I really love playing video games. On this page I will list some of my all time favorite games that I play. I am very particular about the type of games that I play. I believe that “sandbox” style games, where practically anything can be built are the games that have infinite replay value. For me, gaming is not about the story, it’s not about fighting monsters, it’s not even about the music(but seriously, some of these games DO have great music). It’s more about whether I can build things and just generally mess around.

For the same reason that kids love legos, tinker toys, Roger’s Connection, and of course real sandboxes(or the beach), I like video games that allow for this sort of creativity.


I’d have to say that at the moment, Terraria is my favorite of all video games. It just combines so many elements I love in a game. I like building things. That’s why I spent so many days playing legos as a kid. It doesn’t exactly have a storyline. For those who like fighting monsters, it has plenty of that too. Mostly I find them a nuisance that prevents me from building houses and painting them. The music however is wonderful. Each biome has a different song associated with it and this can provide a clue about where you are.

Building houses allows the various NPCs to move in. There are some minimal requirements for building a valid house but in general any materials can be used. Wood, stone, dirt, mud, and many others can be used as the general frame. There are many background walls available for crafting and/or purchase from the painter NPC.

The final boss of the game is the Moon Lord but there is no actual end. You can keep playing forever. It’s also possible to create multiple characters and worlds. Items can even be transferred from one character to another by storing them in a chest with one character, exiting, and then loading that world with a new character. This makes all resources infinite as there is no limit to how many worlds can be created.


For some people, Minecraft is better known than Terraria. I like to think of it as three dimensional Terraria. The basic concept is the same. You can build whatever you feel like with blocks. Rather than squares, they are now cubes.

The primary difference between Terraria and Minecraft seems to be that Minecraft has two modes: Survival and Creative mode. I mostly play on Creative because I cannot survive very long on survival mode without getting killed by creepers or spiders. I’m not as experienced with it but I have managed to build some impressive houses out of wool. I am obsessed with making chessboards with black and white blocks of wool.

Stardew Valley

I love this game because I’m a huge fan of the Harvest Moon series. It seems to have all of the elements that I loved about Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. I can go to the mine and get tons of rocks and ores, plant tons of stuff and even auto-water things with sprinklers. The addition of tons more items and quests keep it interesting for far longer. I particularly like the crafting system because it reminds me of Minecraft or Terraria and yet it provides tools to continue enhancing the farm.

Free Games

There are also some free sandbox type games that are worth trying out if someone doesn’t have any money to spend.


Minetest is a free clone of Minecraft which has a few differences such as being able to build extremely low or extremely high. In Minecraft you can’t build higher than 256 blocks. Minetest doesn’t have this restriction. I don’t know how to use it very well yet but it’s great for trying out this style of game. I’ve had some fun in creative mode with rainbow blocks.

One helpful thing to know is that the command “/grant singleplayer all” is required in order to allow for flying.


I tried a game called Growtopia. It seems really fun. It is an online-only game but it allows users to enter the name of a world to go to. If the world doesn’t exist yet, it is created! My world name is “chandlerpony”. A few times I’ve been locked out of the world. If someone places a lock on the world, then other people can’t build or break blocks in that world. So until I get enough gems to buy a lock, people will be taking over that world. It’s really sort of funny in a way. I’ll probably come back to it in a few weeks and see what’s happened.

It looks similar to Minecraft and Terraria but one main difference is that lava, dirt, and other things are renewable resources that grow on trees! Yes, dirt grows on trees in this game!

Cubic Castles

Cubic castles is an extremely interesting game which is much like Minecraft except that it’s extremely easy to play because it’s done more from an overhead view rather than a first person view. The camera can be rotated for different viewpoints and the controls for everything can be configured any way the player likes. Each player also gets their own realm where they can change the settings of who is allowed to build there. My username on there is “chandlerklebs”.

That’s all for now. As I think of new games to add to this list, I may write more. I don’t have nearly as much time to play games as I might like but it’s tons of fun when I do.