A poem from a vegan group.

One of the members of the Vegan Atheists group on Facebook posted this and said it was free to share.

“Do you hear the screams of my friends, of my family?
Can you look into my eyes?
Can you feel my pain and loss?
I assure you I have feelings,
Our flesh is not yours,
Why do you consume it?
Our skin is not yours,
Why do you wear it?
Our milk and eggs are not yours,
Why do you eat them?
Why do you steal from us?
Where is my baby going?
I hear him crying for me,
please do not take him,
please do not kill him,
my child is everything to me,
This cage it is so small,
I have no room to move at all,
Why do you kick, punch and prod me?
Am I lesser than a human being?
My legs ache from standing,
My udders are sore,
My weary body cannot take anymore,
My wings they need to spread,
My eyes need to see the light,
My body is too large for this space,
I am getting sores all over the place,
Why do you confine me so?
What is going to happen to me?
Am I going to end up like my friend?
Hung upside down, suspended,
Her throat was slit, my eyes squeezed tight,
I wish I could run, no where to hide,
It’s my turn next, I am scared,
I shall fight the good fight,
Why should you get to end my life?
I want to thrive and live, and flourish,
Not perish at your hands,
You humans do not care for me do you?
I am nothing more than a morsel to you?
Please see this is not the way,
Life was meant to be,
You do not have to kill me,
You can see me as I see you,
We are earthlings,
I would never harm you,
Why not do the same for me?
The words I wish I could speak,
My voice goes unheard,
Your knife draws near,
I am hung for all to see,
it will be my blood on that floor,
My life will be no more,
and thousands will die after me,
with a voice yet to be heard,
We are finally free, finally free.” – Ashley Farmer

Why the origin of our species is irrelevant

I have yet to understand why there is a huge conflict over whether humans were created by God or whether they somehow evolved out of some other form of life. It makes no difference to my life. I think that people should be free to talk about it and have their own ideas. I don’t really think it is the job of any government or school to teach either creationism or evolution. I don’t need anyone to tell me that I am a monkey, because I have a mirror in the bathroom. I have nothing against other types of monkeys either because I am not racist.

If someone could convince me that I evolved from a monkey, fish, pig, elephant, or anything else, I don’t see how it would make any different on what I think of myself or others. To call me an animal is a great compliment because you have taken enough interest in me to notice that my behavior is not like the humans around me and you are not easily fooled by appearance. At the same time, if someone convinced me that I was created by God to be exactly the way I am, I have no problem with that either. Either way, I know that I should not be treated as being better or worse than any other type of life.