C Sharp Graphics

For some time I’ve been attempting to learn a little bit of C# the programming language. It’s very much like C and C++ except that it comes with the whole .NET framework which includes a method of creating images. This makes it easier for graphics programming than C or C++ because the standard libraries don’t include such features and I have not yet learned how to use a third party library for those to do what I want. For now however I am impressed with how easy this simple experiment was to do in C#.

I read enough of the C# reference to create a bitmap, turn every pixel yellow, and save it to a PNG file. These screenshots show how it works!


Here is the link to where I was reading the methods of the Bitmap class.



Author: chandlerklebs

I have unusual thoughts on almost every subject. I am as Pro-Life as I can possibly be. I am strongly opposed to violence of any type. That includes rape, war, and (obviously) abortion. Everything I think, speak, and write must be filtered by the effect it could have on the lives of others. If I am in any way promoting violence accidentally, please let me know.

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