Net Neutrality

Jamie Soden​ told me about the Net Neutrality issue. I then read some stuff about it. If they remove the Net Neutrality laws, then your internet service provider can decide to not allow you access to websites that they disagree with. Good bye to freedom of speech. Good bye to political opinions that the companies don’t want you to see. I don’t know if this petition will do any good or not but people need to know about it in case it destroys the internet as we know it. This could lead to the destruction of Facebook​, YouTube, or anything else important like vegan activism if the company you pay for internet decides to not allow you to view or post things on it.




Holiday depression

While everyone else is being all happy and enjoying time with their family on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, my experience has been the complete opposite. No matter what happens, I am constantly depressed about all the evil in the world, especially that which the human race does. They have no problem with killing animals and often mock the vegans who refuse to add to the problem.

A lot of people may understand that animals have to die when they eat meat but they don’t understand that it’s not possible to run an animal industry based on profit. They kill the males because they can’t get milk or eggs from them. It’s simply business logic. If they didn’t kill them and instead tried to care for them all as pets, there would literally be billions of bulls and roosters which would have no place to go. And no human, not even a billionaire could afford to take care of them. The only way not to kill them is to never breed them in the first place!

And if people eat plants and stop eating the animal products, then there will be no domesticated animals in the first place. There may still be issues of overpopulation in the wild where they reproduce past their space and food supply but the majority of animals on the planet only exist because stupid humans breed them.

And the truth is I have been rather depressed this season. As I am forced to work and touch all of the murdered birds and pigs, I am reminded just how evil humanity is. Not that they had a choice in the matter, considering the lack of free will. But I still desire for the entire human race to either change entirely or go extinct my non-procreation until none are left.

The truth is that I don’t see any future for life on this planet. I want to respect the lives that are already here but not doom them to a painful death by creating them in the first place.

Few people understand my position because they think that respecting life means to create more of it. On the contrary, our focus should be on pain reduction. For what good is living when you are in pain.

My only relief from these thoughts is when I’m doing some form of art. I recently ordered a proof of my latest book which is full of art I made in Inkscape. In the best case scenario, my art will become a career in which I actually make some money doing what I am talented at. And the more money I have, the more I’ll be able to advance the work of other vegan activists by helping them financially. That is my dream. I’ll do the best I can to reduce the pain in this world and try to enjoy what little beauty is left.

What’s going on.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on this blog. I haven’t actually been writing because I’ve been busy with tons of other stress in life. However when I do get any free time. I do art in Inkscape. I’m hoping to go professional and make some money doing what I’m good at. In this post I am attaching 60 of my best images. If you see this and think I could design something for you for money then please comment or email me at


Sex work is not “empowering.”

The Prime Directive

“One of my best friends, a girl I have known since I was like 16, is a “sex worker”. She was abandoned by her father and abused by her unstable mother. She has multiple learning disabilities, processing difficulties, and executive dysfunction. She has never received proper treatment or diagnosis other than being labeled with a form of Autism in early elementary school.

She is the single mother of a child conceive by the man who, when she was fresh out of HS, essentially kidnapped her to the other side of the country and pimped her out to support his crack habit, all while starving and beating her almost to death.

She risked her life to leave, only to be left completely dependent on her still-abusive mother (who not only starves and degrades her, but also refuses to allow her to see a psychologist because the mother “doesnt believe in mental…

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There once was a dude who put on shirt and pant
But could not remember his deodorant!
It was like his nose wasn’t even there,
So he wasn’t aware!
Without a good sense of smell,
He put the whole world in hell!
He stunk like a dump
And then became a big grump
Because his mother insisted
And he always resisted
Because he was already dressed
And his mom was a pest
Saying, “Get in the habit!”
And he would hop off like a rabbit
So he would not do this chore
And he smelled like a wild boar!
The world would agree, this is a basic concern
And would do anything to help him learn!
For oxygen we all must pant
Dude, Please wear your DEODORANT!

Written by Judena Klebs
Inspired by Chandler’s armpits

Before the Flood Review

I was reading a National Geographic magazine on Tuesday August 8 2017. It had an article about a Climate Change documentary called before the flood. I then checked it out of the library and watched it with my mom on Friday.

I knew who Leonardo DiCaprio was just because he was a famous actor and I had seen him in two movies. However I was not aware that he was an environmental activist who was bringing awareness to people about Climate Change. In this documentary it shows him around the world where he witnesses firsthand the melting ice and rising sea levels which are washing away people’s homes. Much of it focuses on the causes being fossil fuels and the reluctance of people to switch to renewable energy sources. However I was glad that the impact of the beef industry was also mentioned. This is because even if we eliminate coal and oil as fuel sources, the methane produced by millions of cows and the deforestation required to raise them make the problem of Climate Change so much worse than even the fossil fuels do. For this reason I suspect that many people will go vegan as a result even if they don’t care about the suffering of animals or respect their life. Additionally, the plants that currently are fed to those animals could instead be feeding the human population if people simply stopped breeding the animals but grew the same number of plants.

I recommend this movie to anyone who is skeptical about Climate Change or has friends and family who is not convinced that Climate Change is real.

Additionally I recommend Cowspiracy to learn more about the effects of animal agriculture on the environment.

Risks of Hormonal Birth Control and Alternatives

I have a topic that may be good for a podcast but that I also want to write about because it ties some other subjects together as well.

This video a woman talking about how when she took birth control and gained weight. Then when she went off, lost the weight, then when she started again she gained weight again and this is how she figured out what the cause was.

Listening to the video inspired me to write about this topic. Obviously, since most people don’t like gaining weight, that alone is enough reason for them to find an alternative to birth control pills. But that’s not the only risk. I also looked up the specific type of birth control she showed that she had been using. Here is a quote of the side effects.

“More common side effects may include: nausea, vomiting, bleeding between your menstrual periods, weight gain, breast tenderness, headache, difficulty wearing contact lenses.

Less common side effects may include:

Blood clots in your legs, lungs, or eyes, with symptoms such as sharp chest pain, coughing up blood, sudden shortness of breath, pain in your calf, or sudden partial or complete loss of vision.”


These side effects are most likely applicable to other brands of birth control pills as well since putting huge amounts ofhormones into your body is going to have a variety of effects.

This is not the first time I knew that there were dangerous side effects of women using hormonal birth control. However it’s not the type of thing I usually talk or write about. Anyone who follows what I say already knows that I find birth control unnecessary since I advocate celibacy instead for avoiding pregnancy and STDs.

However, after listening to this woman’s video, I have considered that perhaps many women are not aware of the risks that come with using hormonal birth control. So I want to bring awareness to this issue and also recommend the alternatives they can do instead.

Since birth control pills are neither 100% effective at preventing pregnancy and also provide 0% protection against diseases, they should be dethroned as

1. Celibacy

This is a no brainer for people like me and my cohost Monique who do the Celibate Vegan Voices show. I’m hoping to talk about this in an episode because it’s relevant to several things happening in society. It’s the only true 100% way to prevent getting pregnant or getting sexually transmitted diseases. For this reason it will always be the best option but is certainly not the most popular for most people.

2. Condoms

Another option is condoms which reduce the risk of pregnancy and spreading of STDs but are not 100 percent effective.

Here is a quote from Planned Parenthood about the effectiveness of condoms.

“How effective are condoms against pregnancy?

If you use condoms perfectly every single time you have sex, they’re 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. But people aren’t perfect, so in real life condoms are about 82% effective — that means about 18 out of 100 people who use condoms as their only birth control method will get pregnant each year.”

3. Sterilization

Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation are surgeries that help prevent pregnancy. They are pretty close to 100% effective but not quite according to Planned Parenthood.

Why avoid birth control Pills?

There are 3 main reasons that people need to avoid using hormonal birth control pills.

1. The health risks as already mentioned.

2. Birth Control Pills are Not Vegan

You can be sure that most, if not all, methods of hormonal birth control are either derived from or tested on animals. Vegans do not support harming animals and as such must seek a non-hormonal method of contraception. Here is a quote from Lindsay S. Nixon on the subject.

“As far as I can tell, there is no truly vegan hormonal birth control option (i.e., birth control pills), but other non-hormone options exist for vegan pregnancy prevention.

I’m unable to research every single pill option or brand on the market (there are just too many), but the ones I reviewed all contained some form of a milk ingredient, or some other animal derivative. Research online suggests this is true for every hormone-based birth control pill.

Although I have not researched to confirm this, I think it’s probably pretty likely that birth control pills are tested on animals, or they are owned by parent companies that engages in animal testing (regrettably, as this is the “nature of the beast” with nearly all pharmaceuticals).”


3. Buying birth control sometimes funds the abortion industry

If you’re pro-choice/pro-abortion, this will be irrelevant to you but if you’re pro-life/anti-abortion, you may want to consider that buying birth control from a business that also performs abortions is funding the same people who do abortions. As such pro-lifer must either buy from a source that does not do abortions.

It’s important for me to mention also that just because I included a quote and two links to Planned Parenthood’s website. This does not in any way imply that I approve of or recommend them for any services. I quote them because of their influence in America but not because I like them. I want them defunded the same way I want the meat, dairy, and egg industries defunded.

4. Saving Money

Buying birth control over years will end up costing a lot of money. Someone who remains celibate or gets a sterilization surgery will end up saving money that they can then use for something else.


People who are currently on hormonal birth control pills need to be aware of the options available to them. They can seek healthier and more ethical options.