Welcome to the Irrelevant page. What you read here and the other pages I have linked to are part of a new book I am working on. The idea is to organize my ideas and write about a variety of topics. Feel free to comment on anything you see. I am quite open to criticism because I want to improve my communication skills. This is a work in progress. As I write things and add links to the various posts on my blog, I hope that people will help correct me on any information that is misleading or incorrect. Please leave me some general comments on this page or specific comments on the posts themselves so that I can see which comments are relevant to which topics.

Many of the blog posts you see linked from here are available as a paperback book for $10. This is probably the best way that you can read if you do not want to read everything on a computer screen.

If you prefer reading on a screen and do not always have internet access, you can buy the kindle book for $5.

Definition of irrelevant

Irrelevant topics

Why my own opinions are irrelevant
Why knowing the future is irrelevant
Why religion is irrelevant
Why believing God exists is irrelevant
Why omnipotence is irrelevant
Why omniscience is irrelevant
Why the supernatural is irrelevant
Why the afterlife is irrelevant
Why hell is irrelevant
Why heaven is irrelevant
Why going to a church is irrelevant
Why punishment is irrelevant
Why money is irrelevant
Why perfectionism is irrelevant
Why believing a book is irrelevant
Why some of the bible is irrelevant
Why sacrifice is irrelevant
Why physical appearance is irrelevant
Why blood relatives are irrelevant
Why age is irrelevant
Why sacrifice is irrelevant
Why “love” is irrelevant
Why sin is irrelevant
Why superstition is irrelevant
Why the origin of our species is irrelevant
Why labels are irrelevant
Why “freedom of speech” is irrelevant
Why marriage is irrelevant
Why abortion laws are irrelevant
Why copyright laws are irrelevant
Why gun control laws are irrelevant
Why the end of the world is irrelevant
Why the pop I drink is irrelevant
Why colors are irrelevant
Why television is irrelevant
Why watching sports is irrelevant
Why winning a game is irrelevant
Why debates are irrelevant
Why war is irrelevant
Why sex is irrelevant
Why inappropriate is irrelevant
Why independence is irrelevant
Why shape is irrelevant

Relevant topics

Why agnosticism is relevant
Why atheism is relevant
Why deism is relevant
Why communication is relevant
Why numbers are relevant
Why dictionaries are relevant
Why importance is relevant
Why intelligence is relevant
Why belonging is relevant
Why food is relevant
Why music is relevant
Why pregnancy is relevant
Why babies are relevant
Why fighting abortion is relevant
Why death is relevant
Why the past is relevant
Why your beliefs are relevant
Why health is relevant
Why morality is relevant
Why the Golden Rule is relevant
Why anger is relevant
Why apathy is relevant
Why writing is relevant
Why reward is relevant
Why honesty is relevant

Relevant people

Why my mother is relevant
Why Jesus is relevant
Why Joshua Tongol is relevant
Why Seth Andrews is relevant
Why Christopher Hitchens is relevant
Why Temple Grandin is relevant

Below are some links to posts which are not currently included in my irrelevant book. This may change as I decide their relevance. There are infinite topics that I can write about. Whether or not they should all be included in my book is what I question. You can help me make this decision by telling me what topics you think are relevant enough to be printed in a paperback book or perhaps a kindle book.

Why dishonesty is irrelevant
Why confusion is irrelevant
Why virginity is irrelevant
Why pornography is irrelevant
Why gender is irrelevant
Why forgetfulness is irrelevant
Why some truth is irrelevant
Why blame is irrelevant
Why humor is irrelevant
Why my political views are irrelevant
Why speed is irrelevant
Why racism is irrelevant
Why alcohol is irrelevant
Why some proof is irrelevant
Why antitheism is irrelevant
Why stupidity is irrelevant
Why reverence is irrelevant
Why surveys are irrelevant
Why most fear is irrelevant
Why dating is irrelevant
Why democracy is irrelevant
Why tolerance is irrelevant
Why Christianity is irrelevant
Why the Trinity is irrelevant
Why relativism is irrelevant
Why evolutionism is irrelevant
Why creationism is irrelevant
Why Easter is irrelevant
Why pro-choice Christians are irrelevant
Why pro-choice atheists are irrelevant
Why the national atheist party is irrelevant
Why fireworks are irrelevant
Why hormonal birth control pills are irrelevant
Why fatalism is irrelevant

Why life is relevant
Why faith is relevant
Why education is relevant
Why internet is relevant
Why philosophy is relevant
Why autism is relevant
Why sadness is relevant
Why reason is relevant
Why Hy-Vee is relevant
Why choice is relevant
Why irrelevantization is relevant
Why definition is relevant
Why relationships are relevant
Why adjectives are relevant
Why questions are relevant
Why OpenOffice is relevant
Why mistakes are relevant
Why compassion is relevant
Why courage is relevant
Why purity is relevant
Why appreciation is relevant
Why dandelions are relevant
Why evil is relevant
Why bathrooms are relevant
Why strangeness is relevant
Why good is relevant
Why minimalism is relevant
Why Dink Smallwood is relevant
Why the declaration of independence is relevant
Why pro-life atheists are relevant
Why feminism is relevant
Why action is relevant
Why feeling is relevant
Why forgiveness is relevant
Why purpose is relevant
Why memory is relevant
Why defense is relevant
Why vegetarianism is relevant
Why the Good Samaritan is relevant
Why the spider is relevant
Why Jainism is relevant
Why determinism is relevant

Why Faith Lawrence is relevant
Why Kevin Macleod is relevant
Why Christ Stedman is relevant
Why Lila Rose is relevant
Why Abby Johnson is relevant
Why Miranda Sue Law is relevant
Why AaronRa is relevant
Why Scott Klusendorf is relevant

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