Kenny and Kylie episode 14

This is the second episode that I was a guest on the Kenny and Kylie podcast. I feel like this went even better than the last conversation. We got into some deep topics. I find it interesting that Kylie was thinking about free will since last time. It has been on my mind a lot too. I don’t like free will used as an excuse for evil. There is still a philosophical debate that rages on about whether humans actually have free will. The way I see it, it depends on the definition of “free” and “will”.

Has it been decided that we “will” do something or are we “free” to change our future? I think that we have choices, but that there is such a conflict between the choices of living things that we often don’t feel very free. As Kylie mentioned in the opening of the podcast, I had mentioned unborn babies not getting to choose to live or die.

The subjects that I talked about in this episode are still related to the abortion issue, but I also try to clarify that I am against violence to other animals besides humans. If this is understood, then you will see that all other areas of my life are filtered through my pro-life or anti-violence philosophy. This raises the question of whether my actions are “free” when it is clear they have a foundation. Maybe I have already made the one choice that is most relevant.

Kenny and Kylie episode 13

I was invited to be a guest on the Kenny and Kylie podcast. To me this was a big deal because I don’t usually get to have recorded talks with people. As much as I like to communicate by writing, it does not translate so well to the real world where people have a limit to their attention span.

You can go here to find out how to listen and or download the episode:

I was trying to explain the way that the tragedy of abortion led me to question everything about the bible and the Christian theology I had been taught all my life in churches.

Kenneth brought up Free Will to explain why God does not stop abortion. I think the argument is terrible, but I am glad Kenneth brought it up because it is the most common reply that Christians give to explain why their God doesn’t stop evil things such as abortion and rape. He also said that parents can allow children to make choices without approving of everything their children do. This may be true, but it is still not a comparison to the Christian God because human parents did not actually design the brains of their children like the Christians believe that God has done.

After that, he asked me about my first book: “Confessions of a Confused Virgin”. I talk briefly about my first book and how my opinions on sex have changed over time. I am definitely a Confused Virgin. I don’t think anyone will disagree on that. I talked about my second book: “Irrelevant”. It was all about finding which things were the most relevant to my life and I discovered that most were irrelevant.

I was glad for the chance to explain certain problems I had with some stories in the bible. It was a good talk and I look forward to doing this again. The one thing that troubles me is that there were some things that we talked about that seem to have been cut out of the published version of this. I am not sure exactly why that is.

The next time I talk to Kenneth and Kylie, I would like to talk also about vegetarianism and veganism and how they closely relate to how much I love animals. This also relates to abortion and the animal sacrifices written about in the bible.