Why pro-choice atheists are irrelevant

I am a pro-life advocate, but I am not an atheism advocate. The reason is that atheism is a lack of belief, but being pro-life is an actual belief that life is relevant, true, and good. Usually atheists believe that their life on earth is the only one they get. This means that they should think twice before killing anything. The fact that those claiming to be atheists are mostly pro-choice seems impossible to me. Something is wrong.

If atheism was an actual belief system, it could be checked for validity. Instead, I have the challenge of watching individual people who claim to be atheists. Do their words match their actions? Are they truly freethinkers or do they make the mistake of siding with popular opinion?

I understand why some theists might be pro-choice if they have been convinced that murder is God’s will, but for atheists, it is a whole different story. Since atheists don’t have a God telling them what to do, they have the potential to do things that theists can’t do. Some of these things are good and others are bad.

I am disappointed to see that relativism has infected both theists and atheists. The key difference for the atheist is that they don’t have a God to blame their actions on when they do something wrong. This makes them MORE responsible for all their actions. This is something I remember in everything I do.

I think of morality as being something that is based in reality. The Golden Rule is the standard I go by. The reason is because not only is it nice, but also because it is the only thing that makes sense!

If I consider the life of other people to be as relevant as my own, then I don’t kill them. If I kill myself, I don’t live long enough to kill someone else. I don’t understand those who kill other people and then themselves. If they would just start with themselves, then no one’s choice is violated.

Aside from the Golden Rule, there is another rule that I live by. If an action is one that can’t be undone, I should either NOT do it, or I need to have a REALLY GOOD REASON for it. Some things can be reversed and others can’t.

When someone steals something, it is bad, but if they can give it back, then the damage is reversed. If they lie, they will lose trust, but they may be able to tell the truth before more damage is done. In those cases, the damage is reversible. When someone kills someone, they have no way of bringing them back to life. This means that killing is the ULTIMATE irreversible act.

The entire point of being an atheist is that it does not actually define who I am. It only defines what I am not. It strips away all presuppositions so that I can find meaning in my life without needing other sources to tell me what it is.

Not all information is useful and there are motivations for deceiving people. Atheists who hold the pro-choice position on abortion need to stop their hypocrisy. Being pro-choice about things involving life and death means that life does not matter enough to you. If life does not mean anything, then you might as well let the world be run over by those annoying theists who force their God on you.

Avoid the relativism that says that it does not matter what you believe or do. It tells us to be so “tolerant” that we stop asking questions or thinking about things that matter. If this is the only life that we have, then pretending that all truth is relative to an individual means that truth exists only in the minds of the living and then dies. This is why I care about standards that apply equally to life everywhere.

I do not want to let fear control my life anymore. For me, being an atheist means that no God, scientist, philosopher, or king has the right to stop me from telling the truth. They can stop me by killing me, but in the end, they would only be showing their weakness. I find great humor in the way that every time someone comes along and tells people not to kill people, it isn’t long before somebody kills them.

I am convinced that protecting life is the most rational thing that anyone can do. This applies to atheists even more because they can’t expect God to resurrect everyone and make everything right. Many atheists protect their own lives at any cost, but deny the relevance of other people when they see them as a threat. This is mostly based on fear. I want to bridge the gap between theists and atheists.

To help theists understand why I have my own problems with the majority of the atheists, I need to explain that atheists also have “gods” that dictate to them what is right or wrong. Whatever they place their trust in is what they will defend in the same way that theists defend their gods.

If they are trusting in money, then everything becomes about getting money. If this means killing, lying, or stealing, then they WILL do it at the first chance. This can lead to the destruction of many lives. The worst part is that all the work people do at earning money will be completely irrelevant when they die. This is the greatest tragedy of all.

With the knowledge that money does not exist, but life does, it only makes sense to be pro-life rather than pro-money. A pro-money position usually becomes a pro-death position.

As far as whether a creator named God exists, I will let other people fight about that. In daily life, I do not see God, but every day I see the words “In God we trust” . It is written on the paper and metal people refer to as money. There seems to be a relevance between God and money.

When humans choose to murder other humans or other animals. They often say “It is okay to kill because: money.” or “It is okay to kill because: God.”. What then is the difference between God and money? What is it that people put their “trust” in.

The fact that I am not 100 percent sure that God or money exist outside of human brains means that I cannot trust in either. I cannot serve God or money. What then do I serve?

I serve relevance over irrelevance, truth over falsehood, good over bad, life over death.

I trust in what I have seen with my own eyes, heard with my own ears, and touched with my own hands.

By these rules I have chosen, I am convinced that even if I don’t stay an atheist, I will stay pro-life.


Why pornography is irrelevant

I am completely confused about what pornography is and how it is defined. So far dictionaries have been no help. When people talk about it, it usually has something to do with naked people, sex, and money.

My current opinion of pornography is that it is a religion. This religion has at least three central beliefs. That physical appearance, sex, and money, are all relevant. As soon as someone doubts the relevance of these three, then pornography completely falls apart.

For example, if someone loses their eyesight, then automatically they care nothing about how things or people look. I think that it makes it impossible to consider anything sexual or to spend money on it.

If someone has no interest in producing children, then there is no reason to do sex or to even waste time or money on anything related to it.

If someone decides that they will only spend money on things that are relevant to a specific goal, then anything else becomes irrelevant.

One really good way to shoot down all three of these irrelevant topics at one time is to think constantly about death. This is the key to destroying all kinds of religion.

Why money is irrelevant

I am sure it is hard for some people to understand why I can say that money is irrelevant. It certainly seems relevant to everything we do, but that is an illusion because money is simply an abstract concept. It takes time before humans understand what money is. If you don’t believe me, just try to give a baby a dollar bill. No wait, don’t do that! They will most likely try to eat it. Something you can learn from observing human babies and animals is that food, water, and shelter are their primary needs. The fact that we can exchange money for these things is convenient. The trouble is that since money is entirely imaginary, no one actually has money. The dollar bills are paper, which is made of wood. Why can’t I pay with a log? The coins are simply made of various metals somebody extracted from the ground somewhere. The most unusual invention is the debit card, which can be swiped through a machine as long as the payment amount is less than the balance in a bank account. Bank accounts are less real than the paper or metal. They are simply numbers stored in computers.

The irony is that we can exchange something completely worthless for something we need. How does such a crazy system function? It is easy since people are good at believing in things without caring about their reality. Since it is not real, why can’t everyone be given unlimited money? They could, but then we face the problem that the real things such as food, water, and toilet paper are limited! Therefore wealth and poverty will always exist even after any type of currency vanishes.

The Big Skinny Lie

The following is a copy of a note I posted on facebook on December 1, 2011. I fixed a few typos and added a few words that I forgot to type. Back then I didn’t have this blog. My opinion on this subject hasn’t changed and so I’m re-posting it.

There is a subject that has bothered me for many years. I can’t stay silent about this any longer. There is a big lie that is told everywhere. It’s in tv,movies,books,magazines,the internet,and probably any other information source you can think of.

Now keep in mind that this is my opinion, but it’s based heavily on my observations over the years. Remember, I’m a 24 year old man who happens to be honest to the point of offending people without meaning to because I will say exactly what I think. If this bothers you then forget you ever read it.

The big lie, is that women are supposed to be as skinny as a stick. For years, whenever I’ve been around women for very long, they always talk about losing weight and how they’re too fat. What I would like to know is who is setting the standard? Maybe some people may need to lose weight but on the whole, I think there is a danger that kills many.

Eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia kill people. It’s hard for some people to understand why people get eating disorders, but when people are told a lie long enough, they will believe it. This is why, even though I’m no expert in this subject, I want to expose this lie for what it is. I’ve heard it too, but I don’t believe it.

It’s a bit odd that this mostly affects women. I know there are men with eating disorders, but in general, nobody makes a big deal about how men look. Who cares if men are tall,short,skinny,fat,hairy, or bald. I’m sure the majority has figured out that men are just plain ugly, but God, and some women can love them anyway.

But for women, people always make a big deal about how they look. I’m not sure why this is but it has got to stop. My message to the women of the world is that they can stop starving themselves, dying their hair, wearing high heels, and all sorts of ridiculous stuff that God never had in mind when he made them.

There are some things I want to point out that will hopefully show people why this lie continues.

It’s a money making scheme. People tell women that they’re fat to cheat them out of their money. First, they try to sell them silly weight loss products that won’t work, especially if you don’t really have weight to lose, second, they make all the women’s clothes really small so that the women will think they are fatter than they really are, then, when the women try to lose weight, they end up starving themselves on silly diets which screw up their metabolisms so that their body is in starvation mode and stores fat. Then of course they have to buy bigger clothes. In this way the clothesmakers get more money. As if that isn’t bad enough, people write silly weight loss books and magazines to get people to buy them. Honestly, can’t people use their brains? We have more information and materials that are supposed to help people lose weight and yet, people, both men and women are fatter every year. It’s not working.

Another part of the lie is that men are attracted to thin women. Of course that’s the lie most men will probably tell you. Maybe some are, but honestly, I think that some of those men just want to keep women smaller than they are because then they can overpower them and abuse them. I could be wrong about this but my ex-father wanted to prove he was superior to my mom by using his strength against her so I’m sensitive about that subject.

If I had a wife, I wouldn’t want to worry about her blowing away in the wind or some man attacking her. If I had a choice, I’d want her to be tall enough,strong enough, and heavy enough to beat up anyone who might try to hurt her or our children.