Open Letter To Non-Vegans Who “Love Animals”

This is exactly how I feel about the self proclaimed animal lovers too.


Animal products, animal riding, animal racing, hunting, pet breeding, rodeos, circuses, and zoos all have one very important thing in common: The fact that they are UNNECESSARY to human existence.

They are also all directly responsible for by far the majority of needless global suffering.

The following letter is a confrontation and challenge to self-proclaimed “animal lovers” who are still selfishly paying the mentioned industries to provide products and services of needless suffering. [AKA, those who eat and wear animal products and/or participate in animal sport/entertainment sectors.]


To whom it may concern,

You DO NOT love animals.

What you MEANT to say was, “I love the company and comfort of having “pets”.

Constantly I hear and see people say this. “I love animals”, always coming from people who EAT and WEAR animals, who label themselves “animal lovers” while also participating in the massive holocaust of countless species of…

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Author: Chastity White Rose

I am Chastity White Rose, lover of all unicorns and ponies and artist of pixels and polygons. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I put on my checkerboard dress and said: “By the power of grayscale! I have the power!” And I became She Man, the most powerful transwoman in the universe! And I came to understand who I am. I am a programmer who can draw pixels to bitmaps of both black and white. And a Vegan, who protects the innocent! But within me lies a mortal heart, which suffers from depression. Will I have the strength to resist? Or will it be my doom.

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