People are more than things

People are more than things

When I say that people are more than things, I am in a way calling them things. In my view, everything is a thing. I used to think I would someday get married and have twins, which I would name thing 1 and thing 2. My mom told me it will be better if I let my wife name the kids. She is probably right, unless I end up with some wife that wants to name a kid Archibald.

But people are LIVING things. That is the huge difference. The trouble is that it is hard to define what life is. Also, when I say people, I am including the animals as well. I not only teach that humans are equal to each other but also that humans are just one of many creatures made of dirt.

But I imagine there are those people who don’t believe the dirt story from the book of Genesis. The irony is that the evolutionists also have a very similar situation. For example, assuming that we all evolved out of nothing or some common ancestor, wouldn’t that make us all equal anyway?

I think there is a difference between being equal and being the same. For example, my mom and I are not the same at all. We differ in age, gender, talents, and our preferences for food and music are completely opposite. However, we are equal in the sense that God created us both and loves us the same.

When a human or animal dies, they no longer do anything, Their body is technically not destroyed but simply crumbles back into the powdery dirt that it really was the whole time. What is it that holds the atoms in place during their lifetime? I think it is simply the magnet that pulls it all together. You can call it a spirit, God, or whatever you believe in. The point is, life as we know it on earth is something that will end, but who is qualified to decide when someone should die.

I used to view the world in terms of good people vs. bad people. Now I see how silly it is. Sadly, we live in a world where hate, violence, and murder are considered the right thing to do.

As I look back at all the video games I have played, I noticed that more often than not, there is always a “hero” who must fight some evil “villain”. Over time even I was deceived into thinking that was how the world worked. The movies people watch today carry the same general message.

Somehow, people are brainwashed into thinking that certain people are bad, that they will always be bad, and that the only solution is to kill them. he trouble is that killing will always lead to more killing.

But is it not funny that those who promote peace are the ones who are killed? For example Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, and John Lennon. I will probably also be killed someday because somebody doesn’t like something I’ve said or done. However, if they kill me because of the music I compose, then I don’t blame them at all.

Knowing that I will die someday does not take away any meaning in my life. Ironically, it makes me more free to say how I feel. Why should I be afraid to tell someone that I like them? Why should I be afraid that if I mention God that I might make an atheist angry? Sometimes people do get angry at me for the things I say, but I am not afraid of them any more. If I was, I would not have written my blogs or my ebook. I definitely would not have recorded my videos showing my messy hair if I cared what people thought about how I looked.

It is quite sad though that only by posting things on facebook or youtube can I communicate with most people. All the things I publish will most likely be around longer than me, but still, they are only tiny pieces which describe parts of me. I am worth more than any amount of food, facebook statuses, and money, and so are you, whoever you are who are reading this.