I’m sure much has been written about the subject of what people call Abortion. What they really mean is the murder of an unborn baby. It’s just plain wrong to kill people. Sometimes killing adults can’t be avoided in times of war and self defense, but it’s still wrong.

But the subject of killing your own baby is weirder than even murdering another person. If someone doesn’t want their baby, then why on earth were they having sex in the first place. It makes about as much sense as eating when you’re not hungry or watching Japanese cartoons without English subtitles. Even so, at least let the kid be born and then let somebody adopt it.

Another thing, people who want abortion to be legal label themselves as “pro choice”. I would be pro choice if only it was the babies who were given the choice. So for now you can say I’m “pro life” or at the very least “pro baby”.


“How are you?”

I have a real problem in social situations. This is something that most people can’t understand. Most of my experience in talking to people is in the various churches I’ve been. Below are some common problems I face.

People ask me “how are you?”. I have never figured out what is the proper way to answer this question or even the meaning of it. What do they mean by that? They don’t ask “who are you”,”what are you?”,”why are you?” or something like that. Some people add a little more to it like “how do you feel?”. I can answer that as “with my fingers”.

To make matters more complex, while people are asking me silly questions, they want to shake my hand. I can’t imagine why they would want to touch my hand especially if they knew where it’s been recently. Furthermore, who knows what kind of manually transmitted disease I might get from them. They might have been touching something really gross like their car keys or money. Honestly, I’m not much of a person who likes physical contact with other creatures. I don’t like hand shakes or hugs. There are those rare times when a hug is okay if I’ve known them for some time, it’s not a Sunday morning, and they don’t do it in a creepy way from behind me when I least expect it.

Those aren’t the only problems I have in relating to people but they certainly happen the most often.