About Me

I am Chandler Klebs. My offline work is sacking groceries at Hy-Vee. Most of my online work these days involves recording and editing audio podcasts. I used to write a lot but I’m not so sure that anybody cares about what I write given the lack of feedback I get.

I record, edit, and upload the audio for Free Will, Science, and Religion. I also email the cohosts and guests about recorded episodes and future topics. None of us are making money off of this. We do it because we want to create a world of far less blame, guilt, arrogance and envy.

At least that’s how I look at it. The cohosts may look at it differently but we all have a blast talking about it. We are also looking for guests to speak with us. Send me a message if you’re interested.

Below are some helpful links if you want to know more about our podcast.

official podcast site: https://freewillscienceandreligion.wordpress.com/
facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/freewillscienceandreligion

Free Will, Science and Religion subscription links:

Internet Archive collection:

If you want to talk privately you can also email me at: chandlerklebs@gmail.com

Facebook also works because I get on there regularly to post links to new podcast episodes.

15 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. To do something no one has done before you have to become an expert in a field and then invent something new which humans will be willing to pay for. Liberal arts is a hard field to be that creative and for computer technology some with very good memories and expertise are doing the breakthroughs with much financial backing. If you are just a common man then you will have a hard time promoting something new without financial backing and if you are a small businessman competing with the big boys the chances of succeeding are rather minimal. i don’t want to burst your bubble but it takes more than just a dream to make it in this world and that is why a fallback job is so important for most humans.

    1. I am not talking in the context of money or a job. I just want to make a difference that will last a long time after my death. I think that my writing could possibly make that difference. That is why my blog is available for people to read freely.

  2. forcing young impressionable children not to lie or steal and punishing them with the removal of privileges if they do lie or steal is not bad abusive indoctrination if you want honest, sincere, trusting relationships to develop between the children when they interact.

  3. Lead by example and don’t lie or steal. But if you lie or steal you commit fraud, are fined, or go to jail as an adult and are punished. This is punishment worse than removing a privilege for a child temporarily to show them that what they did is very wrong and will be punished by society. I even used the strap on the rear end of my teenage son when he stole from us and he didn’t steal again. Hating pain may be a reason for suicide so hate can play a role in suicide too.

  4. Adultery in marriage leads to fear of abandonment, jealousy, anger, hate, and fear especially in women and it is the second leading cause of divorce. Western sexual promiscuity is making many feel that adultery is not important but it is very important if you want a stable long duration marriage which works out.

  5. If you feel that you have a special talent in an area which interests you and have a very good memory then it is realistic to assume that you can do very well in the area which interests you and maybe even reach celebrity status latter in life. If however you have a poor memory and feel that you will never master your area of interest then it is not a realistic goal to try and achieve an important status in that field. You may still be able to work at some level in your field of interest but it will probably never be at the top. You apparently have an interest in writing. Realistically realize that you need money or a promotion budget to sell your book or you have to be a celebrity already with a large captive audience which will buy your book or books. To be a success in writing you will need to have more than just one book to publish because very few get wealthy from the publication of just one book. The Harry Potter books are a perfect example of having to publish more than one book to be successful. Writing talent is not enough to make it in the publishing world anymore if you already don’t have a large following or not enough money to get a large following. Wish you the best in your writing career but I hope you have backup plans too.

  6. Thanks for the detailed response. Some goals I have are very unrealistic, but I still have dreams that I want to work for. I have a poor memory, but I use my writing to help me remember things.

  7. Hey Chandler, it was great talking to you ๐Ÿ™‚ it was fun. Also i see you have written a book – i will get it ๐Ÿ˜€ !!! Plus i like your name since the time i started watching FRIENDS :p !! – Also i think you will have fun reading this – http://10eveningflowers.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/oh-no-we-cannot-touch-you-breaking-silence-on-senseless-religious-rituals/ AND http://10eveningflowers.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/identity-crisis-in-india/

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