculate what I can and cannot say to someone just because they are a kid and might be traumatized by something.

The issue here is that I’m not the bad guy for telling someone, whoever they are, for telling the truth about what is done to dogs or any other animals. The people causing the problem are those actually doing the harm to those animals.

But I am deeply worried now because of this. I fear that I may need to avoid children as much as possible because I won’t know which things I can say that their parents approve of or not. I can’t read people’s minds like neurotypical people seem to be able to do.

I also learned something else from this experience. I should never be a parent. In the past I’ve often dreamed about someday adopting someone assuming I was retired and wealthy enough to do so. However if I have to spend the rest of my life worrying about what I can say to them or not, then it’s just something I can’t do. Additionally since it’s pretty much guaranteed that I would be a single parent, a child would be better off being adopted by another family than me.

This makes me very sad in a strange way. I’ve often thought about how much good it can do to adopt someone and I’ve often mentioned in podcasts why people should be adopting children rather than producing new ones, but just because it’s something good to do does not mean that I personally am equipped for such a task.

I see now that a person who constantly tells the truth is a threat to the short time of happiness that children can have.