Why morality is relevant

People don’t think enough about morality. If you’ve never heard the term, it is the system of what is “right” or “wrong” or “good” or “bad”. I think a great problem in this world is that people assume that their standard is the only standard of morality. No one can seem to agree on what morality is or where it comes from. This is something humans must work together to settle.

If there was a standard which made perfect sense, maybe everyone in the world could come to an agreement. All forms of violence could end. I highly doubt that people can consider the possibility of world peace. Yet is that not the goal many people have? To live in a world free from suffering?

My question is, why wouldn’t a “paradise” be possible? Many people have a concept of “heaven” yet seem to make no effort towards it. Even if we can’t achieve the ideal world, I think it can be much better than it is now.

For it to work, a standard of morality must be invented which does not change based on how a person feels or even how we assume God feels. People need a reason to stop the harmful things which are destroying this planet. For any action a human takes, there needs to be some logic. We need better reasons than “The bible said so.”, “God said so.”, “My great granddaddy told me once.”, or “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”.

Why health is relevant

I’ve already written about the irrelevance of physical appearance. It is really not my business or anyone else’s business what someone looks like. What is important, though, is how healthy a person feels. If they are feeling sick, weak, or just tired, it may be a sign that there is a problem in their life. It could be their job, their diet, or even their own attitude about themselves. I think that people should listen to the signs their body is giving them. The body is often talked about as being something bad or dirty. I must admit that the human body is pretty impressive for something that is made up mostly of dirt and water. I am learning to accept my body for what it is rather than wanting to change it to something more acceptable. I just ask other people reading this to stop cutting and starving themselves. Your body is just one part of you but it is the only means you have to operate in this physical world. Take good care of it. Just think about how awesome fingers are. With my fingers I am typing all these words.

Your beliefs are relevant

While I don’t think that the things we believe have an impact on things like God’s existence or an afterlife, I do think they matter in our everyday lives. I, for example, have become a lot happier after I let go of a lot of beliefs about what a human is or should be. I realized that I was trying to live up to the standards of American life where people do things without thinking about why. So much of what I worked for was pleasing others and trying to be someone I am not. I also developed some new beliefs which make sense to me. For example, I’ve learned that it is sometimes possible to break down anything into smaller parts. Computer programs work with bits, geometric shapes are built with lines and curves, and words are made from letters. People are much the same. Sometimes we get so focused on some tiny detail of a person such as their appearance, religion, age, or job, that we forget there is a lot more to each person. Even when you live with someone for many years, you still learn new things about them that you never knew before. What you believe about yourself and other people (including animals) has a great impact on many actions you do. Even though everyone has things that are relevant to them, there is one time when they must be challenged. If ever a person becomes violent to the point of harming the life of another,  it is time to put a stop to it if possible.