Pro-life Vegan Rant

Chastity and the search for love

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In the original post, George said: “With all these dumb “abortion isn’t vegan” posts lately, I figured some of you pro-birthers could use a friendly reminder of the kinds of people who agree with you on that issue. And who doesn’t love Westboro Baptist Church, right? Amongst all these signs displaying insanely homophobic and racist rhetoric, you’ll find one at the bottom right that decries abortion. It’s been circled for your convenience. So much compassion in one picture! Because as you all love to say, “You can’t be a compassionate vegan unless you’re pro-life,” right?Well if the congregation at Westboro Baptist are your kind of people, then please carry on.”
I want to criticize this ridiculous post George Chapman wrote. His argument was basically that pro-life people are bad because they happen to agree with the Westboro Baptist Church on one thing, that abortion is bloody murder.

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Author: Chastity White Rose

I am Chastity White Rose, lover of all unicorns and ponies and artist of pixels and polygons. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I put on my checkerboard dress and said: “By the power of grayscale! I have the power!” And I became She Man, the most powerful transwoman in the universe! And I came to understand who I am. I am a programmer who can draw pixels to bitmaps of both black and white. And a Vegan, who protects the innocent! But within me lies a mortal heart, which suffers from depression. Will I have the strength to resist? Or will it be my doom.

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