Why pro-choice atheists are irrelevant

I am a pro-life advocate, but I am not an atheism advocate. The reason is that atheism is a lack of belief, but being pro-life is an actual belief that life is relevant, true, and good. Usually atheists believe that their life on earth is the only one they get. This means that they should think twice before killing anything. The fact that those claiming to be atheists are mostly pro-choice seems impossible to me. Something is wrong.

If atheism was an actual belief system, it could be checked for validity. Instead, I have the challenge of watching individual people who claim to be atheists. Do their words match their actions? Are they truly freethinkers or do they make the mistake of siding with popular opinion?

I understand why some theists might be pro-choice if they have been convinced that murder is God’s will, but for atheists, it is a whole different story. Since atheists don’t have a God telling them what to do, they have the potential to do things that theists can’t do. Some of these things are good and others are bad.

I am disappointed to see that relativism has infected both theists and atheists. The key difference for the atheist is that they don’t have a God to blame their actions on when they do something wrong. This makes them MORE responsible for all their actions. This is something I remember in everything I do.

I think of morality as being something that is based in reality. The Golden Rule is the standard I go by. The reason is because not only is it nice, but also because it is the only thing that makes sense!

If I consider the life of other people to be as relevant as my own, then I don’t kill them. If I kill myself, I don’t live long enough to kill someone else. I don’t understand those who kill other people and then themselves. If they would just start with themselves, then no one’s choice is violated.

Aside from the Golden Rule, there is another rule that I live by. If an action is one that can’t be undone, I should either NOT do it, or I need to have a REALLY GOOD REASON for it. Some things can be reversed and others can’t.

When someone steals something, it is bad, but if they can give it back, then the damage is reversed. If they lie, they will lose trust, but they may be able to tell the truth before more damage is done. In those cases, the damage is reversible. When someone kills someone, they have no way of bringing them back to life. This means that killing is the ULTIMATE irreversible act.

The entire point of being an atheist is that it does not actually define who I am. It only defines what I am not. It strips away all presuppositions so that I can find meaning in my life without needing other sources to tell me what it is.

Not all information is useful and there are motivations for deceiving people. Atheists who hold the pro-choice position on abortion need to stop their hypocrisy. Being pro-choice about things involving life and death means that life does not matter enough to you. If life does not mean anything, then you might as well let the world be run over by those annoying theists who force their God on you.

Avoid the relativism that says that it does not matter what you believe or do. It tells us to be so “tolerant” that we stop asking questions or thinking about things that matter. If this is the only life that we have, then pretending that all truth is relative to an individual means that truth exists only in the minds of the living and then dies. This is why I care about standards that apply equally to life everywhere.

I do not want to let fear control my life anymore. For me, being an atheist means that no God, scientist, philosopher, or king has the right to stop me from telling the truth. They can stop me by killing me, but in the end, they would only be showing their weakness. I find great humor in the way that every time someone comes along and tells people not to kill people, it isn’t long before somebody kills them.

I am convinced that protecting life is the most rational thing that anyone can do. This applies to atheists even more because they can’t expect God to resurrect everyone and make everything right. Many atheists protect their own lives at any cost, but deny the relevance of other people when they see them as a threat. This is mostly based on fear. I want to bridge the gap between theists and atheists.

To help theists understand why I have my own problems with the majority of the atheists, I need to explain that atheists also have “gods” that dictate to them what is right or wrong. Whatever they place their trust in is what they will defend in the same way that theists defend their gods.

If they are trusting in money, then everything becomes about getting money. If this means killing, lying, or stealing, then they WILL do it at the first chance. This can lead to the destruction of many lives. The worst part is that all the work people do at earning money will be completely irrelevant when they die. This is the greatest tragedy of all.

With the knowledge that money does not exist, but life does, it only makes sense to be pro-life rather than pro-money. A pro-money position usually becomes a pro-death position.

As far as whether a creator named God exists, I will let other people fight about that. In daily life, I do not see God, but every day I see the words “In God we trust” . It is written on the paper and metal people refer to as money. There seems to be a relevance between God and money.

When humans choose to murder other humans or other animals. They often say “It is okay to kill because: money.” or “It is okay to kill because: God.”. What then is the difference between God and money? What is it that people put their “trust” in.

The fact that I am not 100 percent sure that God or money exist outside of human brains means that I cannot trust in either. I cannot serve God or money. What then do I serve?

I serve relevance over irrelevance, truth over falsehood, good over bad, life over death.

I trust in what I have seen with my own eyes, heard with my own ears, and touched with my own hands.

By these rules I have chosen, I am convinced that even if I don’t stay an atheist, I will stay pro-life.

Why purpose is relevant

A purpose is the point, goal, destination, or end that someone desires. When someone has a purpose for doing something, there is very little that can stop them. Some purposes are easier to reach because they require less time, work, or money.

Some purposes can be started and finished by one person. If a person very strongly believes that their purpose is to sing, they can try all they like, as long as they have a voice. Aside from death or an accident that leaves them mute, they will continue singing.

But what if a person decides that their purpose is to make money by singing. In this case, they have changed the goal of their singing. They may have set themselves up for failure if their voice is not one that people will pay to listen to. The truth of the matter is that when your purpose depends on other people doing what you want, it will most likely fail.

In no way do I base my actions on what I think is possible. Without knowing the future, I cannot even know whether my actions will lead to the purpose I want. I can still make good guesses about what will or will not achieve the purpose.

If I want peace, then war is out of the question. War only breeds more war. If I want to relieve pain, then I must eliminate any behaviors of mine that are causing pain. This requires people to tell me if I have done something that hurt them.
As I think about the purpose of my life, I know that there are many things that I can and cannot do. My purpose is directly RELEVANT to everything that I think, feel, or do. If my purpose is to be relevant to the world and all who live in it, it automatically requires me to open myself up to anything and everyone who has the power to hurt me.

I do believe that “The end justifies the means.”, but to me it is wrong to lie, kill, or steal. This is because the “end” that I want is to live in a world without lies, killing, or stealing.

Since my main purpose in life is ending pain, it is quite rational to fight against anything that causes physical or emotional pain. I find that nothing causes more pain than abortion.

It is not without reason that I constantly compare almost everything to abortion. Everything I read or hear is filtered through that subject. Abortion is the ultimate immoral act that has ever happened. It affects me directly.

The US government taxes me against my will, then lies to women and tells them that abortion is “safe”, and finally, people are being paid to kill babies. This makes abortion a combination of stealing, lying, and killing.

I will not debate with people over irrelevant things such as when life begins or if that life is “human”. Just because you can find a way to rationalize the killing of innocent living things does not mean you will ever find a way to justify the lies and theft.

Now that I have explained my purpose of ending abortion, it may be easier for people to understand everything else that I have written. All information that comes my way is filtered through my three beliefs of relevance, truth, and goodness.

A selfish person has not yet learned to be relevant to other people. A dishonest person has not learned to speak what is true. A person who does not not back up their words with action, has not learned to do good.

I want to do so much more than just write about what is relevant, true, and good. How much I can do is directly relevant to the time, money, and how many people are working for the same things that I am.

If I succeed in ending worldwide abortion, my next goal is to end the suffering of all animals. I strongly believe that humans are just one type of animal. The only reason my activism starts with humans is because they happen to be the species which is causing the most pain to all animals, humans included.

As an honest person, I must admit that my philosophy is directly relevant to what I want to do. If a belief I have is not helping me do good, then I say it is irrelevant. If another person believes something that is helping them do good, then I think they should continue what they are doing, even if I think their beliefs are false or irrelevant to me.

Why choice is relevant

Does anyone think about what it means to choose? Imagine that I have a house and I am deciding what color to paint the walls of a room. By what system do I decide what color is the right choice? After I have decided what color I want, the next step is to buy some paint of that color. This may work, but imagine that all the paint stores that I am able to walk to do not have the color I wanted? In this case, my choice to paint walls the color I wanted was destroyed. Sure, I made the choice, but circumstances prevented me from doing what I wanted. I would simply have to choose from the colors that were available, or leave the walls unpainted. But this whole example is irrelevant because I do not own a house.

In my mind, there is nothing wrong with people making choices about the colors, shapes, and materials they use for their creative activities. But what about when someone decides that it is their business to stop someone else from choosing what they want? I choose to let others choose for themselves what they do.

But make no mistake, I am not pro-choice when it comes to abortion. I oppose abortion because I do not think that anyone with a rational mind really wants to murder the innocent. When they do this, it is based on circumstances which they did not “choose”. In my mind, “pro-choice” should mean the same as “pro-life”, but I do not call myself pro-choice because I would be misunderstood.

Why fighting abortion is relevant

It is very relevant that I explain my pro-life position and my own personal fight against abortion. I have already written about why abortion laws are irrelevant. This does not mean I am ending my fight against abortion. I am just getting started.

The fact that I am very pro-life or anti-abortion is so relevant to me that it had an influence on my rejection of religion. Religions often consider sex to be a sin. Since sex causes babies to be conceived, people have a motivation to hide the evidence that they did sex. By terminating the pregnancy in whatever way, this is possible to do.

But that is not the only way that religion promotes abortion. Religion can also come up with ideas such as abstinence-only sex education. If people think that they can just tell other people not to do sex and expect it to have any effect, then they obviously have failed to notice that telling someone not to do something often has the opposite effect of what they intended.

Maybe the religious people had the idea of preventing pregnancy to begin with. It would make sense that babies who have not been conceived can not be killed. However, if this is the case, then why do they spend their time picking on the homosexuals? After all, they are certainly not a contributor to pregnancy.
The abortion issue is probably one of the most relevant topics that I could possibly write about. The trouble is communicating that my pro-life status is irrelevant to any religious beliefs I have, or lack thereof.

I think about what it is like to be an unborn baby:
I feel safe, I know nothing about the world I will soon enter. And then, suddenly, something hurts me. I am not given a reason for this. I do not know who it is that is hurting me. I do not matter. I am not wanted, needed, loved, significant, important, connected, attached, belonging, or relevant.

That is what I feel. This feeling of being something to throw away. I know this feeling. I can relate to the unborn child. I can understand. I can connect. I am RELEVANT!

And now, I must speak for those who can not speak for themselves. Rather than waste time trying to make abortion illegal, I want to prevent the motives behind what causes it. I know that religion is only one of the reasons, but I consider it a source of the kind of irrational thinking that leads people to do things that they would not think of otherwise.

When I find out that someone has no trouble killing a baby, then I know that they also have no problem with killing me. The only difference between me and an unborn baby is that I learned I was not wanted by most of society after birth.
I am aware that the abortion problem is a very complex issue. I know that even those who have made the decisions to abort their children may not have wanted to. The solution is not as simple as telling people to stop killing babies. Effort must be made so that men are made to take some responsibility for the children that they helped produce. The financial problems and social expectations of other people certainly have an influence. But in the end, there is no excuse for killing a baby as if it was somehow responsible for the problems present in the world.

Some of the arguments for abortion as well as those against it are entirely irrelevant to the case. What difference does it make whether the child was conceived through rape or not? What difference does it make whether or not you have a book that says “Thou shalt not kill.” ? What difference does it make whether you call something tissue, an embryo, or fetus? What difference does the legality of abortion make?

I don’t like the term “pro-choice”. It implies that someone has a choice in the matter. Most of the time, neither the pregnant woman nor the baby inside her is given a choice.

It will take a lot more than changing a few laws or passing out free condoms to teenagers to stop abortion. It will require a change of mind unlike the world has ever seen. Not everyone believes that it can change, but they won’t be able to stop me and others from trying.

Why religion is irrelevant

It is relevant that I explain exactly why I spend as much time as I do on talking about religion. When I use the word “religion”, I am talking about it as the abstract concept which confuses people. I challenge religion not because of my disagreement with certain religions or people but because it hurts people and makes them feel guilt and shame when they cannot please other people.

There are countless messages that people are given. Things such as “God is good but EVERYTHING HE CREATED IS EVIL!”, “God loves you unconditionally as long as you DO EVERYTHING HE COMMANDS WITHOUT QUESTIONING!”, “Jesus had to die for you because you were born a sinner. HOW DARE YOU BE BORN, YOU EVIL CHILD OF GOD!”, or “Sex is a gift from God but if you EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, THEN YOU WILL GO TO HELL!”. These messages continue to be given to people even though they make little sense. Worst of all, it is the children who are told such things while they are curious and learning about the world. If I were to quickly describe religion, I would call it mental suicide.

The greatest challenge I face is that while I want to undo the damage that religion has done to me and others, I do not yet know the best way to do it. My current way is to try to separate the things that I like from the other things which I want no part of.

To put it simply, I no longer accept that I must “take the bad with the good”. I dislike words such as “good” and “bad” because these words have been abused so much that they have no meaning anymore. Instead, I now decide which things are relevant or irrelevant to me. These words are much more relevant to me.

Religion is just one of those things that is irrelevant to me. The fact that it is relevant to others is the reason that I write about it. I do not want anyone to think that just because I hate religion that I am somehow against God or even the people who believe things which I disagree with. If it were not for the fact that so much of religion is used as an excuse for murder, rape, sexism, racism, or any thing else, then there would be no need to say anything.

I think that the subjects of God and sex are irrelevant to religion. They are entirely different. The goal of most of my writing is to disarm some of the dangerous religious people of the weapons they use. When they no longer can use God, sex, hell, or politics to control people, they will be forced to admit that they are accountable for their own actions. When that happens, religion will permanently be IRRELEVANT!

Why gun control laws are irrelevant

People have forgotten that there are infinite ways people can kill each other. Guns certainly make the process faster but it still takes less time to strangle somebody than it does to go out and buy a gun. Whether you kill, using a gun, knife, rope, car, plane, or hydrogen bomb, the end result of people being dead is the same. Therefore, the weapons used as well as any laws which made them illegal to use are irrelevant.

Why abortion laws are irrelevant

If a law is passed which makes it illegal to kill babies, I know that it will not stop all people from doing it. If a law is passed stating that all babies must be killed, there will be people who will refuse to do it. That is one thing that I mean when I say that laws about abortion are irrelevant.

But I mean something else too. I do not look to the laws of any country to decide what is right or wrong. Humans made up all sorts of laws before I existed that I never did and never will agree with.

I also do not look to the bible as a standard of morality. If I did I would have to believe in a God who kills babies such as the child God killed in 2 Samuel chapter 12. Also, Exodus chapter 12 tells of the time when God killed the firstborn of Egypt. Life means very little to the biblical God.

I will spend my life trying to end abortion and all other forms of murder. This is not an easy task because it requires changing everything that people think about babies, pregnancy, sex, and the relevance of both human life and the life of other animals. Whether the laws of the United States or any other country change is not my concern. I obey a law higher than laws made by men or their gods that I think that the men invented.