The Testicle Testimony

Chastity and the search for love

The Testicle Testimony

For over two years I have had pain in my testicles and have been to different doctors and explained my situation over and over. Each time I have been unable to get the help I need.

To save myself time I have written the following story of what has happened and why I must get the surgery I need.

The pain began following a bike incident in which my testicles were crushed by the weight of my body on the seat of my bike.

I know from ultrasounds as well as from what I have felt with my hands that I have a varicocele and restricted blood flow in the cords attached to my testicles especially on the left side.

Because the nature of my condition is rare and also because of who I am and the life I want to live, the solution is very simple…

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Author: Chastity White Rose

I am Chastity White Rose, lover of all unicorns and ponies and artist of pixels and polygons. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I put on my checkerboard dress and said: “By the power of grayscale! I have the power!” And I became She Man, the most powerful transwoman in the universe! And I came to understand who I am. I am a programmer who can draw pixels to bitmaps of both black and white. And a Vegan, who protects the innocent! But within me lies a mortal heart, which suffers from depression. Will I have the strength to resist? Or will it be my doom.

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