Pet Sterilization

Alice Dee on Facebook already has a thread going about this topic however it’s worth making my own post about because it’s important. I have no pets nor ever plan to have a dog or cat. I would in theory if I was in the financial position where I owned land out in the country. However I do have strong feelings about this topic because I agree with the majority of vegans and even some non-vegans who care about avoiding the suffering and death of many dogs and cats by preventing them from breeding.
The majority of what I have read shows that the benefits of sterilizing animals always outweighs the risks of allowing them to breed. The only alternative to sterilization is to literally watch them 24/7 to make sure they do not have sex with animals of the opposite sex or keep them in a cage while you are gone at work all day. Because of this, I believe it is the less cruel option just to sterilize them if you can afford it and it may even benefit their health because most of what I read shows the fixed animals live longer than the intact ones on average.
People do not consider the various causes of death that reproduction involves. Especially for females, they will live shorter lives if their body spends energy procreating. Additionally fixing them removes the possibility of cancers or anything else that might be a cause of death that involves diseases of the ovaries and testicles.
I have some links here which are worth a look.

Moving Possibly

This is something that could happen but is not a sure thing yet. However it may be the start of a new life for me.

You see, years ago we were told that two people had to be living in our apartment and so if something happened to either me or my mom, such as moving out or death, the other one would be evicted. Now this is something we were both worried about as we are on government subsidized housing. This is an expensive town in general and rent almost anywhere is going to be close to $600 or $700. So as much as I’ve wanted to get my own place, it financially has never been an option and I didn’t want my mom to be homeless even if I did move out.

However we recently got a new manager and I brought the topic up. She said that we were told wrong before. My mom would be able to stay and her rent would go down if I did move out. This was very good news.

However, the only place that I would have a chance at living would be Sage Crossing. It’s sort of well known around here as a place that sometimes goes by people’s income rather than them paying full rent. I applied there and am most likely on the waiting list. I really hope it works out and I can pay rent that I can afford with only my income from my part time job. They have no real reason to deny me considering that all I need is a 1 bedroom apartment, I don’t have pets or kids, I don’t smoke(they have a strict non smoking policy), and I have no criminal record.

Who knows what could happen but at least I know there is a chance that I could get my own place. My mom is as thrilled about the idea of me moving out as I am. She wants to turn my bedroom into a writing office.

Also, I have one more thing to say for those who read this. At many times people have criticized me for being an adult who still lives with my mom. I find this rude and just place ignorant and offensive. First of all they never knew the situation and there were idiots telling me ever since I turned 18 to get a job, go to college, live separately from my mom, and all kinds of bossy dumb advice.

I am not stupid and I have all along been trying to improve my life. I also have been working at Hy-Vee for almost 6 years. I have been financially supporting my mom and paying for our food and often half the bills. However whenever my income increases so does our rent and so we’re stuck in a financial trap and have been for years. However if I succeed in moving out, not only would my mom’s rent go down but she might even qualify for food stamps again. My mom and I have both been trying to do the best for both of us and people with all their dumb advice and “simple solutions” need to shut up.

Anyhow that’s my current rant. Have a nice day!