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Chandler Klebs Art

I’ve made the decision that now is a good time to do something with my old art blog that I created years ago but abandoned when I quit doing art years ago. Some things happened in my life and I was too distracted to do art regularly. But things are different now. I’m trying to make my art a serious career. Here are a few things I’ve done recently.

On 11-24- 2017, I Published my first art book which I called “Chandler Klebs Art Volume 1“. It’s probably not the most fancy title but that describes it well. It’s available as a paperback book for $30. I think it’s a good price considering how much is contained in it.

In fact, I’m so confident that people will buy it once they see it, that I’m going to do something unusual. I’m going to make it downloadable here so…

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Stressed Out Rant

Life is hard. Working takes far too much mental energy trying to please everyone and obey all their demands. I face this at work and then when I’m home my mom wants me to do things and I can’t follow directions right and I get yelled at. I’m just sick of it. This is just one reason I had to quit doing the podcasts like I was for the past few years. I also had a big blow up with Monique and told her the Celibate Vegan Voices show is off until further notice. It’s a miracle if I can even survive working at Hy-Vee and helping my mother with all the things I can’t do.

And besides that, what good has it done that I’ve talked about the controversial topics through podcasts, books, and social media. It hasn’t changed the immeasurable suffering humans inflict on each other and and billions of animals. I hope I’m wrong and that it does some good but the bottom line is that I see the utter hopelessness of my efforts. It comes down to the fact that I can’t change people including even myself to be the perfect person everyone wants me to be.

As much as possible I’m going to focus on doing what I like. Art, video games, dancing, whatever. And every time someone criticizes me for this, such as Monique recently did, I will just have to cut off ties with them at least temporarily.

And it’s not necessary to go into the details of the problems I have with Monique, my mother, or anyone else. You know why? Because then other idiots will agree with the people who are stressing me out and believe that I’m the problem.

So regardless of what your opinion is or what you think of me, I’m just having this rant so that people know I’m under a lot of stress and it’s probably best not to make me any angrier than I already am. I’m not looking for advice or criticism, constructive or otherwise about what I need to do to fix my life. Improving one’s quality of life depends 100% on how much money they have and how supportive the people around them are.

I would however like to end on a positive note. I recently had a good time at a party with my Hy-Vee coworkers. Joette brought a vegetable tray and some beans with no meat added that she knew I would eat. At least the people I work with are generally supportive of my convictions as a vegan. Sure they may not understand the reasons behind it, in spite of my quite public explanations online, but they are generally good people who treat other humans well even if they pay others to murder animals for the sake of their taste buds or false beliefs about protein.

I believe this post will be helpful to my true friends who will know I’m having a hard time so that they can possibly understand. However in the event that someone leaves stupid comments I will most likely delete them. Then they will know the frustration of realizing they’ve wasted their time. More than anything that is the frustration I feel.

At least I do have good times in life with my coworkers and doing my geometric art or playing some Minecraft with Jamie and WSD. I will do what I can to maximize my happeness for my own sake and for everyone else because I don’t want to take out my frustrations on others. I know I’m not perfect that that I say unkind things when I’m too upset. I apologize for those I have hurt in this way in spite of the fact that I also cannot be literally blamed. The understanding that none of us are responsible for our thoughts and actions because we don’t cause our own parents to have sex in the first place or raise us the way they did has been a helpful understanding to me in my own emotional health. And of course helping others to understand this was what the Free Will, Science, and Religion podcast was about.

But perhaps sometimes people are unable to understand this and think that my challenging the belief in free will, advocating veganism, or exposing religion for the fraud that it is, that I’m just doing to be mean to them. Nope, that’s not it at all. I just want them to be spared the suffering that comes from incorrect thoughts and actions.

Is Veganism a Matter of Choice? 

Daily Negativity

When people say that being vegan is a choice, I assume what they mean is that being vegan is not something which is morally required or even morally better than any other alternative; that is, it really doesn’t matter whether one is vegan or not. Certainly, there are some things in life which are, in this sense, a matter of one’s choice or preference. For example, the question of how one grows their hair is a matter of choice. We should have the right to grow and style our hair to whatever length and fashion we prefer. Similarly, we are told that we have an equal right to eat and wear whatever we prefer; therefore being vegan is just a choice, no different from choices concerning hairstyle.

If there is no obligation for us to choose a particular hairstyle, why should there be any obligation to choose a particular diet?…

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Net Neutrality

Jamie Soden​ told me about the Net Neutrality issue. I then read some stuff about it. If they remove the Net Neutrality laws, then your internet service provider can decide to not allow you access to websites that they disagree with. Good bye to freedom of speech. Good bye to political opinions that the companies don’t want you to see. I don’t know if this petition will do any good or not but people need to know about it in case it destroys the internet as we know it. This could lead to the destruction of Facebook​, YouTube, or anything else important like vegan activism if the company you pay for internet decides to not allow you to view or post things on it.



Holiday depression

While everyone else is being all happy and enjoying time with their family on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, my experience has been the complete opposite. No matter what happens, I am constantly depressed about all the evil in the world, especially that which the human race does. They have no problem with killing animals and often mock the vegans who refuse to add to the problem.

A lot of people may understand that animals have to die when they eat meat but they don’t understand that it’s not possible to run an animal industry based on profit. They kill the males because they can’t get milk or eggs from them. It’s simply business logic. If they didn’t kill them and instead tried to care for them all as pets, there would literally be billions of bulls and roosters which would have no place to go. And no human, not even a billionaire could afford to take care of them. The only way not to kill them is to never breed them in the first place!

And if people eat plants and stop eating the animal products, then there will be no domesticated animals in the first place. There may still be issues of overpopulation in the wild where they reproduce past their space and food supply but the majority of animals on the planet only exist because stupid humans breed them.

And the truth is I have been rather depressed this season. As I am forced to work and touch all of the murdered birds and pigs, I am reminded just how evil humanity is. Not that they had a choice in the matter, considering the lack of free will. But I still desire for the entire human race to either change entirely or go extinct my non-procreation until none are left.

The truth is that I don’t see any future for life on this planet. I want to respect the lives that are already here but not doom them to a painful death by creating them in the first place.

Few people understand my position because they think that respecting life means to create more of it. On the contrary, our focus should be on pain reduction. For what good is living when you are in pain.

My only relief from these thoughts is when I’m doing some form of art. I recently ordered a proof of my latest book which is full of art I made in Inkscape. In the best case scenario, my art will become a career in which I actually make some money doing what I am talented at. And the more money I have, the more I’ll be able to advance the work of other vegan activists by helping them financially. That is my dream. I’ll do the best I can to reduce the pain in this world and try to enjoy what little beauty is left.

What’s going on.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on this blog. I haven’t actually been writing because I’ve been busy with tons of other stress in life. However when I do get any free time. I do art in Inkscape. I’m hoping to go professional and make some money doing what I’m good at. In this post I am attaching 60 of my best images. If you see this and think I could design something for you for money then please comment or email me at


Sex work is not “empowering.”

The Prime Directive

“One of my best friends, a girl I have known since I was like 16, is a “sex worker”. She was abandoned by her father and abused by her unstable mother. She has multiple learning disabilities, processing difficulties, and executive dysfunction. She has never received proper treatment or diagnosis other than being labeled with a form of Autism in early elementary school.

She is the single mother of a child conceive by the man who, when she was fresh out of HS, essentially kidnapped her to the other side of the country and pimped her out to support his crack habit, all while starving and beating her almost to death.

She risked her life to leave, only to be left completely dependent on her still-abusive mother (who not only starves and degrades her, but also refuses to allow her to see a psychologist because the mother “doesnt believe in mental…

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