Why determinism is relevant

I used to believe that determinism was irrelevant and that it was the same thing as fatalism. Now I understand that the basis of all philosophy and science is the law of cause and effect.

A philosopher asks questions and thinks about why things happen and how they work. Once they have a theory about how something works, then they can turn scientific and try experiments to test it.

However, any question asking “why” assumes that there is a “cause” for something. Everyone acts as though they believe determinism is true because it is so obvious.

For example, why did I write this post? Because I wrote another post about determinism being irrelevant. New information caused me to see I was wrongly confusing determinism with fatalism.

Now I see that determinism is compatible with my theory of relevance which is what most of my posts are about. Specifically, a cause and effect are always relevant to each other.

As the person who wrote this post, I am the cause of others reading it. After they read it, this may cause them to understand what I am saying and maybe comment. The desire for communication is what causes all blogs, social media, and books to exist. The evidence that we crave relevance is irrefutable.

Why the spider is relevant

In my life I have killed many spiders. In the past, the usual thing I did without thinking was to find a kleenex box and smash the spider. But this time was different.

After explaining my pro-life philosophy to people, I could not justify simply killing an innocent spider just for being on the kitchen floor. I can’t call it self-defense since the spider was not attacking me.

I also could not leave it there and go about my usual business. It could quite possibly bite me or my mother while we are asleep. I had to get it out of the apartment, but I did not want to kill it.

What I did was take a paper towel, grab the spider, and quickly run to the door and throw the paper towel outside. In the morning, my mother was wondering why there was a paper towel outside. I explained why I can’t be pro-life and then kill a spider.

The average person may not see a problem with killing spiders, but when I put myself in the spider’s place, I think that I would not want someone to smash me with a giant kleenex box. I suppose being wrapped in a giant paper towel would also be a scary experience, but it was the less violent of the options. I learned to be relevant to the spider and consider what it might prefer.

When I inspected the paper towel in the morning, I did not see the spider. Surely it walked somewhere else. I will remember this event as the time when I solved a problem in a non-violent way.

Why tolerance is irrelevant

The problem with tolerance is that people mean different things when they talk about tolerance. When somebody else has a different idea of what tolerance is, they become intolerant. I understand this because I am intolerant of words that are not clearly defined.

I have no problem with people being different from me in appearance, belief, or action as long as no harm is being done to me or someone else. I certainly will not try to stop people from watching movies or reading books that they like. I don’t think that information should be restricted nor do I want to ban all beliefs or practices that I disagree with.

However, I am sure that there are certain things that people need to agree on. I think that by defining terms and talking with others who are different, I can understand the reasons for their actions. Otherwise, I may make false assumptions that cause me to be afraid of them.

I think constantly about which things I should tolerate and which I should either oppose or promote. Some things are just plain bad. There is no way I would ever want to promote abortion, rape, or dishonesty.

If I am doing something that is hurting someone, I expect somebody to tell me about it. Otherwise I will have no clue. In this case, I hope that people are intolerant enough to correct me if they have reason to believe that I am wrong.

If someone ignores someone because they disagree with their religion or politics, this is not tolerance. It is irrelevance. Since some things automatically affect everyone, they need to be talked about. I think that religion, politics, death, sex, and marriage are things that do affect us even when we try to avoid them.

As an example, I want to understand marriage. I am not looking to get married, but I need to know what it means to other people. Should I ignore people just because they are married to someone else that I do not like? What is the response I should have if I am invited to a wedding? How do I communicate with a friend if they marry someone who is abusive to them or to me?

Is it right to let people believe lies? A person cannot call themselves pro-life and then bomb an abortion clinic. It is just as wrong for them to kill as it is for the abortionists to kill. A person cannot call themselves pro-choice and then force people to pay for the abortions of others. If they arrest or kill anyone who wants to end abortion then they have taken away someone’s choice.

How can anyone tolerate things that are causing them pain? When people say one thing and then do the exact opposite, what response can there be except to point out the hypocrisy? I have no tolerance for people who confuse me. Because of this, such people are irrelevant to me unless their actions become relevant to their words.

Why memory is relevant

I do believe that there is a limit to what people can remember. Since my brain is a physical object that stores all information, I think that it is likely that all memories I have will be lost forever after I die. Because of this, it is even more relevant to write down as much as I can about my thoughts while I have the chance.

I often look back at things I wrote from a long time ago and see how much I have changed since then. Most of the time I simply forgot that I even wrote them. This same thing applies to the videos I recorded or even when I see old movies that I have watched many times before. Why do I not remember all these kissing scenes in these movies? I think that I forget things that are not relevant to the way I want to live my life.

Much of what defines a person is their memory. If someone loses their memory, they may still be considered alive physically, but they will not be able to do all the same things they did before. A memory loss would put them back into the same situation they were in before they were born.

My writing is mostly to help me remember things I have learned, but it may also help others learn those same things faster than I did. Human knowledge has only increased because of those who took the time to write. Those who did not write are either forgotten or are remembered by the writings of others.

Why purpose is relevant

A purpose is the point, goal, destination, or end that someone desires. When someone has a purpose for doing something, there is very little that can stop them. Some purposes are easier to reach because they require less time, work, or money.

Some purposes can be started and finished by one person. If a person very strongly believes that their purpose is to sing, they can try all they like, as long as they have a voice. Aside from death or an accident that leaves them mute, they will continue singing.

But what if a person decides that their purpose is to make money by singing. In this case, they have changed the goal of their singing. They may have set themselves up for failure if their voice is not one that people will pay to listen to. The truth of the matter is that when your purpose depends on other people doing what you want, it will most likely fail.

In no way do I base my actions on what I think is possible. Without knowing the future, I cannot even know whether my actions will lead to the purpose I want. I can still make good guesses about what will or will not achieve the purpose.

If I want peace, then war is out of the question. War only breeds more war. If I want to relieve pain, then I must eliminate any behaviors of mine that are causing pain. This requires people to tell me if I have done something that hurt them.
As I think about the purpose of my life, I know that there are many things that I can and cannot do. My purpose is directly RELEVANT to everything that I think, feel, or do. If my purpose is to be relevant to the world and all who live in it, it automatically requires me to open myself up to anything and everyone who has the power to hurt me.

I do believe that “The end justifies the means.”, but to me it is wrong to lie, kill, or steal. This is because the “end” that I want is to live in a world without lies, killing, or stealing.

Since my main purpose in life is ending pain, it is quite rational to fight against anything that causes physical or emotional pain. I find that nothing causes more pain than abortion.

It is not without reason that I constantly compare almost everything to abortion. Everything I read or hear is filtered through that subject. Abortion is the ultimate immoral act that has ever happened. It affects me directly.

The US government taxes me against my will, then lies to women and tells them that abortion is “safe”, and finally, people are being paid to kill babies. This makes abortion a combination of stealing, lying, and killing.

I will not debate with people over irrelevant things such as when life begins or if that life is “human”. Just because you can find a way to rationalize the killing of innocent living things does not mean you will ever find a way to justify the lies and theft.

Now that I have explained my purpose of ending abortion, it may be easier for people to understand everything else that I have written. All information that comes my way is filtered through my three beliefs of relevance, truth, and goodness.

A selfish person has not yet learned to be relevant to other people. A dishonest person has not learned to speak what is true. A person who does not not back up their words with action, has not learned to do good.

I want to do so much more than just write about what is relevant, true, and good. How much I can do is directly relevant to the time, money, and how many people are working for the same things that I am.

If I succeed in ending worldwide abortion, my next goal is to end the suffering of all animals. I strongly believe that humans are just one type of animal. The only reason my activism starts with humans is because they happen to be the species which is causing the most pain to all animals, humans included.

As an honest person, I must admit that my philosophy is directly relevant to what I want to do. If a belief I have is not helping me do good, then I say it is irrelevant. If another person believes something that is helping them do good, then I think they should continue what they are doing, even if I think their beliefs are false or irrelevant to me.

Why Miranda Sue Law is relevant

My friend Miranda attempts to spend time with me. I have yet to fully understand why she would come visit me on her days off of work. I am not used to anyone missing me so badly that they would do such a thing. I don’t know her from my job and I don’t go to her church. It was unlikely that we even met each other. We met at Burger King one day. I showed her some stuff I was writing on my blog. I also gave her a paperback of my first book: Confessions of a Confused Virgin.

What is it about Miranda that makes her want to talk to me and take pictures of us making stupid faces? We have the most unusual conversations about the topics that others are afraid to talk about. We also have fun singing and dancing to unusual music.

Miranda has chosen to be relevant to me for reasons I cannot explain. What I have learned from Miranda is how to have fun again. Most of the time I am busy reading and writing about serious problems in the world such as abortion, war, religion, politics, or pornography. Miranda taught me that sometimes a person needs to sing and dance.

If I lose my sense of humor, then my life would mean nothing even if I did find a way to end all suffering. Being pro-life means more than just allowing people to physically exist. It means enjoying their life.

Miranda is able to make me laugh no matter what else is going on. She also loves babies as much as I do. I think that Miranda and I are relevant to each other because we have not forgotten how to dance like no one is watching.

I see a direct connection between Miranda and I. We are both people trying to make sense of the world. We are both confused and honest about it.

Why Abby Johnson is relevant

Abby Johnson originally joined Planned Parenthood after being told that its goal was to make abortion rare. She thought that she was helping women and could work at preventing pregnancies by helping provide birth control for women.

As she worked with Planned Parenthood, it became clear that the goal was to increase the number of abortions because it was the easiest way to make money. Abby was told that her job was to promote abortion instead of prevent it.

Abby Johnson was a clinic director for Planned Parenthood until she saw an ultrasound of a 13 week old baby being murdered. After seeing the reality of what abortion really was, she could no longer be part of it. She quite her job and now tries to educate people about what abortion does to not only the babies but also the women who are deceived.

I admire Abby for her choice to switch sides even though she had so much to lose. I read her story in her book: “Unplanned”. I am happy when I think about how many lives have been changed because of someone like Abby who was on the wrong side of the fence, but had the honesty to admit it.

Here are some links with more information about what Abby is doing.