December Update 2018

Life news December 2018

I do not write on my blogs as much as I would like but here is a little update. I’m trying to arrange going to school at Longview and take computer science. Still on the waiting list to get my own apartment as well.

I also recently got a cell phone and am on my dance teacher’s sprint plan. It really opens up my potential for communication with my friends and so I’m really happy lately.

I’ve also been oddly emotional lately and writing some weird poetry. Whatever, life is strange.

C Sharp Graphics

For some time I’ve been attempting to learn a little bit of C# the programming language. It’s very much like C and C++ except that it comes with the whole .NET framework which includes a method of creating images. This makes it easier for graphics programming than C or C++ because the standard libraries don’t include such features and I have not yet learned how to use a third party library for those to do what I want. For now however I am impressed with how easy this simple experiment was to do in C#.

I read enough of the C# reference to create a bitmap, turn every pixel yellow, and save it to a PNG file. These screenshots show how it works!


Here is the link to where I was reading the methods of the Bitmap class.