Haters gonna hate.

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The following is a comment I got on a thread in a Facebook group.

“It shows that you are possibly quite out of touch with reality. My little pony is a show for children, so a bit creepy that a grown man would like it. Also, I guess in pony land, things like overpopulation and rape don’t exist, so there’s no way all those rape babies could be born as carnists and drain all our planet’s resources and murder every animal like I previously mentioned in my above post. To me, being pro-life instead of pro-choice is not only sexist but also speciesist as well.”

I am not sure what is meant by all this but this is just one of many mean comments I got for daring to mention abortion and its relevance to veganism.

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4-14-2015 hangout

This was a very in depth talk with Kenneth about beliefs and human behavior. It was also the longest hangout I have ever been part of. I hope to do this again with more people.

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Free Will, Science and Religion Podcast 4-11-2015

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Recorded: 4-11-2015
Voices in this episode: Chandler Klebs, Michael Laster, Nick Vale

Disclaimer: The views expressed in each episode do not necessarily reflect the views of all hosts. This podcast is a discussion with people who hold many different ideas and beliefs, all sharing one important understanding about our lack of free will.

Logo: Trick Slattery
Audio Download: https://archive.org/details/FreeWillScienceAndReligion_4-11-2015

About 16 of us have just created a podcast called Free Will, Science
and Religion, and we’d like you to join us as a host. Involvement
requirements are minimum – 2 half-hour audio casts per month, with or
without cohosts.

John Searle, the 13th ranked post-1900 philosopher, says that our
world overcoming the free will illusion “would be a bigger revolution
in our thinking than Einstein, or Copernicus, or Newton, or Galileo,
or Darwin — it would alter our whole conception of our relation with
the universe.”

That’s how big we…

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Published Podcasts – mp3

Published Podcasts – mp3.

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Merriam Webster Definitions

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Merriam Webster Definitions


philosophy : the belief that all events are caused by things that happened before them and that people have no real ability to make choices or control what happens

1 a : a theory or doctrine that acts of the will, occurrences in nature, or social or psychological phenomena are causally determined by preceding events or natural laws
b : a belief in predestination
2 : the quality or state of being determined

Source: http://i.word.com/idictionary/determinism


a :a theory that the will is free and that deliberate choice and actions are not determined by or predictable from antecedent causes
b :a theory that holds that not every event has a cause

2 :the quality or state of being indeterminate; especially :unpredictability

Source: http://i.word.com/idictionary/indeterminism

Free Will

: the ability to choose how to act
: the ability to make choices that are not controlled by fate or…

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Conversation with a Christian part 3

Christian: “Sir I am not about to buy a book to get a straight answer out of you, it is a yes or no question do we have free will?  Lets try to keep pro-life discussions for later.  first for our discussion we need solid ground on whether or not you think we have free will.  No matter what our genetics may or may not predispose us too our what is happening in our environments around us, do you not believe that we have the ability to think and act upon our own thoughts and desires?”

Chandler Klebs: Alright, I will give you a clear answer about the free will thing. Basically, we have no choice but to act on our desires. And we did not choose what desires we were born with. Nor can we pull new desires out of thin air. So the correct answer is that we don’t have the control over our lives that many people think we do. Free will is false. It is a myth based on ignorance. An illusion that is quickly destroyed by causality. Some people are unable to accept this, but I don’t blame them. After all, they don’t have a free will.

Most of the people who message me do not ask for explanations of what I mean. I am glad that you asked for clarification because I am not the best communicator. My mom can verify that.

Christian: “lol I won’t be going to your mom for any reason I repect you can speak well enough for her in this instance”

Chandler Klebs: You must be the sort of person who is genuinely interested in what people have to say.

Christian: I am looking up the scriptures to describe my belief that it is because of free will that Jesus says he can make us a new creation with new desires!”

Chandler Klebs: I see we are mutual friends with Kristine Kruszelnicki. That must be how you found me.

Christian: “this would of course be done through making us a new creation, which work is done by the Holy Spirit. Hence how someone who is made a new in the image and now spirit of God couldn’t bring themselves to have an abortion. Yes I actually spent some time with Kristine. We both lived in Ottawa and did some seminars together. Her prolife work from a humanist point of view is in itself a fascinating case study.”

Chandler Klebs: “That is awesome. I have never met her in person, but I watched her debate with Matt Dillahunty and have watched her pro-life activism since.”

Christian: “So the idea of the gospel is that we are not left to the devices of our own flesh anymore!  The good news is there is new life in Jesus with the same Helper, the Holy Spirit that helped Him accomplish the will of the heavenly Father in His own lifetime.”

Chandler Klebs: I have to ask what you mean when you talk about “devices of our own flesh”. It isn’t the first time I have heard it but I haven’t the slightest clue what it means.

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Conversation with a Christian part 2

I meet some interesting people who see my posts and comments on Facebook. One of them sent me a private message and I found it to be interesting. I will be quoting the messages they sent me while keeping them anonymous.

Christian: “I believe God would say, I have made it a matter of everyones free will to enter into my heaven by choosing Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.  He and I are one!  I sacrificed myself so that anyone who would accept that I laid down my life for them to cleanse them of their sins in my own blood could enter.  To anyone who seeks me shall find me I am open to anyone who humbles themselves enough to seek the truth.  I existed before time and will be after time ceases to exist, I AM.”

Chandler Klebs: You need to accurately define what you mean by free will if this is to start making any sense.

Christian: “You make your own choices don’t you? Whether right or wrong, smart or dumb, ignorant or wise, despite anything else that is taught, dictated, suggested law of God or man; ultimately you decide and act out your choices do you not? You are free to do so you can buy a homeless person a sandwhich or go postal in a school it is all freewill isn’t it?  Nobody else makes your choices for you, you do and you do alone, what else could it mean?”

Chandler Klebs: You have accurately defined what most people mean by free will. This is of course completely false however, for nothing happens without a cause. There must be a reason for what someone does. And we never go against our desires. The more information we have about what achieves what we want, the more rigid and predictable we are. This is the case with my pro-life views.

Christian: “The reason I try to do what I do is because I have given my life to follow Jesus as His disciple and submitted myself as humble servant to the King. However I have to say it is a new thing to hear that free will is false?  I am going to have to ask you to expand on that for me a little bit because right now I am just not getting your explanation with the information you described in your explanation.”

Chandler Klebs: Actually, the debate over free will has been going on since the ancient greeks. I got heavily involved in it in recent years. I even wrote a book about it. http://smile.amazon.com/dp/1507756089
But I can also briefly explain more to you now. Human behavior is a combination of nature and nurture. Either we do something because of a genetic tendency or we do something because we are taught that we should do it. Either way, our most basic desires such as our need for food and water is what makes our behaviour predictable. Knowing why people do something is the most important subject for a pro-life activist. That is why biology and psychology are what I like to learn about.

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