A poem from a vegan group.

One of the members of the Vegan Atheists group on Facebook posted this and said it was free to share.

“Do you hear the screams of my friends, of my family?
Can you look into my eyes?
Can you feel my pain and loss?
I assure you I have feelings,
Our flesh is not yours,
Why do you consume it?
Our skin is not yours,
Why do you wear it?
Our milk and eggs are not yours,
Why do you eat them?
Why do you steal from us?
Where is my baby going?
I hear him crying for me,
please do not take him,
please do not kill him,
my child is everything to me,
This cage it is so small,
I have no room to move at all,
Why do you kick, punch and prod me?
Am I lesser than a human being?
My legs ache from standing,
My udders are sore,
My weary body cannot take anymore,
My wings they need to spread,
My eyes need to see the light,
My body is too large for this space,
I am getting sores all over the place,
Why do you confine me so?
What is going to happen to me?
Am I going to end up like my friend?
Hung upside down, suspended,
Her throat was slit, my eyes squeezed tight,
I wish I could run, no where to hide,
It’s my turn next, I am scared,
I shall fight the good fight,
Why should you get to end my life?
I want to thrive and live, and flourish,
Not perish at your hands,
You humans do not care for me do you?
I am nothing more than a morsel to you?
Please see this is not the way,
Life was meant to be,
You do not have to kill me,
You can see me as I see you,
We are earthlings,
I would never harm you,
Why not do the same for me?
The words I wish I could speak,
My voice goes unheard,
Your knife draws near,
I am hung for all to see,
it will be my blood on that floor,
My life will be no more,
and thousands will die after me,
with a voice yet to be heard,
We are finally free, finally free.” – Ashley Farmer

Why fatalism is irrelevant

I used to think that determinism was the same as fatalism. There is a difference.

Determinism is nothing more than the law of cause and effect. A determinist will know that their actions will cause other things to happen and will act according to what they believe will happen if they do something or refuse to do it.

Fatalism is very different because it means that what happens is irrelevant to what we do. For example, a fatalist might believe that they are fated to die at a certain time and that their actions or the actions of others make no difference in causing their death. If someone is fated to die on their 21st birthday. Then they CANNOT die before then nor can they make effort to live longer by healthy eating, exercise, or anything else.

To believe in fate is to deny cause and effect. Knowing this explains to me that it is not compatible with determinism. Whatever caused the fate would itself need a cause and therefore we are faced with the infinite past which we cannot fully know.

If fatalism were true, then you would be reading this post about fatalism even if I didn’t write it! Fatalism denies the very idea of relevance because it says there is no connection, relation, or link between events that happen in the universe. I don’t think anyone can honestly believe that.

Why sadness is relevant

Have you ever felt sad? There are many types of sadness. There are many words for sadness such as grief, sorrow, heartache, heartbreak, and regret.

I think that sadness is caused by loss of something or someone. The sadness is temporary if whatever was lost can be replaced. Some objects can be replaced simply by buying a replacement.

In the case of people, there is no way to completely replace them. When I say people, I also mean nonhuman animals such as a dog, cat, hamster, lamb, pig, or whatever other pet a person may have. When a cat dies, you cannot simply buy another cat to replace it. It is still another new cat that does not yet know you. Likewise, when a human that you know dies, such as a mother, father, sister, brother, or just a best friend, you cannot replace them by just meeting new people and making new friends.

But sometimes the sadness is not caused because someone dies. Sometimes it is because they move away or for whatever reason they decided that you are no longer relevant to their life. This has happened to me many times.

I have not found a solution to this sadness. Is there a solution? Should anyone attempt to not be so sad? I think about this often.

Grieving over the loss of someone is very relevant. Simply knowing why I am sad can help me make better decisions. It makes me aware that I will eventually lose everyone at some point. I think about how I can best use the remaining time I may have with them.

For me, grief is extremely relevant because it is linked to many of the other things I spend my time thinking about. I think about death, things that cause death, and the attitudes that I see other people express when about war and abortion.

I am often very lonely because my constant obsession with death and sadness is not the most pleasant thing to talk about. Other people want entertainment.

But the way that I see it, if people want nothing to do with my sadness, they why should I allow them to take part in my happiness, my dancing, my art, or my limited time?

I also have a tendency to grieve about people and expect them to die or reject me. Whether or not this is a rational thing to do is irrelevant. It is something that I am forced to do in order to work at my job and to do all the daily tasks that I must do that I don’t want to.

I will continue to write my thoughts about depressing subjects because it makes me feel better and may lead me to find answers that may be relevant to me and to others.

Why heaven is irrelevant

I do not know for sure what heaven is supposed to be. People talk about it as a place that some go after they die. Since it is a place, I consider it to be the same as Japan, England, or Australia. Since I have never been there, I can make no assumptions of who is there or what is happening. What other people tell me or what is written in a book about it may be incomplete or inaccurate.

The definitions of what heaven is can be almost anything. It can simply be the sky. In that case I would like to know where in the sky. It can also mean some type of paradise.

The notion of heaven is usually connected with a certain religion. I do not think that this is necessary or rational. I also have never understood why I would have to die to visit whatever this heaven is.

If there is any action that I must take in order to go to heaven, I would like to know what it is and who else is there. I would like to try it before I buy it. Only then can I decide if it is for me.

I also wonder why I could not simply be born in heaven the first time rather than on planet earth. If I cannot figure out my life right now, then I am not ready for another one.

Why death is relevant

For those who have not accepted their mortality, death can be a scary subject. Still, I think that it is one of the most relevant topics that people should talk about. Death affects all of us. Not only do most of us know someone who has died but also we all will die eventually. I think about death often and I would like to be able to comfort someone who has recently experienced the death of someone close to them or who is considering suicide.

I will tell you the story of how I came to my current understanding of death. I realized that once a person dies, that as far as this earth is concerned, they are gone. Whether they have an afterlife somewhere is irrelevant to me because I have no knowledge of it. The relevant thing is that they are no longer on this planet to communicate with those who are here. When I thought about this, at first I was sad, but then something else happened. I thought about the plans I had, the things I wanted to write, the people who were important to me here. I became aware that my time is short. I may live another hundred years but it is still short compared to eternity. Then I decided that I wanted to do something that would be relevant and would last forever. That is why I decided to write. Anything that I keep only to myself will die with me. I could not let myself become irrelevant!

Also, to those who want to end their life, I have one request. Before you do, let the world know exactly why. There is plenty of time for silence after death. While you are still here, I want you to know that you are relevant!

Why are you relevant? Because you are one of the people intelligent enough to know that life is full of pain. What makes me feel suicidal are the people who are happy all the time and seem to think that life is wonderful. Some people have the honesty to admit that there is something wrong with this world. They feel like life is always going to be miserable. They often want to commit suicide. If other people find out, they may try to talk them out of it. They don’t understand that this method is ineffective unless a person has a reason to live.

When someone wants to die, it is assumed that they must be crazy. Hey, maybe you are crazy. But it is the crazy people who change the world. That is why if you are a person who wants to die, then I ask you to help me change this world. We have a lot in common.

If I am going to die anyway, then I would rather make a difference. My question is not if I will die or when I will die. The question is: Will I still be relevant after death? Ask yourself this question and decide for yourself what relevance you can bring to the world.

Does Truth Matter?

Does Truth Matter?

As a person who thinks about everything, I am often isolated and left to think on my own. I suppose a side effect of this is that I am quite ignorant of what it is other people are thinking about(if they are indeed thinking at all). I do not want to make any strong statements right now because I KNOW I am confused. However, I find it quite helpful to share my thoughts about things on my blog and videos. Not because I am trying to convince people to believe, think, or behave the same way I do, but because I am actually interested in other people. This is something entirely new to me because I have mostly been a selfish jerk.

I cannot exactly explain why I suddenly have an interest in reading or listening to other people talk, but I do have one theory. In my thoughts about death and the afterlife, I had been seriously considering what future I could choose for myself if I had the power to choose. After much thought, I realized that I had no desire to live forever. I would much prefer non-existence over any type of heaven or hell that I’ve ever heard described. The main reason being that since I am not exactly a social creature, the idea of being around other people FOREVER scares me to no end. I just don’t think I have the capacity for eternal life. It’s not that I reject the possibility of an afterlife but I don’t think it’s what works for me.

Not that I actually get a choice as far as I know, but it is fun to think about. Just imagining that I would cease to exist somehow makes life easier to deal with. I can be a lot more patient with people as long as I know that my interaction with them is temporary. A temporary life is a lot like a video game. You can get enjoyment out of a single video game for many years, but eventually there comes a time when you have tried just about everything and would gladly pass it on to someone else who can experience it for the first time. I am perfectly fine with knowing a game or movie has an end. I have no evidence to back up a belief in this form of death where one actually stays dead. It’s just a nice thought which I learned about by reading what atheists have to say on the subject.

But more importantly, my current belief I have is that the truth is highly unlikely to change. For example, if God exists, then he wouldn’t stop existing just because I stopped believing he existed. It’s kind of like the way that some people who have known me my whole life are now ignoring me as if I didn’t exist, but I am still here.

While I am searching for the truth about the questions I have, I try not to be overly concerned about it because obviously, in time the truth will be revealed. Why it can’t happen now is totally beyond my understanding. Maybe, at this time, I cannot accept the truth, but the day may come when that changes.

However, I am not saying that it doesn’t matter at all what people believe. Obviously, when people believe a lie, they do things which are a complete waste of time or money. For example, if they think that buying flowers and placing them on the grave of a dead person will actually make a difference to that person, then they have completely thrown away money that may be used to prevent the death of another.

So I am convinced that learning the truth is better for the world as a whole even if it offers no comfort to the individual who is looking for it. I am impressed with people who do not limit what they listen to or read.

Death Phase

Death Phase

It has been a long time since my last blog post. I have been wanting to write something but never could find the time. Between learning PostScript, helping my mom publish her poetry book, working at HyVee, and listening to The Thinking Atheist, I haven’t really been able to write much.

Part of the problem is I’m just such a perfectionist. I want to make sure I say something important that will make people think and impact their life in a positive way. The only issue is that I am not exactly what anyone would call “positive”. In fact, it is the depressing subjects that no one is willing to talk about that I find myself thinking about. However, this is what makes me different from others. I find a great joy in the subjects of geometry, arithmetic, religion, death, and sex.

It’s been a little over a year since I left the messed up church I used to go to. I have been left alone by the people who I thought were my friends. At the same time, I have had a great time working at HyVee. The employees are polite and I am always aware of what is on sale because I see people buying it.

What people would never guess is that I am constantly thinking about death. I find it ironic that people’s greatest concern in life is whether the Chiefs win a football game. Another thing is the way people talk so much about food. I like food as much as anyone but I would rather eat than talk about it. At such things I can only laugh.

When I die, it really won’t matter how many carts I bring in or how much money I make. While I work to earn the money, I also realize that it is no longer my main goal. I have become more interested in talking to the people I work with. I was never very social but after being in front of hundreds of people while working around 20 hours per week, I’m getting good at understanding them. Sure there are some things that I will never understand, but basically I now see them as being very much like me. One thing that we all have in common is that we will all die.

People avoid the subject of death. The controversy over what happens after people die is extreme. I used to read about the different theories of various religions and wonder which is true. No one has any answers to my basic questions about why people are born, then live such a short time before dying. People are afraid of the unknown, but if they avoid the subject, then I can promise it will remain unknown.

The great irony is that those most qualified to tell us the truth about death are all dead already. It’s not very often that people come back from the dead and write books explaining everything. Even if they claim to have died and have a story, I would not trust a person I don’t know. I know that most people are liars. What they say and what they do are completely different.

For me personally, I have been thinking a long time about my own death and wondering what will happen to me. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that there isn’t really much I can do about it. I didn’t choose to be born on this planet and start the life I am stuck in right now. I see no reason that I would get much choice in the next life if there is one.

You could say that I’m having a death phase right now. It started as I began questioning everything I used to think was true.

I used to believe I was a Christian, I had asked Jesus into my heart more times than I remember. I was never sure if I was believing the right way or had enough “faith”. I tried my very best to be like the other people in church who called themselves Christians but then one day it hit me that I was trying to please THEM. I was not serving God or myself. I’m too honest to play the game other people are playing. I know that I will not earn any reward by pretending I believe in their God or agree with the sick twisted things they teach about sex and money.

I am not an Atheist either though. I believe there is a creator. For lack of a better term I may still refer to it as God. I say “it” because I don’t think of God as being either male or female. I don’t even view God as being very much like a human. After all, if he is the creator of the other animals as well, then doesn’t that mean that God must also meow like a cat, bark like a dog, moo like a cow, or oink like a pig? Humans have a very unrealistic view of themselves as being superior to other animals. They even think they are superior to other humans.

If I find other people who accept me as I am and are willing to talk about anything and laugh along with me, then I will have found some true friends. If that fails, maybe I will just adopt a cat.



As far as I know, everyone knows that they will die eventually. Often though, people don’t talk about it. Lately it’s been on my mind a lot.

The reason people avoid this subject is most likely because there are disagreements on what happens after death.

Some people believe that people either go to heaven or hell. This is the general idea taught in the Bible, and it’s the one that I currently think is true. The most confusing debate is the reason people go to either of these places. Some think that good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell. That’s actually not what the Bible teaches nor can anybody agree on what good or bad deeds someone would have to do to deserve eternal reward or punishment. The main lesson of the new testament is that Jesus somehow paid the price for our sins by dying on the cross and that by believing this we go to heaven. Even as I write it I must admit that it doesn’t make sense to my brain, but I just wanted to define this before I mention the two alternate ideas about what happens after death.

The next idea is reincarnation. That generally means that after one life ends, then another begins in some other type of body. This new body could be another human, animal, plant, or maybe something else. I don’t really think that this would be a good idea unless someone could choose what they would be reborn as. If I could choose, I would probably want to be some kind of flying bird.

The next idea is oblivion, the idea that after death, people just don’t exist anymore. This idea is probably the easiest to understand and certainly sounds a lot better than either going to hell or being reborn as a cockroach. Of course some would rather go to heaven, but at least if you don’t exist, then you don’t care.

So far, those are the current theories I know of that people say happen after death.

I think that the way people live their lives is directly affected by what they think death is. For example, if you believe that someone doesn’t exist after they die, then what difference does it make how long they live or what they do. If you think that someone is doomed to go to hell if they haven’t accepted Jesus as their savior, then naturally you want to tell them about him before they die.